Chapter 2: Sumikitta (perfectly clear)

Chiyo's heart raced as her shoes beat upon the dusty path leading to the park picnic tables. When she approached the area, she scanned for Kasei. He was sitting there on one of the tables, a meal equipped upon the vivid checked textile newly stashed upon the dull brown lumber, looking almost...poignant. Chiyo breathed unfathomably. She wasn't about to dart out to him and start him to death. She brushed off access filth from the skirt of her uniform and kindly sauntered into Kasei's view. At the sound of the tapping of a young girl's shoes, Kasei turned around to locked eyes with the young woman. He smiled benevolently.

"Chiyo...I'm glad you could accompany me..." He said as he got up from his sitting position to greet the coming lady. He extended his hand to her and she blushed profoundly, looking away and feeling horrible for wanting to rush to a different subject.

"You don't have to be so formal...on such an informal meeting..." Chiyo whispered quietly. Kasei's smile widened.

"But today, not unlike many days brightened by your smile, is splendid and good. Why don't you join me for a snack and idle chit-chat?" He said calmly, his expression unchanging. Chiyo giggled a bit and then, still blushing, she nodded her head slightly up and down. Then she was startled by a sudden feeling against her hand as it was grasped by Kasei's. Chiyo met eyes with Kasei, really looking deep into them. Gathering the pure essence and utter love within them.

'Why...?' Chiyo thought sadly, 'Why do you have to be such a gentleman? It makes it all so much harder...'

"Are you okay?" Kasei asked, grabbing Chiyo's shoulder with his free hand. Chiyo felt so...dizzy. She'd always get so dizzy when an overwhelming feeling came over her and she couldn't control it. Suddenly hot tears fell down her face.

"Kasei..." She whispered. "I...I don't know what to do!" She slowly raised her voice, but then her legs gave away, leaving her up only by Kasei's comforting arm.

"Chiyo...Chiyo you have to tell me what's wrong!" he yelled, bending down and holding her shaking body close to himself. She breathed acutely and clutched Kasei's jacket roughly, as if convulsing in pain.

"I...dizzy...can't...feel my legs...don't...know what to...do!" She stuttered, soon after gasping for air. Kasei stared at her momentarily, soon after gripping her body closer to his, softly stoking her fine hair.

"Don't talk. Everything's fine." He said, repeating himself and slowly lowering his voice until he stood up, Chiyo's body slung across his outstretched arms, still clutching tightly to him. He looked around slightly then he started walking towards his car. When he approached it, he gathered Chiyo on one shoulder, opening the passenger side and setting the now unconscious girl upon the seat, buckling her in.

"The hospital is close...you'll be fine..." He muttered to himself frantically, feeling her forehead. He then shut the door as quietly as possible as he walked over to the driver's side to get in, still muttering to himself.

Behind a nearby tree, Genichi sat, lighting up a cigarette casually as he heeded the sound of the car driving off.

"Hmmm..." Genichi pondered, recalling everything he had spied upon. He parted the cigarette from his mouth and exhaled the smoke. "Kasei...I see."

The silent sounds of a constant beep, keeping a steady rhythm woke the tired Chiyo. She attempted to sit up, but her joints were still jerky. Upon blinking numerous times and taking in some well needed oxygen into her lungs, she scrutinized the room she was in. It was overall...white. Cloth, curtains, sheets, pillows. This place was absolutely new.

"Good morning, Chiyo." Said a familiar voice. Chiyo's head jerked to the door were an interruption of the peaceful and merciful room of white collided with the etching black clothes of the pale skinned Genichi.

"You!" Chiyo said surprised at the color contrast.

"My name isn't 'you', ya know..." Genichi said, bothered that she was constantly taken aback at his presence. Chiyo shook her head and began to calm down.

"Why are you here? I mean...where am I?" Chiyo said, ready to play a game of 20 questions.

"Haven't you ever seen an emergency room? Geez! And for you're information I brought you here after that slime ball Kasei almost raped you!" Genichi said, pointing his finger at her. Chiyo gasped loudly.

"What? H-how dare you say that?" Chiyo murmured, clutching the downy blanket. Genichi smirked.

"I don't blame you for not remembering. After you went unconscious, he got all over you, trying to take off your clothes. You're lucky I was there to stop him...or else..." Genichi stopped again, grinning as he scanned Chiyo's worried and obviously believing face.

"He...would never, ever do that..." Chiyo whispered, trying to make herself believe. "No...I've known him too long..."

"You can trust me, Chi. I'm on your side, okay?" Genichi stood next to Chiyo's bedside and saw tears slowly form in her eyes. She slowly looked up to Genichi, who held out his arms for her. She didn't want to refuse, so she leapt into them, crying into his black shirt.

"What will I do now...? How will I find my way now?" She cried. Genichi patted her on the back.

"I'll lead you. Just follow me and everything will be fine." Genichi smirked. Chiyo slowly nodded her head, soon lifting it from his chest and resting back on the bed, exhausted by the sudden horror she was told.

"You need sleep, I'll just leave now." Genichi said. He slowly bent down over her, brushing her bangs from her eyes and gently kissed her forehead. She watched him leave in silence. He opened the door and Kasei stood there, holding flowers and looking as if he was about to knock. Genichi stared at him smiling broadly as he walked past him into Chiyo's room.

"Just try and follow that one up." Genichi mumbled under his breath as he closed the door behind himself and Kasei. Kasei, looking at the door briefly in confusion, turned to the traumatized looking Chiyo, motionless and trear-sticken, clutching her pillow. Kasei sat in a sturdy wooden chair next to the bedside and set the flowers down on a small table to his left. Kasei sighed deeply.

"Chiyo..." Kasei began.

"H-how could you...?" said Chiyo, in a whisper.

"What?" Kasei said, confused. Chiyo face filled with hate.

"I...I thought you were different and...you had to go and..." Chiyo broke out in tears again.

"Chiyo? I-I'm sorry...if only you could explain..." Kasei slowly reached over to her, but Chiyo hastily slapped his hand away.

"I don't ever, ever want to see you again!" Chiyo yelled, her voice getting louder and louder. "Get out of here! Leave me alone!"

Kasei stumbled up, a mixed look of confusion and hurt as he took a step back.

"Chiyo! What..."

"OUT!" Chiyo screamed, throwing the pillow she was clutching at him, soon covering her head with the sheet she was sleeping in. A nurse and a doctor walked in, ask Kasei to leave, but he just stared at the trembling, crying figure hidden by the white cloth. Then the doctor and the nurse pulled him out of the room and closed the door.