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Jhessails Pov She was pacing her room, her long black hair shining in the soothing light of the setting sun. On her fifth time around, she glanced at the door. She groaned in annoyance, and thought Where the heck is Nicole, already? She was supposed to be here five minutes ago!' She once again looked at the door, and rolled her eyes. Stamping her foot in annoyance, Jhessail walked to her bed where her twin swords were laying. She picked them up, and fingered them. The door opened, and Nicole stood there, her face determinedly set. "Are you ready, Jhessail?" She asked, her voice eerie in the sudden silence. Jhessail nodded, adrenaline coursing through her body. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be, Nicole." Without another word Nicole turned on her heel, motioning for her to follow. Jhessail walked quietly, feeling that if she was too loud she would come to her senses and run away. Yes, she had been waiting for this fight for the past six days, yet at the same time she wanted nothing more than to simply leave. Something deep inside her told her that she was doing the wrong thing. She had trained as hard as she could for the past seven days, and physically she was ready, yet emotionally she was not. She had the baby to worry about, and though she still got really dizzy if she fought too hard. Also, there was the fact that if she did kill Mark, how would she be able to live with herself? How could she explain to her child that she had willingly destroyed its father? Yes, Mark is a Vampire, and yes he is evil. But who am I to judge him? Now that I think about it, I really don't know that much about him. Could it be that he is actually a good person like Nicole claims?' Jhessail was so lost in her thoughts that she walked into Nicole. Nicole turned and glared at her and inwardly Jhessail shivered. âENicole has been like that since yesterday. I wonder what is wrong? I keep asking, but she never answers me. It's like she is dead inside or something...' She was broken out of her thoughts when she heard someone clearing their throat. Jhessail jumped and blinked. When her eyes focused, she realized that she was looking into Mark's amused eyes. "Jhessail," Mark said, bowing mockingly. "Are you ready? For this is your chance to get rid of me and free yourself." Jhessail smiled, but it quickly faded as the guilt of what she was about to do to Mark hit her. She knew that she could not willingly fight him if she did not clear something up first. "We will fight to the death, right? And what happened six days ago will still not interfere?" she asked, her voice sounding meek even to her own ears. Why did I say that?' She wondered to herself as she saw Mark's face flush. She watched opened mouthed as Michael and Nicole walked up to Mark, and started to talk to him. From what she could gather Mark was extremely angry, for his hand motions showed his anger. With a sharp shout of, "Just leave me alone! This needs to be done!" Jhessail mentally nodded in agreement. With three angry strides Mark walked up to her and lightly grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at him. "I can't do that Jhessail. I cannot pretend that we never made love. You know why?" He asked her angrily. "I can't do that because I love you Jhessail! I love you, and no matter what happens I will continue to! I don't want to fight you, but I know that I have no choice!" Jhessail felt as if her whole world had just crumbled beneath her. He...he...loves me....' she thought, swaying on her feet.I was right.....how can I kill him now! If he loves me, then we can be together! Wait, what am I thinking! I don't love Mark! He needs to be killed so that I can be a Slayer again!' And with that in mind, she suddenly punched Mark in the cheek with all the strength she possessed. She watched with satisfaction Mark stumble back, his cheek bruising from the force she had used. She cruelly smiled and said, "You love me?! What did you expect me to say Mark? I love you too? Don't you know that a Slayer and a Vampire cannot be together?" Still smiling, Jhessail drew her twin swords, and advanced towards Mark. Mark looked crushed, and he opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but he appeared to rethink this, and he quickly closed his mouth. Mark resignedly dropped his head, and quietly said, "So be it." Jhessail smiled, and swung her swords for his chest. Mark easily parried it with his sword that he had quickly drawn, and tried to kick her. Jhessail laughed, easily dodged, and swung one of her swords. It lightly cut MarkâEs arm, and he quickly retaliated, opening a deep gash on her cheek. While they were fighting, Jhessail could not help thinking that she had made a big mistake. The empty feeling in her soul proved this too. Thanks to her cruel words, she had lost Mark forever. Erick's Pov "Hold on Jhessail," he whispered to himself. He looked around him in the inky blackness of the night. He was reassured by the fifty or so Slayers walking with him. This included Jhessail's father and her brother Nathaniel. Flashback He had been sitting all by himself, just thinking about how much he missed Jhessail. He had wanted nothing more than to try and save her himself, but he knew that he wasn't strong enough. Then there had been a knock at his door. Sighing he had started down the stairs, expecting to see Chris there. He had been so surprised when he had seen Jhessail's father standing there looking extremely pissed off. "Erick," He had said, the anger showing in his voice, "Do you want to save Jhessail? Yes? Then go and get your weapons already!" Erick had nodded. He ran upstairs, grabbed his weapons and was out the door in record time. End Flashback Despite all of this, Erick could not help feeling a little bit worried. What if Jhessail is dead?' He asked himself. 'What would I do?' This caused him to nervously swallow, and he instinctively clutched the cross hanging from his neck. He shook his head furiously, I can't think like that! Jhessail is so strong, I'm sure she's doing fine. I need to think positively.' He swallowed reflexively when the house came into view. "Here we come Jhessail! You had better still be alive." He muttered to himself. He was too busy thinking to notice Jhessail's father's orders to kill all of the Vampires, even "My damn daughter if she gets in the way!" Had Erick noticed this, he would have tried to stop them, but alas, he did not. Jhessail's Pov She was pinned against the wall, gasping for breath. 'I cannot believe that he already overpowered me! After all the work that I did! I can't believe it was for nothing....No! I can't think like that! I. Can. Win!' Jhessail scrunched her face in determination, and using all of her immense strength, she pushed Mark away from her with a "Ha!" Mark's eyes narrowed in anger and annoyance. "You just got lucky Slayer!" He said, venom dripping from his words. Jhessail gritted her teeth, and once again they started to fight. They moved in synchronization, and it was obvious to her that Mark was her as good as her, if not better. Yet despite this, Jhessail bravely fought on, sweat dripping from her face, while Mark looked as unruffled as always. Jhessail heard a muffled cry coming from the corner of the room. She managed to get a quick look of Nicole fleeing from the room, with Michael quickly following. Unfortunately, her averted attention, even for a couple of seconds, cost her dearly. She felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. She cried out from the pain before she managed to clench her mouth shut. The room was spinning, and dark spots were dancing in front of her eyes. Oh God, I'm going to pass out' she thought. Thankfully she somehow managed to stay conscious. When she was finally able to clearly focus, she was horrified to see Mark kneeling over her. His sword was pressed snugly against her exposed throat. Jhessail started to desperately buck her body, trying to knock Mark off of her. She felt the sword start to cut the tender skin of her throat. Jhessail instantly stopped moving, her eyes wide with fear, and her breath coming in short painful gasps. She was horrified to see Mark maliciously smiling at her, his eyes devoid of any emotion at all. "You should not move Jhessail. You do not want to make this any worse than it already is." Jhessail felt like she was going to pass out from the fear currently swamping her. 'My baby, tell him about the baby...' She desperately thought. Before she could say anything, Mark spoke. "I need to kill you, Jhessail." He rose the sword, and started to push it into her throat. Her life was flashing before her eyes, when suddenly a figure darted into the room screaming, "Stop Mark! Slayers are invading your home! We need Jhessail, maybe she can stop them for us! Please don't kill her, my king." Through tear filled eyes, Jhessail saw Mark withdraw the sword, looking relieved. "What do you mean, Kurt? How the hell could the Slayers have gotten in?" Jhessail was swamped with icy fear when Mark's eyes dangerously narrowed. "It must have been you!" he screamed looking pretty angry. Jhessail tried to make her body as tiny as possible. She nodded, and mumbled "They must have used a tracking spell on me. I'm sorry Mark." She was very surprised to find that she was sincerely sorry. Mark shook his head, "My people are being killed by them! There are only twenty of us in here, that includes me, Nicole, Kurt, and Michael. If we are caught by surprise we have no chance at all! I have to go and see if Michael is okay!" and without another glance at her, Mark was out of the room with Kurt quickly following. "Wait for me..." Jhessail gasped out, her throat extremely dry. She swallowed, wincing from the pain that the small action caused. Her breath still coming in quick painful gasps, Jhessail managed to stand up, swaying on shaky feet. "Mark..." She cried out, feeling worried about him. "I need to find him!" She yelled to the quiet room, for some reason feeling that if something happened to Mark, she would die as well. She forced herself not to think too deeply about it. Still stumbling, Jhessail staggered to the door and slowly made her way down the dark hallway. Perhaps five minutes later, she was feeling better, and the raw feeling in her throat was nearly gone. As she turned a corner, she ran into someone. The air was once again knocked from her already severely beaten body, so she was unable to keep her balance. In a matter of seconds, they both were on the floor. Jhessail squinted in the dim light, and was only able to make out a couple features of the unknown person. She saw blonde hair spiked haphazardly, and what looked like baggy pants. And she only knew one person that fit that description. It could only be... "Erick?" She asked, her voice questioning. The person helped her to her feet, and steadied her when she swayed on her feet thanks to a sudden feeling of incredible nausea. "Yeah Jhess. I's me." She heard his low comforting voice, and a wave of incredible relief swamped her. With a squeal of happiness, she threw her arms around his shoulders, and drew her precious friend into a fierce hug. "Erick! I'm so happy to see you! It's been too freakin' long!" she said, unaware of the tears running down her face. She felt him nod, and he hugged her back just as fiercely. "Yeah, Jhess. It has been too long. I was so worried about you for all of this week! I'm so glad that you are all right!" he cried, sounding just as happy as her. Jhessail reluctantly drew herself out of his sheltering arms and her face grew serious. "Where is Chris? Also Erick, is what that Vampire told Mark true? Are there Slayers attacking?" She asked, her tone telling her friend that she did not want to be lied to. Even though the room was dark, Jhessail could clearly see her friend shifting uncomfortably, clearly uneasy with her scrutiny. He laughed nervously, and ran his hand through his spiky hair, messing it up beyond any repair. Jhessail felt herself start to shake when he nodded his head. "Chris isn't at his house, Jhess. I don't know where he is. Yeah, Jhessail. Your father and the rest of the Slayers are attacking. They plan to kill the King and his heir, along with everyone else in this house. I'm sorry." He said, and Jhessail was surprised that he actually did sound sorry. She shook her head, and started pacing the narrow hallway, every couple of seconds brushing against Erick. "Why are they doing it, Erick?" she asked. "Because Jhess. They want to save you." He said. She once again shook her head, and then did her best to look Erick in the eye. "I don't think so Erick. I think that my father just used that as an excuse to storm the building. Dad knows that I am perfectly capable of saving myself, and die trying if need be." She sighed, unconsciously covering her belly protectively with her hands. She was very aware that Erick was watching her every move, and most likely knew why she was so worried. "You're probably right Jhessail, but either way they need to be killed. Right?" He asked, looking as if he needed to be told that everyone was doing the right thing. "I don't know Erick. I hate to admit, but ever since I came here, I have noticed that Vampires are not the scum of the Earth. I feel like I have been living a lie. God, I don't even mind Mark all that much. Can you believe that I even made a friend that is a Vampire? Her name is Nicole." She answered Erick's unspoken question when he looked at her in surprise. "Really Jhessail? You actually think that Vampires are okay? Wow you have really changed a lot in a week." He said, looking genuinely surprised. "Yeah I have changed a lot Erick. I now realize that I was judging them unfairly. I guess one week can really change someone and their views on life. I know that I have changed in many ways." With that said, she started walking blindly down the hallway, and smiled when she heard Erick following. "What does that mean Jhess? How else have you changed?" He asked, and Jhessail nodded at the challenge in his voice. "I guess I might as well tell you Erick. I'm, uh, kinda pregnant." Erick stopped walking and turned around looking at her, shock etched across his fair features. His eyebrows raised until it looked like they were going to disappear into his blonde hair. "Kinda pregnant? How the hell can you be kinda pregnant Jhessail?" he asked. Blushing furiously, she tried to walk away from him and his question, which she had no desire to answer. Erick, unfortunately for her had other ideas. He grabbed her shoulder and asked quietly, yet firmly, "Jhessail, please answer my question." 'I knew I shouldn't have told him' she thought bitterly. Yet at the same time, he is my best friend, and I owe it to him.' Her face started heating up, as she answered, "I slept with Mark five days ago, and now I am pregnant." She felt slightly amused at the comical look on his face, and it looked to her as if Erick was going to fall to the ground in complete shock. "You slept with Mark?" He managed to gasp out. She nodded, not wanting to say anything. "Wow. I never would have seen that one coming. Wait a second," he said, and looked at her strangely. Jhessail somehow knew what he was going to ask, even before he said it. "How do I know that I am pregnant? Nicole told me only yesterday. She suspected this when I nearly collapsed after training with her. IâEm not exactly sure how she did it, she examined me or something, but she told me I am definitely pregnant." "Are you sure?" He asked, looking pretty skeptical. Jhessail was suddenly angry with her friend for doubting her words. Sure it was kinda hard to understand that she could know for sure that she was pregnant after only five days, but she trusted Nicole, and Nicole had no reason to lie to her. "Yes Erick, I am sure. I just have this feeling. Call it motherly instinct, but I know for a fact that I am pregnant. Now please can we drop this? I really want to find Mark and make sure that he is okay. I don't want him dying on me before he finds out that he is going to be a dad." Erick nodded, looking pretty smug about something. As they started to quickly walk down the crypt like hallway(because it was so quiet), Jhessail felt her face heat up with embarrassment. "Erick!" She cried as he began to laugh, "It's not because of that! I only want Mark to know because he is the father! He deserves to know, don't you think?" she asked. He nodded in silent agreement, and answered, "Maybe so, but you can keep denying it Jhessail. I know you better than you know yourself, and your phony concern about only wanting to make sure Mark is okay is a lie. You are actually worried that your one true love will die. Keep fooling yourself, but sooner or later you will come to terms with your feelings. I know it took me awhile with Rachel, but it was worth it." She only nodded, not really agreeing. This was different. Rachel was the girl that Erick had supposedly hated for a long time, but over many years, and much teasing from her, Erick had finally asked Rachel out. That had been five years ago, and they were still going strong. Jhessail had been jealous of them for awhile, but now that she had Mark..... Before she could deny that she did not really want Mark, there was a loud scream, that sounded like... "That was Nicole! I'd know her voice anywhere!" she cried, and Erick looked at her questioningly. "Come on Erick! We have to help her!" and with that, she took off down the hallway, her best friend close behind. Mark's Pov He was extremely pissed off. He had been tricked. He had started off after Kurt when he heard that Slayers had been storming the building. So following his friend whom had just arrived yesterday, he had been led to the ballroom. He could never figure out why he kept the damn thing, since it was more of a nuisance than anything else, what with the stupid chandelier that seemed to break twice a month. Anyway, when he had walked into the ballroom, the first thing that he had seen was Michael and Nicole calmly standing in the corner of the room. The fact that they were so calm should have tipped him off that something was wrong, but he was still extremely shaken up from Kurt's warning and from almost killing his one true love. So when he walked into the room, Kurt right next to him, something seemed off. The room was too silent, and Michael wasn't saying anything to him, and neither was his extremely outspoken mate. They had been so silent. Right as he had opened his mouth to speak, out of nowhere fifty slayers jumped out, surrounding his friends and him completely. He took a quick look at Kurt, expecting to see a smug smile on his face, but all he saw was blatant fear. He instantly knew that Kurt had not in anyway betrayed him. His one thought as the Slayers started to charge him was, how am I going to survive this?'. He swung at a body that was dangerously close to him, and his fist cracked the unfortunate man's ribs, and the man fell screaming to the floor. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kurt furiously fighting, knocking many Slayers that got too close away from him. He saw desperation his cobalt eyes, and also the profound fear. He also saw Michael fighting with an unmatched desperation, for not only was he fighting for his mate, who was pushed against a wall where no one could reach her, but he was also trying to protect his King. As he snapped the neck of another Slayer, he dimly registered Jhessail's father laughing like a maniac and encouraging his Slayers to fight harder. He also thought he heard a door slam open, and Jhessail's shocked cry of fear and anger. That was the last thing that he heard, as they were overpowered. Jhessail's Father's Pov My plan is working' He thought, laughing like a maniac as he saw at least twenty Slayers overpower the King and his minions. The King was being held by five Slayers, whose muscles were profoundly standing out as they held the struggling King. His other three friends were being held by two people apiece, and he was amused to see that none of them looked the least bit happy. "Kill them!" he screamed, his voice echoing off of the four walls, and ricocheting around the room, giving him a strange powerful aura. "No father!" he heard a feminine voice instantly deny. He turned around, and was met with two gray eyes flashing with fury. His daughter was standing there, and he could tell by the look on her face that she was not happy, and that she had something important to say.

Jhessail's Pov

I cannot believe that my father means to kill them!' she thought, feeling desperate. She needed to say something that would stop her father from his present course. She just couldn't let Mark die, or her friends Nicole and Michael. She couldn't even let Kurt die, he must have a kind heart if he warned his King about her people invading the house. She took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, and mentally prepared herself for what she had to say. "Father, you cannot kill them! They have done nothing to you, or our people!" she cried, shifting nervously under her fatherâEs scrutiny. "You lie Jhessail! Clearly you have been brain washed from living in this house for a week. What did the King do to you? Did he seduce you Jhessail?" he asked, and Erick snorted confirming her father's suspicions. "My daughter! You have been tainted by the enemy! How could you allow these creatures to do such a thing to you? You have been slaying for many years, do you not see the destruction that they cause, they innocent lives that they take?" he asked, his face turning red from his anger. "That's not true dad! They are not evil! I have learned that I was misled in my quest to kill Vampires! Being here for a week has opened my eyes, they could have killed me anytime, yet they let me live! In fact, before you interrupted, I was having an honorable fight with the King for my freedom." She cried, tears filling her eyes. She was hurt that her father did not believe her, and was not giving her speeches even the slightest thought. "An honorable fight? My poor naive daughter! They know no such thing as an honorable fight! The second that you let your guard down, I'm sure that his heir would have stabbed you in the back!" he cried, looking caught deranged. Jhessail backed up, trying to maneuver herself as far away from her father as possible, as well as trying to find a spot where she could aide Mark and the others. "What happened to you father? What happened to the honorable man who would never kill Vampires without a just cause?" she asked, her face very pale, and her body shaking with both fear and anger. "He's gone Jhessail! He was driven out the second that he learned his daughter was kidnapped, and is being held hostage!" he cried, the deranged look back on his weathered face, "Now kill them!". "No!" She cried jumping in front of Mark, and blocking the path of the on coming sword. She saw everything in slow motion. The decent of the sword; it's path becoming closer and closer to her heart. The sword was going to kill her any second, and she could dimly hear Mark, Erick, Nicole, Michael, and to her surprise Kurt, shouting their protests. She felt the tip start to pierce her skin, when, "Stop!" her father cried. Instantly the sword dropped to the ground. "Get her out of the way! Now, and finish the job!" screaming in protest, she was dragged away from Mark. Tears were now streaming even harder down her face. The two Slayers easily held her fighting body, and she was forced to watch as four Slayers stood in front of the captives, and the swords were slowly brought to their hearts. As they started to pierce the skin, they were once again interrupted. This time it was because of a big cloud of gray smoke that came out of nowhere, and totally filled the room like a great cloud. Everyone started coughing, and after many moments the smoke cleared, her fried Chris was standing there. "Chris!" she cried, looking quite relieved. Chris was a handsome man, with black hair that went down to his ears, and was spiked in the back. He was dressed in a gray wool sweater, and cargo pants. He looked business like, and he gave everyone a disdainful look. He looked at Erick, who was being held by two Slayers also(he had tried to aide the captives as well as Jhessail), and at Jhessail. When he saw her, an evil grin spread across his face. She started to struggle again, thinking, 'I don't like the look on his face.' "Chris where the hell have you been the last few days?" Erick asked, before his mouth was covered by a cloth. Jhessail noticed that the same went with the four captives. Her father was talking again, but it was drowned out since her full attention was focused on Chris who was walking toward her. She could not figure out why no one was trying to stop him from coming to her? Was she missing something? Had no one else noticed the look on his face just moments before? She tried to talk, but there was a hand covering her mouth and it was like a vice grip, for she could not make even the slightest sound, she could barely even breath. I'm scared,' she thought, 'I wish there was someone that could help me out, but everyone is tied up in someway...' Chris was now standing in front of her, still smiling that creepy yet at the same time evil smile. "Jhessail," he said, his voice quiet and lilting. "It's nice to see you again. Have some fun with Mark?" he asked, acting like this was one big joke. She shook her head, trying to say something, yet only making muffled noises. Chris threw back his head and laughed. She tried to see what was happening around the room, but she could see nothing. Chris was blocking what was happening in the rest of the room. "You see Jhessail," he started, getting in her face, "I need to kill you now. You know why?" he asked, and she shook her head, silently wondering why the guards were not aiding her in anyway. "Because, Jhessail," And to her horror, he started to sing, "Kill the Slayer, kill the King!" and with that said, he stabbed her threw the stomach with the curved sword that was suddenly in his hand. Gasping for breath, and with blood coming from her mouth, she fell to the ground. Her body going totally limp, and she could no longer feel anything.

The room became fuzzy, and out of focus. She soon became unconscious. Mark's Pov He watched as the love of his life was stabbed by Chris, her friend, HIS friend. He watched with disbelieving eyes, as she fell to the ground, barely breathing. He looked at Chris, and his sorrow filled eyes asked one question, "Why?" Chris started to laugh, and he dimly realized that Jhessail's friends and family trying to stem the flow of blood that was leaving her body. "Yes, Mark. I have been your friend and confident for ten years. It runs in my family. My family has been serving yours for generations, and that line has continued unbroken through me. I have faithfully served you for many years! Yet, I could not help wanting more. I am so close to you, that I knew if I killed you, and your heir, that I would be named your heir. It would be so!" he cried, when he saw Mark shaking his head. I can't believe that all this time, I was confiding in a psycho.' He thought. And for the first time in a long time, Mark felt ashamed of himself. "I would be named the new King! I took out Jhessail, so I technically killed you too. All I have to do now is kill your heir, and there is no one left. I am so close to you, who else would be named?" he cried, still laughing insanely. "Haven't you ever considered that you cannot be named King of Vampires? You aren't a Vampire!" Erick cried, his hand red from the blood flowing unhindered from Jhessail's prone body. "Kill the Slayer, kill the King!" he cried, practically jumping up down with glee. The look faded, when a sword went through his heart, instantly killing him. Mark was surprised to see Jhessail's brother Nathaniel standing behind Chris, looking extremely pissed off. "Release them!" he cried, and it was done. Mark felt relieved, it appeared as if the boy was now in charge, he had heard from Michael who had fought Nathaniel before, that the boy was wise beyond his mortal years. He instantly tried to go to Jhessail, but was stopped by Erick. He wanted nothing more than to fling the boy aside, but he knew that if he did so then he would likely be instantly killed. He could not have this; he needed to save Jhessail's life. "Please," he said, as close to begging as he had ever been in his extremely long life. He sensed Michael and Nicole behind him, he could hear her soft cries. He knew if he looked behind him, he would see MichaelâEs face set, and his strong arms around Nicole's dainty form, and tears would be falling like the softest rain down her beautiful face. "Please Erick. I love her, I can save her!" he cried, desperation now written across his face. Erick looked at him critically, but he nodded and let him by. He moved easily through the crowd, Michael and Nicole closely following, as well as Erick. Finally, he was in front of Jhessail, her long black hair falling around her face, which was a deathly pale color, and tinged slightly yellow. The black moon that was his mark, on her neck, was a weird contrast with the whiteness of her skin. Her white shirt was turned red from all the blood, and he could see the gaping wound on her stomach. Nathaniel and her father were leaning over her body, each desperately arguing amongst themselves about ways that they could save Jhessail's life. Nathaniel looked calm, while her father was beside himself with anger. Mark could almost feel the anger coming from the man. Yet despite all their planning, he knew that none of them could save Jhessail in time. Mark was surprised to hear Nathaniel say the same thing. "I can save her," he said, stepping forward and surprising everyone. Nathaniel quickly turned around, his eyes flashing showing his quick temper, and also deep grief. 'I guess Jhessail takes after her brother, she also gets angry easily.' He thought. "How can you save her, Vampire?" he asked, his tone telling Mark that he clearly did not believe he could help in anyway. Mark gave Nathaniel his most charming smile, and said, "I could change her..." he was instantly interrupted by screams of protest from everyone: Nathaniel, Jhessail's father, Nicole, Michael, even Kurt protested. Nathaniel, violently shaking his head, stepped up to him, and sighed. "No. It is out of the question. You cannot turn my sister into one of the Damned! It would destroy her! Plus, I cannot willingly allow my sister to spend all eternity alone!" he cried, his face draining of all color. "She would not be alone!" he cried. He was beginning to feel desperate, for he was wasting precious moments trying to convince everyone. "I would be with her! I love her, she is the most precious thing in my life. She makes me remember why I became King, and she understands me as no one else ever could. Please Nathaniel, don't make me have to fight you. We are wasting too much time talking about this. Please, just believe me when I say this." He said, his eyes shifting to Jhessail's frail form still lying on the ground. He absently noticed that Kurt was plugging her grievous wound. This surprised him, but he was honored that his people were trying to support his decision. Michael nodded, "Please trust him, Nathaniel. I have known him for many centuries. He has never acted like this before. He truly does love her." Mark was honored to know that his heir was supporting his chosen mate, and his cause. Nicole hugged Michael tighter to her, and added her thoughts. "I have been her friend for about six days, and I know that deep down Jhessail truly does love Mark. Besides, I truly do not mean to play dirty, but she is pregnant. Jhessail deserves to make her decision on her own. If after she is turned she cannot take it, she can walk into the sun, but even then, she needs to decide for herself. Please give Mark the chance." There was a pleading tone to her voice, that Mark had never heard before. Nathaniel was looking at his sister, tears steaming down his face, his eyes red from all the crying he had done. The silence was thick, and Jhessail's life depended on her brothers next words. Mark would fight them all if he had to, he knew that his friends and heir would back him up; but even with their help he knew that he could not get to his love on time. If Nathaniel did not say yes, then Jhessail would die, as well as their unborn child. Nathaniel bowed his head, and slowly nodded. Mark felt a wave of gratitude, and a beautiful smile lit his face up. "Thank you." He said, his voice showing his gratitude. Nathaniel nodded, and gave him a weak smile. "Take care of my sister, and your child. If I ever find out that you have mistreated her in anyway, then I swear I will kill you. Her life is now in your hands. Please save her." Mark nodded, he knew that that had been very hard for Nathaniel to say. He once again nodded, and he kneeled next to Jhessail's still form. He gave Kurt a small smile when he stopped trying to plug her wound and stepped away from her. He then he tore his wrist open, wincing slightly from the pain. He then put his wrist against Jhessail's mouth. She did not move. His blood poured down her throat unaided, and then moments later, Jhessail's hand weakly pulled his wrist to her mouth, and she started to drink hungrily. There was a cry of protest. Mark turned and saw Kurt and Michael holding Jhessail's struggling father. "You cannot do this to my daughter! Please stop!" he begged. Kurt put his hand over the mans throat, and he was silenced. "Continue my King." He said softly. He looked around the room, and he saw that all of the Slayers had left the room, except for Erick and Nathaniel who were standing next to each other. Kurt was standing protectively next to him(still holding her father), while Nicole had her hand on Jhessail's pale face, Michael was standing next to his mate. "Thank you," he said softly. Erick nodded looking sad, and he whispered, "Please save her Mark. She just has to live, she just has to." Nathaniel nodded his agreement. Nicole once again burst into tears, and as she cried she said, "I can't walk into the sun. Michael, we can't leave. I just can't leave Jhessail all alone! I can help her accept what she has became, we both can. We were both changed! Please love, can we stay?" she begged, her eyes silently begging. Michael just nodded. Mark sighed, feeling relieved. He was very happy despite the seriousness of what was currently happening, everyone was now supporting him. He guessed that they saw that this what had to happen. He gently removed his wrist from Jhessail's mouth, and his wound instantly closed up. He looked at Jhessail, and was relieved to see that her color looked better. "How will we know if she is going to live or die?" Nathaniel asked, his voice shaky. "We can only wait. It is up to Jhessail now." Mark answered, looking Nathaniel in the eye. Nathaniel looked pale and shaky, heck everyone did including himself, but all of them were holding on. Everyone was in this room because they loved Jhessail in someway. It was killing him, but he had to wait like everyone else to see what Jhessail decided to do. Would she live or die? Jhessail's Pov She was standing in a room that was completely white. The light was extremely bright, and it was hurting her eyes. She felt like she was floating, and she instinctively knew that she was leaving this world, and Mark. If I go, then I will have to leave everyone I love. My brother, Erick, Nicole, and Michael. I will have to leave Mark. I can't leave him! I love him!" Instantly she started to fall back down, and all of the thoughts of Mark filled her, including a feeling of incredible love. It was so powerful, that it brought her back to earth. There was the way that he so tenderly kissed her, he stuck up for her, he had tenderly made love to her, he had even stopped himself from killing her. He could have gotten rid of her so easily, but he had not. Mark had even set his pride aside and admitted that he loved her, and she had so cruelly stepped on his heart. She wondered if he would even accept her love. Would he think that she was lying? She was carrying his child, and it was a product of their combined love for each other. It was her turn. She was going to set aside her pride and tell him she loved him. She opened her eyes and found that she was lying on the ground. She saw her friends and family all around her. She looked around for Mark, and found him kneeling next to her. "Mark," she said softly, aware that he could hear her, even though her voice was extremely soft. She was finding it hard to talk, for her body felt like lead, and her breath was coming in quick painful gasps. "Don't talk love," he said softly. She shook her head with great difficulty. "No Mark, I need to tell you this. I...I...love you. I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you before. I was just afraid, and you love me too, so everything is going to be all right. Our child is going to be born...we can make this work." She said, tears falling from her eyes. Her whole body hurt, and she was having so much trouble breathing. "Jhessail," her love said softly, gently rubbing her face. "I need to tell you this, I am changing you. You are going to become a Vampire. It is the only way that you can live." He said. She was shocked, and scared. She forced herself to breathe, and quietly said, "Okay. I love you, and if this is the only way that we can be together, than so be it." Mark bowed her head, and softly cried. Gasping for breath, she hugged him. "Thank you." He said. "We can be together forever. No more running."she said. He nodded. "Forever." Jhessail's eyes fell shut, as her breath started coming in incredibly fast. Her heart started to beat out a frantic rhythm. She heard a voice, coming as if from a tunnel, "What's happening to her?" 'Yes,' she thought, "What is happening to me?" She heard Mark's voice answer, "She is changing. Her heart is going to stop in a moment, and then she will fall into a deep sleep. As she is sleeping, her body will finish changing. When she awakes, she will be one of us." 'One of us,' that should have scared her, yet it did not. She no longer hated Vampires, for how could she when she loved one? She was going to spend all of eternity with one, the King at that. She loved Mark with all her heart and all her soul, and now she was going to become a Vampire as well as give birth to one. 'How could life get any better?' She thought as her heart stopped and she fell into the deep sleep of her new race. Erick's Pov He watched as his best friend's heart stopped, and she fell asleep. It scared him that she looked dead, yet he trusted Mark. He knew that Jhessail would rise again, yet this time she would awake as a Vampire. "Good luck Jhessail. I will see you again." He whispered. He watched as Nathaniel talked to his sister, whispering that he loved her and that he would visit her soon. As they both turned to leave, a thought struck him. He turned around, and looked at Mark. "Mark? Will we be able to visit Jhessail? You aren't going to take her away are you?" he asked. He saw Nathaniel's eyes narrow in anger; obviously he wasn't happy with this thought. Mark looked at him as if he was crazy. "Why would I? No we are going to stay her for awhile. We will probably leave in a couple of centuries, but definitely not for awhile, and of course you guys can visit." Erick was relieved, and he watched as Jhessail was picked up, and cradled in Mark's arms. Once again, the two of them turned to leave. They were once again stopped, but this time by Jhessail's father. Screaming like a thing gone mad, he broke out of KurtâEs arms(who had been holding him through Jhessail's change), and screamed at the top of his lungs, "Jhessail! You are totally disowned! Don't you ever show your face around our people! Mark, you will pay for what you have done to my daughter!" and with that, he ran from the room. Mark rolled his eyes, "Whatever. Come on, let's get Jhessail comfortable. I want her to awake in a nice room, and not this bloody place. Michael, don't worry about it. We will clean up later." And with that all of the Vampires left. "Nathaniel, do you think that Jhessail will be happy?" Nathaniel shrugged, and sighed. "I think she will, for she appears to really love Mark. I think that she will have trouble accepting her new life, but she can do it. The child will help take her mind off of her new life." And with that, they left the house, knowing that Jhessail was in good hands, and finally safe. End of Chapter: Them Fighting Words Next Chapter: Eternity of Happiness/Kristen's Thanks A/N: I have a couple of things to say about this chapter. First off, it took me four days to write! 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