Last time on dragonballz: Jakub: You are a saiyan from planet Vegeta , which was destroyed 22 years ago, the same time you left to destroy earth. Barry: no wonder, when his only source of power is cut off, he couldn't destroy the world. Dex: I don't know what you're talking about but your gonna pay for killing these innocent people!! Harris: Dex, here, allow us to fight first. Barry: it'll be my pleasure to teach you what you've forgotten-Pain!!!

Episode 3-Battle of the worlds


5:30 P.M=Harris: Take this! He releases a powerful blast that hits barry. Drew: Yaaaaa! He also makes a blast and barry starts to bleed. Barry spits out the blood and then he starts punching drew. drew, now bruised, Fly's up leaving barry with harris to battle. Barry: Take this! YaaaaAAAAA!!! Barry unleashes an incredible force that both hits harris and drew. Harris: AHHHHHHHHH!!! DREW: AHHHHHHH!!! Dex: STOP IT NOOOOWW!!!KAAA-MEEE-HAAA-MEEEE-HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Dex attacks barry with his Kamehameha wave and barry doesn't stand a chance and falls to the floor, bloody. Jakub: so, you want to fight now? Jakub forms a ball in his hands and throws it at dex. Now dex is on the floor and barry, humiliated attacks dex. Jakub: Leave him to me. Barry looks up and leaves. Jakub: Attack the others. Barry starts finishing up fighting with the crew while jakub is easily pounding dex. Jakub: ha Ha ha ha! You idiots don't know who your messing with! You can't beat us that easily. So where's that secret power you were bragging about before? Dex: Oh, so you want to see my true power eh? Jakub: Quit bluffing you ass you don't have any special power ,ive figured that out hours ago. Harris: We'll hold them back withy our strongest attacks. You start the spirit bomb. 6:00 P.M=Harris: STARBLAST!!! Drew: LUMINARE!!! Drew and harris unleash their attacks.

SHOOOOOOM!!! Their attacks swerve together as they head toward jakub and barry.

8:00 P.M=Harris: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! DREW:YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Barry: Dark FLASH!! Jakub: GALLIC GUN-FIRE! The ultimate attacks each met each other with an incredible force. struggling with their Almost invincible opponents, Drew and harris both knew that they had little chance of wining, but they didn't give up fighting. Dex in the mean time was gathering The energy he needs to per form the spirit bomb. He still needed more energy to even start it! This was going to be the 2nd time he uses the bomb, and every time he does, the results are always successful .The first time he used it was while training on Earth's second moon. The spirit bomb destroyed the whole moon and it kept on going into space. The truth is that dex's bomb ,so far, hit 9 Moons and is still going with full force. Dex didn't like the bomb and he swore to use it only during emergencies. This was one of them. The only problem was that not only will the bomb kill the saiyans, It might destroy the earth. Still it was his best chance of beating them. Meanwhile, Jakub was attacking at his medium force because he wanted to save his energy until midnight. He had a terribly evil and cunning Plan. He and barry would transform into ozurru form, Enormous apes that are just as big as king Kong. He didn't know that he would have to use these forms but the earthlings were stronger than he expected. Much stronger. His Scouter pointed out that Dex's power level was 9,000 and still rising. Harris and Drew weren't strong enough to defeat him, but both of them together could defeat Barry's . power level of 6,000. Next time on dragonballz: jakub and barry continue to fight the earths protectors. And where's drew? Can it be that something has happened to him? And there is another unexpected problem arising-The full moon. You cant miss the next exciting episode of dragonballz!!