The young man often walks along the nearby shopping mall in between his lectures and tutorials at the university he attends.

He strolls down the mall on his fine sunny day a little worried about his exams that will be coming up in a couple of weeks. There are many people walking around. He sees an elderly couple slowly making their way to the supermarket and a teenage boy not much younger than him at the delicatessan, smoking his cigarette. This particular boy looks rather familiar to him but the man does not stop to ponder, he shakes his head thinking 'what is the younger generation going to be like?'

He notices a middle-aged man in front of a clothes shop with a microphone telling people to try the business shirts that have been reduced. The young man looks but is uninterested after seeing the hideous pink and purple shades remaining.

Some of the shops he walks past play exotic music, others like the CD store, play loud rhythm and blues songs which he is almost tempted to sing. He smiles at this thought and he notices a young woman looking at him strangely. He blushe slightly but this can't be seen visibly as his complexion is rather tanned.

He continues strolling along and enjoys the sounds of the busy crowds, the fast conversations he hears, the delightful smells of food and coffee at the cafes. He is a laidback guy and decides that once he graduates from university he will find a job nearby so he stroll along the mall to work.


Author's note:

This was written under the clock during my ESL (English as a second language) exam which I think I did alright in. I got a surprisingly good mark for this essay which I'm quite pleased about.