Hey again everyone! I was just sitting here watching Buffy(Pathetic I know) and a story just popped into my mind, and I decided once again "What the heck, I'll give one more story a chance,"

PLOT: The plot of this story is that a girl named Jhessail(Pronounced Jess- a-al) who is a slayer for the town of Farmington, Connecticut. She has been a slayer since she was seven. She is currently 17 years old. Jhessail has two friends named Erick and Chris. She is probably one of the best slayers in the whole entire world, and every vampire fears her, though most vampires have no idea what she looks like. This is because Jhessail is so discreet and secretive with her slaying; almost no vampires every get away from her. Anyway, in this story she is attacked and marked by the king of all Vampires(I know korny title for him). When a someone is marked by a vampire this means that they are to be protected by all vampires, and it also means that should another vampire feed on that person, it is punishable by death. The last thing that I feel that I should add is that to be marked by a vampire is a very shameful thing, the slayers feel that it symbolizes that they are weak and let their guard down so that it could happen.

To Love a Vampire

Jhessail sighed as she moved slowly and carefully through the tall grass. She was crawling on her hands and knees, and she wasn't making a sound. Despite the fact that it was pitch black, she could see clearly and without difficulty. It was one of the benifits of being a slayer, since she had enhanced night vision.

Unfortuantely for Erick and Chris, her two friends who had somehow managed to convince her to bring them with her, they couldn't see at all. They were making a ton of noise, and Jhessail was losing her temper. She turned around quickly and hissed, "Do you want us to get killed? Do you know what we are doing?! If they catch us we are going to be killed so BE QUIET!!" she knew that she was being kind of harsh, but hey, she wanted to live to see their graduation.

She hated what she was. A slayer. She had been one since she was seven years old. She could remember that day as if it was yesterday.


Jhessail was running down the hill at top speed. It was pitch black and she
couldn't see at all. Her brother and her had been playing in the woods since seven that morning. She was following her brother Nathaniel as best
as she could.

Things had been going really well. They had played tag, and gone for a swim, and eaten their picninc lunch too. But then all of a sudden a scary man, had appeared out of no where and grabbed her by her neck, and tried to bite her. He had called her a "slayer". Scared she had kicked the guy with a strength that had later surprised her, when she thought about it. She had
then been grabbed by her brother and they had ran.

They had been running for the past hour, and every time that they had
thought that they were safe the man had shown up. But now, things were different. They were running at full speed, gasping for breath because the strange man was right behind them. Or more correctly her. Her brother was
scouting ahead, trying to find a safe place for them to hide.

Suddenly she tripped over a log. "Nathaniel!" she screamed for her brother.
Instantly the man pounced on her going straight for her throat.

Her brother was screaming like a mad man, and he stabbed the man through
the heart. Instantly the man screamed and burst into dust. Calmly her brother told her to light a match and throw it on the vampire, since fire
was the one sure fire way to kill a vampire.

She had then asked her brother how he knew what to do. He had told her that all of their family had been slayers at one time or another, and that it was his time to pass on the family tradition to her. He had then told her
to touch his hand, and when she did there was a bright flash of light.

She then looked at her left shoulder when Nathaniel told her to. On her shoulder was an "S". He told her that the s stood for slayer and it marked
her as a slayer.

She had then spent a year training with her brother and she ahd found out such things as how to fight, and properly kill a vampire, and that every
town had its own personal slayer. She was Farmington's slayer.


Now here she was at midnight on a school night ready to make the biggest kill of the century. She was camped out waiting for the ceromony to begin. She had had to kill four vampires tonight just to get the exact time, and location, but she was ready. This was the ceremony for the Vampire King, and she wanted to make the kill before he came.

It wasn't that she was scared to fight him, it was just that she knew she wasn't ready skill wise. Jhessail sighed, and grabbed the grass tighter. She was very nervous. She looked back at Chris and Erick and saw that they were too.

She motioned for them to sink further into the shadows when she heard the music begin. Vampires of all sizes, shapes, and forms, materialized in the clearing. Jhessail began to mentally count how many there were. 20. That wasn't too bad considering how big the ceremony was going to be tomorrow. This was only for the elite vampires and the king's most trusted men.

"Erick, Chirs, are you guys ready?" She asked them quietly. "Yes Jhessail, we are. What about you?" I just nodded. "On the count of three, one, two, three!" and with that we burst out into the clearing.

Instantly all motion from the vampires stopped. I stepped forward, my black hair blowing in the wind, and my grey eyes flashing in the light. I was standing protectively in front of Erick and Chris.

All of the vampires were looking at me surprised. "Slayer," one of them said moving in front of me, and looking at me with contempt. "You got that right!" I said and without warning I moved my hands behind my back and pulled out my twin swords that had been encased in hidden sheaths. With a quick thrust of my hand I pushed one of the swords through the heart of the vampire. He gasped, obviously surprised, and then burst into dust, I then quickly light a match and quickly dropped it on him.

There was about five seconds of silence, and then the remaining 18 vampires started attacking my friends and I. Only one didn't attack, and I vaguely recognized him as Michael, the King's best friend.

All though was cut off, as I was attacked. I vaguely saw Chris and Erick take down two vampires, and I realized with a smile that they were working together. Then with a grim smile, I stood in a defensive postition.

The two vampires were smiling triumphantly because they thought that I was going to be an easy kill. The first vampire tried to punch me, but I ducked it nimbly, and I retaliated with a kick in the face, and then I twirled around and kicked the second vampire who had tried to sneak up on me. With a smile, I staked the first vampire before he knew what had happened. I then turned around staked the second one who was starring at me in shock.

I then turned around and helped Chris slay a vampire who was about to kill Erick. The three of us then worked together and slayed the remaining vampries. Or so we thought.

"Is that all Jhessail?" Chris asked me gasping for breath. I noted that the two of them looked exhausted. "No, we still have Michael." They just nodded. "Why don't you just give up? We slayed all of your friends," I said to Michael. I was squinting because I couldn't make him out in the dim light even with my slayer abilities. This worried me.

"My friends? Hardly. This was just a trap my dear slayer, and you and your friends walked right into it." The three of us turned around and saw a figure that could only be the King of the Vampires.

He was surrounded by a strange red aura. He had long black hair, and black eyes that appeared to be glowing with a strange internal red flame. He was tall, and well muscled, and he was clothed all in black with a black cape. I also noted that his face had a cruel quality to it.

I was startle to see that he appeared to be studying me closely. "Long have I waited to see the best slayer in the world, and now that I have, I am eager to study you." He said his voice as soft as the blowing wind, yet holding a strange melodious tone to it too.

I instantly went into my defensive stance, once again standing protectively in front of my friends. "You mean, you want to fight?" I asked. "Fight? No. I merely want to study you. But in order to do so I must study your mind." He said mockinly.

"Study my mind?" I said greatly puzzled. "Wait, how would you do that?" I asked. Then it hit me. 'Holy crap. He wants to take my blood so he can read my mind' I thought.

But before I could react in anyway he moved toward me too quickly for me to follow. He grabbed me, and barred my thoat. I was struggling frantically, trying to use my slayer abilities to my advantage. I was strong, but he was even stronger. I was shocked to see that he easily blocked my well aimed blows. He subdued me quickly and I was forced to stand awkwardly with my throat still barred. I could feel his fangs touching my throat and I flinched.

He suddenly held his hand out, and I noticed that I couldn't move(neither could Chris or Erick, and they suddenly fell to the ground unconcious but I couldn't see that.) I then felt a sharp pain in my neck, and with a cry I blacked out.

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Jhessail is a slayer. One day her whole life chances when the king of the Vampires marks her. How will Jhessail deal with this? And will he be her savior or her destruction? Please R+R if you want....