Ch. 1 - Arrival


"So, have the necessary preparations been made?" A man dressed in military clothing nodded and handed a communicator to his commander.

"Yes sir." He accepted the comm. set and looked back at the lower ranked officer.

"Who did you put on the mission?" He searched through the folder he carried and handed the agent's profile to the commander. The commander looked it over and smiled.

"Satoshi Chunzu? I thought he was already on assignment."

"No sir, he finished sooner then anticipated, and he seems the most logical choice for the mission. A school infiltration should be left to younger agents, and he is the youngest agent we have. There really is very little to worry about, he has an astounding success rate. He has only failed one mission, and that was not his fault." The commander nodded and then glared at the officer.

"This is a very important mission, and I expect to see good results. And I assume this is to keep in touch with him?"

"Yes sir."

"Very well then, inform me when he radios in with his first status report."

"Yes sir."


"Come on Sato, it's not that bad." Satoshi groaned and stood from the table, looking across it at Rei.

"Not that bad? This whole mission sucks! Why did they choose me for it?" Rei gave him a quick smile before standing up, placing her hand on his head and messing up his short gray hair.

"Because you're the youngest agent we have. You're seventeen, you'll fit in fine. Look on the bright side; at least you don't have to wear a uniform." He sighed, she had a point. Rei was his connection with HQ, she would be keeping him in touch and giving him updates on the mission. The mission itself would prove to be one of his more troublesome missions. Infiltration was one thing, but that wasn't all he was doing. He didn't have all the details yet, but he would have them sometime within the week.

"Take this." She handed him a CD player and a pair of wrap around headphones.

"What for?" She sighed.

"It's your communicator. Don't worry, nobody will know except you and me. Besides, don't you think it would be a bit suspicious if you were walking around with one of the usual communicators?" Again, she was right. Sato had to admit, he was a little nervous. Never had he been to public school, OBURA had raised him since he was a child. The agency was his life, completing his mission was his primary objective and came over everything else. That wasn't to say he was anti-social or anything, he had a good deal of friends within the organization, none of them were his age though. Rei had been his partner for over a year ever since he took his first mission at the age of sixteen.

"You remember what we went over right?" He rolled his eyes as he shoved the CD player in the deep pocket of his cargo jeans and placed the headphones around his neck.

"Yeah I know; keep my weapon concealed on school grounds at all times." She slapped the back of his head playfully.

"Not that! No peeking in the girl's locker room." He glared at her. Rei was a good five years older than him. Her hair was a light brown she wore a low cut white top and a pair of camo pants. Sato had always seen her as the sister he never had, she was always there for him even before they were partnered up.

"What do you think I am!? Some kind of pervert!" A sly grin slipped onto her face as she looked at him.

"Sato, do you want me to answer truthfully?" He blushed slightly.

"That was an accident; I didn't mean to walk in on you. And it was only once." He mumbled in response. A short giggle escaped from Rei before she pushed him out the front door of the small apartment they were posted at.

"Get going! Do you want to be late to your first day of school?"

"I don't really want to go."

"Get going!" She pushed him forward, almost sending him down the stairwell. Satoshi growled, but did as she said.


"Attention." Mr. Noboru spoke calmly at first in an attempt to get the classes attention. None of the students seemed to notice, they were too busy engaged in their own activities. Mr. Noboru gritted his teeth and waited another moment before trying again.

"Class!" The shout reverberated off the walls and the students all fell silent. Sato smiled nervously as all eyes fell on him.

"We have a new student today. His name is Satoshi Chunzu. Why don't you introduce yourself?" Sato chuckled and took a step forward as he slung his side bag off his shoulder, letting it drop to the floor while he still held the strap.

"Call me Sato, I just moved here."

"What do you do?" One of the students called out.

"What? Like a hobby? I train."

"What kind of training do you do?" A girl spoke up. He gave her a quick glance, noting her long yellow-orange hair and emerald eyes.

"Weapons training. I also practice Hapkido and many other martial arts. Aside from that, I like to spend my time lazing around." Mr. Noboru patted him on the shoulder and pointed him to a seat.

"You can sit right there next to Miyoko. Welcome to Imuza High School." Satoshi nodded and made his way to the seat. The girl, Miyoko, was the same one he had made a mental note of earlier. She gave him a warm smile before the lesson continued. He quickly found it hard to concentrate on what the teacher was saying. Before he could fall asleep, the bell rang and signaled everybody to go to their next class.

"Hey, Sato!" Sato winced as Rei screamed at him from the other end of the communicator. He lifted one earpiece up to his ear, the other worked in the same way as a mic on a communication system.

"Not so loud! Do you want to blow my cover?" There was a momentary pause.

"Right, sorry. Anyway, how's it goin'?"

"The day only just started. What, you expect me to go out and meet some friends?"

"Well yeah, that's what you do at school." He sighed.

"Whatever, any new details on the mission?"

"Sorry Sato, not yet. Just hang tight though I'm sure HQ will have it soon. Just keep your eye out for any suspicious characters." He rolled his eyes.

"It's a high school full of teens, everybody is suspicious." He looked up to see Miyoko staring at him, a bewildered look on her face.

"Gotta go." Satoshi dropped the earpiece off his ear and smiled at her.

"Who were you talking to?" Another stupid smile as he thought up a good answer.

"I was just thinking out loud is all; I have a tendency to go off on little rants when I listen to my music." She smiled at him.

"I see. You do know that CD players aren't allowed in class, right?" He shrugged.

"Well it's not technically a CD player. It's more a hearing aid of sorts." Rei snickered from the other end, but it was only loud enough for him to hear. Miyoko smiled again and shook her head.

"You're weird." Sato placed a hand on the back of his head; his face turned a slight red after he realized he had been staring at her chest and looked away. It hadn't been intentional, but the shorts and shirt fit her form so well he found it hard to keep from it.

"Sorry." She giggled.

"Don't be, it's a nice change. Most of the other guys around here can't even form words when I try to talk to them. Besides, you're new so you have a right to be weird." Mentally, he sighed with relief when he found she obviously hadn't noticed him staring at her. Either that or she had blown it off. Miyoko looked at her watch and jumped slightly.

"Oh no! We're going to be late to our next class! Where are you going Satoshi?" A smile crossed his face as he pulled a schedule from his bag.

"Call me Sato, and I believe it's called gym."

"Same here, I'll show you how to get there."


"Hmm, it seems our little Satoshi has found himself a girlfriend." Rei teased into the communicator. She held back a laugh when she heard Sato grunt in response.

"Rei." The sound of her commander's voice made her jump. She flipped the switch, changing the frequency as she spoke into the headset.

"Rei here. What is it sir?"

"Do we have a status report from Satoshi yet?"

"Not yet sir, I'll tell him to file one when he gets back."

"Do that, and make sure he stays out of trouble this time. We don't need another incident like last time." Rei smirked. That shouldn't be a problem, considering they were dealing with teenagers and not terrorists.

"We'll try our best sir. Can you give us the rest of the details on our mission yet?" A sigh came in through the communicator.

"I wish we could, the details are scarce. We've got our best intelligence gatherers on it right now, so we should see results soon. Until then, tell Satoshi to be careful. Anybody could be the person we're looking for, and the target is suspected to be very dangerous."

"Don't worry sir; me and Sato will take care of things on this end. But sir, do you think you could give us a name to work with?"

"Not yet Rei, we should have all the information you need within twenty-four hours. Just hold tight until then." She nodded, knowing he couldn't see her. The transmission ended and she switched back to Satoshi's frequency to hear somebody yelling at him.


"Did you hear me punk!?" Sato winced and placed a hand over his right ear, rubbing it tenderly.

"Yeah, I'm only a foot away from you so it would be hard not to hear your screaming. What the hell is your problem anyway? All I said was 'see you later.'" The guy growled and balled his hands into fists, getting ready to swing at him. Sato took a step back.

"Just stay away from Miyoko!" He smirked.

"Why? I don't believe there is anything saying it's a crime to talk to a pretty girl." Sato turned to leave and cried out in surprise when he was sent to the hardwood floor, face first. He lifted the top half of his body off the ground and turned his head. The menacing glare that followed was almost enough to cause the guy to run off crying, but he obviously had more guts than Sato had imagined.

"I suggest you keep your hands off me from now on. That is, unless you want to experience a premature death. If that's the case, go right ahead and continue." He shook his head and took a step back when Satoshi flashed an evil grin, then took off. Satoshi lifted himself up to his feet and dusted off his clothes.

"Nice job Satoshi, way to not draw attention to yourself." He smirked at Rei's comment.

"Hey, somebody's gotta keep these idiots in line. Besides, I have every right to talk to Miyoko." She snickered.

"Of course you do Sato. By the way, the commander just radioed in."


"Nothing yet, but he said to keep your eyes peeled. The target is dangerous, whether or not he's armed is another story though. Just be careful."

"Don't worry, this is me you're talking about."

"That's why I'm worried Sato. Just be careful, I don't want you to end up dead." He smirked again.

"So you do care about me." A combined laugh and gasp was the reply he got.

"You wish. I just don't want to have to worry about it during the debriefing. Shouldn't you be paying attention to your class?" She cut off, but snickered again when she heard Satoshi groan in pain. He fell back onto the floor clutching his forehead.

"Sorry about that, I thought you looked a little bored." The young man helped Satoshi up and smiled apologetically.

"No big deal, I've taken harder hits. A basketball to the head might even do me some good. I'm Satoshi Chunzu." He extended a palm in greeting.

"Jide Kazuma, nice to meet you. You ever played basketball?" He shook his head as Jide picked up the ball from the floor and shot it into a nearby hoop.

"You should, its pretty fun." Sato shrugged.

"No thanks, I'll stick to my own activities." Jide smiled and picked the ball back up, dribbling it a bit before tossing it over his shoulder.

"Isn't this class boring? That's what happens when you end up with some sissy as your gym teacher. He has us do the warm-ups and then takes off and leaves us to do whatever."

"I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't care much for gym anyway." Jide looked at him in surprise.

"Man, sports are great! How can you not enjoy playing them?" He shrugged.

"I don't see the excitement in watching people send a ball from one side of the field to the other. No, karate championships and stuff like that, those are worth watching." Jide cocked an eyebrow.

"You're into that kinda stuff? You pick up anything from watching? Would you care to show me some?" In one movement Sato grabbed his shoulders and placed a foot behind his legs. Jide cried out as he fell back, but Satoshi kept him from hitting the floor. He pulled him back up and smiled slightly. The move took him next to no effort, even though the student was at least a foot taller than him and presumably heavier.

"I don't pick up much from it, I just enjoy watching. I'll be right back." Jide nodded, but Sato had already taken off. He had caught somebody leaving the gym out of the corner of his eye, and from the way the teen had looked around Sato expected eh didn't want to be followed.


The walkway ended almost as quickly as he had stepped out and Shin pressed himself against the school building once he was confident he had gone far enough without being tracked. It was time for his weekly check-in and he didn't want to miss and risk being killed for it.

"Shin Gonkuro checking in, the mission is proceeding as planned. No signs of a potential agent yet." A voice returned from his small communicator he kept concealed in his sleeve.

"Don't drop your guard Shin, we have word that OBURA has sent somebody in to find you. Not to mention it is too early for you to blow your cover." Shin chuckled and ran a hand through his jet black hair.

"OBURA? Those guys have enough trouble just trying to find their way out of a paper bag."

"That's what I thought." Shin looked up to see Satoshi standing over him. Then, he noted that he was staring down the barrel of a Glock.

"But then again, I work for them. I-" He cut off and shoved the gun back in his pocket when he caught a teacher heading their way out of the corner of his eye. Shin took the opportunity to shove him back onto the walkway and speed off at a sprint. It took Sato a moment to regain his balance before he took off after him.

"Sato? What's going on?" Rei shouted at him, he ignored her as he chased Shin back into the building. He turned another corner and came face to face with a Baretta trained on his left temple. Sato began to move when he saw that Shin was holding a girl by the neck. She attempted to scream, but Shin cupped his hand over her mouth.

"Don't move, or I will not hesitate to blow her brains out all over the wall." Sato gritted his teeth and looked at the ground, trying desperately to come up with an answer. Shin's voice a calm and even, not a good sign. If Shin still needed to keep his cover, he'd have to kill the girl anyway. But then again, he didn't want to have an innocent girl's death weighing on his conscience. Before he could make a decision, a shot rang out through the hall.

"Too late." Shin chuckled again as he placed the Baretta on his waist and dragged the lifeless body after him, tossing it out a nearby window and shattering the glass. Satoshi ran after him and looked out the window, trying to avert his gaze from the gore stained wall beside him. The guy was gone.

"What's going on here!?" A female teacher screamed as she saw the carnage. Blood was sprayed all over the wall and bits of human tissue were scattered in the same way. Satoshi looked at the woman and she almost fainted when she saw the spattered blood on his face.

"I don't know I got here right after I heard the window break." He squeezed his eyes shut and growled at his own incompetence. Without another word, he left the teacher to survey the area and call the Headmaster. Slowly, his eyes opened once again and he raised the earpiece up and made sure Rei heard his words. When he spoke, his voice was cold and lethal.

"Target Acquired."