this can't be happening
last chance at happiness
and my head gets one more spin
mess my direction and i'm left stressing again
been depressed but my friends
opened up, let me in
now shit's been reversed
now it's friends in the dirt
still hurt and feeling worthless
i'm there for my friends to open up the curtains
shedding light to brighten up the worst end
lighten the burden and mend the hurting,
lend my hand of experience
extend as far as i can
cause i'll be damned if i'm not there for them
you're my life man, i need you
don't think you can leave
because of these shitty days
find some fucking balls and stand in the rain
forever braving bad weather together
i'm there for you brother

okay i understand you said something bad,
you made a mistake saying things you didn't mean,
now you regret and obsess over spilt milk
it's still not too late to change your ways
just explain this whole situation
make your way to her heart
warm her up like you did in the start
be smart, think and speak with your heart
forget your head ever existed
instead let the rest of you listen