The Saiyans. Perhaps The greatest race in the history of the universe. A strong race that would never turn down a fight. All the history, Pride and glory of the saiyans was taken away when a evil emperor by the name of frieza destroyed their planet, killing millions. However, while this was happening, the prince of all saiyans, jakub, had escaped. His bodyguard, Barry, also survived. Looking for the dragon balls, These were the last two saiyans left in the universe. Or Perhaps, that's what everyone thought. Frieza had failed to notice a little space pod that contained a little saiyan baby that was flying to Earth to expand the saiyan empire. Frieza's brother saw this little baby. Officer 1: Emperor Coola! there is a saiyan space pod flying away that lord frieza didn't notice. Should we destroy it? Coola: No. That's my brothers responsibility, not mine. Plus, that's his sector. Little did Coola know that his little decision would eventually come back and haunt him and his brother as this little saiyan was going to be the strongest fighter in the universe. A weakling compared to regular babies. But, This little weakling, this little nothing, would grow up to be the universes strongest fighter and defender……..

19 years later, on earth

Dex: Eternal Dragon! I summon you!!!!!!!! The dragon crept out of the dragon balls and shot into the sky. Shenron: What wwwisssshhh sshhalllll beeee gggrrraanntteed? Dex: I wish, that my father would be alive again, so I could know who he is!! Shenron: Yyyouuurr wwwishh hhass been gggrrraanntteed, however, your father died on planet Nameck, sso their he shall bee resurrected! Dex: Wait! Can You bring him to Earth?!! Shenron: Your 1 wish has been granted! I bid you farewell!!!

Jakub: Barry, How far away are we from Earth? Barry: Not to far sir, We just entered their solar system and are passing by the planet they call "Saturn". Jakub: Good….we need those dragonballs! If we don't get them and become immortal, you know what will happen, right? Barry: The same thing that happened to all the saiyans…. Jakub: Now.. For the plan- we must get The other, last saiyans, Kakarot and harris. They will know where the dragonballs are. Then when we join it will be the 4 immortal saiyans! Ha ha ha ha!!!!

Dex: Hey harris, so, how do you think we can get to this nameck place? Harris: I don't know, hey I got an idea- why don't we ask Bulma? Dex: yeah, she'd probably know how t travel that far- where ever it is.

Shoom!! Shoom!! Two green capsules come out of the saiyan space pods. The capsules hit the floor and explode, releasing a strange green jelly material in the middle of The city, Accent. People stop and look at the green blobs. Suddenly, two saiyan pods fall from space, straight into the green blobs, which stop their fall. The pods open. Two saiyans come out. One taller black saiyan and one white saiyan come out. The black one is an elite , Barry and the white is the prince of all saiyans, Jakub.