Authors Note: I worked longer on this then I normally do, so could you
please tell me what parts really need work? Constructive criticism would
help a lot. Thanks.

a tree turns black to blend in with sky
that heavens too far away, it denies
that pleasure is but chocolate on the roof of our mouth
so sweet we might yet spit it out
some have, you all know, how could we not?
yet our eyes still won't see, though all know the cost
for deep in the shadows the body bows to the ground
clothed only in rags that must once formed a gown
worshiping softly, she slashes her arms
blood hits the land and the grass is alarmed
'is anyone happy?' it whispers, so soft,
'god gave you life, but who pays the cost?'
'i do,' cries wind, though it can't take the pain
from the scars on her arms that are open again
and the moon sends down starlight to refill her eyes
but nothing but blades make her feel alive
and anguished and broken, like forgotten poems
they cry out and leave her, as she would die, alone

and a tree turns black and tries to blend in with sky
but heaven is empty, so it gives up and dies