When you're in my thoughts,
the world just stops,
all the problems stall and pause
but there's no resolve,
and all my worries return in full fury
my insecurities and impurities hurt me
thinking you need more than me
to be truly happy in life.
I've tried countless times to change.
It drives me insane to hate my own name,
and i hate to hate things i can't change.
With all these things keeping my head busy,
and my dreams seem to be fleeting,
i feel like breaking down and leaving
all these things bringing me grief.
i can't sleep, i'm force feeding each meal
and i'm still feeling horrible.
Last thing i want is you to think it's your fault
cause its not at all your problem.
I don't know what's wrong
or why i'm sad.
You need to understand;
you're the best aspect of my life,
you're all i have