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Finding Religion


Chapter One

I am the world's biggest hypocrite.  I can tell myself that I just really needed a job and that this is what I want to do.  Not many eighteen year olds get their dream job right out of high school.  However, even that point seemed bland when I looked at the big picture.  How could an atheist girl manage public relations for a four-piece Christian band?

Revelation wasn't like any mainstream Christian band.  They had a hard sound, but most of their songs had a worship feel to them.  Most of their concerts were played in churches, from what I heard.  They seemed to have complete faith in God.

Their music was good.  I got caught up in their sound the minute I heard their demo.  It was obvious, however, that their studio production wasn't the best and if they got enough demand for a new demo they would prove to the world just how great their sound was.  That's where I came in.  They needed someone that had skills in public relations.  I was young, too, which was a bonus because most of their audience was about my age.

I had no idea if they even realized that I was Atheist.  I had never talked to any of them.  Mike Nelson, a mutual friend, referred me to them.  They seemed interested, according to Mike.  I was positive that he hadn't brought it up though.

I had never been to church in my life, except for my mom's marriage to my stepfather.  My stepfather is a priest.  My father is Atheist, like me.  My mother believes that I am entitled to believe whatever I want.  Needless to say, many arguments were caused because of it.

My phone rang, interrupting my thoughts.


"Hi.  Is Kasey Miller in?"


"Hi, Kasey.  This is Adam Zeis, Revelation's drummer."

I smiled, though he couldn't tell.  He had a really sweet voice.  I was surprised he didn't do the singing.  We talked for a while about weather, music, and television.  We had been talking for about a half-hour before we got down to business.

"The deal is," Adam began, "we've all decided we see a lot in you.  We all want you to have this job."

"Okay… but there's something you should probably know," I started, but Adam cut me off.

"Let me finish first… I have a lot you need to know," I could tell he was smiling.  "The pay will start off fairly low… about nine bucks an hour.  We're leaving for Texas in two weeks, and we'll be down south and east for the next two months.  Part of the job includes coming with us on this 'tour.'  We have an RV and although we usually end up in hotels, there are nights we have to stay in it."

I was silent for quite a while.  The pay was fine.  I still lived at home and my parents didn't charge rent.  The whole tour thing sounded like a lot of fun.  But it was very obvious that they had no idea I was Atheist.  It honestly seemed like it would break Adam's heart to hear so.

"What did you need to tell me?"  Adam interrupted my thoughts.

I sighed.  "When Mike talked to you, what did he say about me?"

"He said you'd be perfect for this job.  He explained what you've done in high school, publicizing events and local bands," he seemed confused, "Why?"

"We have different religious beliefs, Adam.  I don't believe in God.  I'm Atheist."

About a minute of very uncomfortable silence passed before he spoke.  "Hold on a sec.  I'm gonna put you on hold."  He pushed a button before I could answer.

I was surprised that I could now hear two voices.  I realized he had accidentally hit the speakerphone button.  I didn't say anything.  I wanted to hear what they were saying.

"An atheist, Adam?"  I heard an unfamiliar voice inquire.

"She's a great girl… what's so wrong with it?"

"We're Christian!"  He practically shouted.

Adam sighed, "And we're supposed to be accepting of others' beliefs, Erik."

So this was Erik Nielsen, Revelation's lead singer.  From what I heard, he was very outspoken in his faith for Jesus Christ, and could be ruthless when it came to changing others' beliefs.  The thought of it didn't bother me, though, because I was comfortable with my beliefs.  I knew there was no way he would be able to change my mind.

"Let's say, by some miracle, we manage to hit it big," Erik said, the bitterness in his tone obvious, "won't it look hypocritical to have an atheist publicist?"

Adam sighed and was silent for a while.  "Why worry about the what-ifs and the maybes?  The only mistake I see us making is giving up on her… she's the best we've found.  And she's honest, Erik.  Doesn't that make her worth something?"

This time Erik was silent.  "Let's at least give her a chance," Adam suggested.

I could stay silent no longer.  "I'm sorry, guys… I should have said something as soon as I realized you hit the wrong button.  However, I needed to know what you were actually thinking and I figured it out.  Obviously, this isn't going to work.  Thanks for the opportunity, though… and Adam, if you know of any other band with a little more of an open mind, let me know."  I paused, knowing that I had just pissed Erik off more than ever, but I didn't care.  "By the way, Erik, you're not the only one that would look hypocritical; imagine being your Atheist publicist."

There was silence on their end.  "Goodbye," I finished.

"Wait," Erik said suddenly, surprising me.


He seemed to be trying to gather as much patience as he could.  I gave him a little time.  I could tell it was crushing his ego to continue the conversation with me.

"Adam's right," he said quickly, "You are the best we've found… and being honest is important—"

"Can you say that again?"  Adam interrupted.

"Being honest is important…" I could tell Erik was confused.

"No, the first part."

Erik chuckled a bit, "Adam's right."

"Ahh… I've been waiting for that for years," Adam sighed happily.

I giggled.  I could tell already that I'd get along great with Adam.  "I want one thing to be very clear," I told them, "I've heard a lot about you, Erik, and I'm not going to be one of your pet projects.  I'm comfortable with who I am.  If you're not, then we can forget this, no hard feelings."

"She told you, dude," a third voice interjected.  "I'm T.J."

I grinned.  T.J. Jonest was Revelation's guitarist.  He had unbelievable talent; I could tell that much from their demos.

"Hey, I'm Kasey," I replied.

"Dude, the publicist Kasey?"

"The Atheist, publicist Kasey," I corrected.

"That's cool, dude," he said.  It was clear that T.J.'s favorite word was "dude."

"Anyway," Erik continued, obviously annoyed, "I'll promise to try if you'll promise one thing for me."

I was silent, waiting for his request.  "Will you please, please not tell everyone you come into contact with that you're Atheist?"  He begged.

Normally, I would have argued with him.  I wasn't the type of girl to let someone tell me how to act or what to say, but it was obvious that asking him to let me have my own beliefs was going to be incredibly hard for him, so I agreed.


Not that I wanted to admit it, but he sounded so cute when he begged that there was no way I would have been able to argue with him.  I figured, though, that mentioning that to anyone would be a huge mistake.

"Where's Micah?"  Adam inquired, "We could finish getting introductions done…"

As if on cue, I heard a door open.  "Did you say my name?"

Adam laughed, "Yeah… Kasey Miller, our publicist, is on the phone."

"Oh… hey, Kase.  I'm Micah Arnold.  You know, the bassist."

I snickered, "Hi."  No one had called me Kase since junior high.  It was actually somewhat reassuring.

"So," Adam began, "Is two weeks enough time for you to get ready?"

"More than enough," I reassured them.  "Actually, I could start earlier, if you wanted to meet and discuss plans and everything."

"That'd be cool," Erik said, "How's Friday for you?"

That gave me three days to get prepared.  "Good," I told him.

We decided where to meet and how much time we'd need.  I was getting more and more excited.  I'd publicized before, but nothing like this.  Nothing so important.  I really wanted to make a difference for them, to help them get the break they so obviously craved, but I knew that life on the road wasn't going to be easy.  However, I was up to the challenge.