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SelF-IsH (that's the title)

You look crazy

When you really think about it

Think about life

Think about why

It can drive you crazy

That's why none babies die

As much as teens and adults

Cause babies don't think as much

They are the innocents

Thrown into the world

Of violence and anger

Did you know?

That the world use to be a giant ball

And On that giant ball

There was nothing

But peace

But as human arrived

Destruction also came with them


Letting it bleed

Earth tries to recover

By growing back their skin

But cruel humans kept on destroying

Destroy, Destroy, Destroy

Just to satisfied oneself

Always thinking about oneself


And soon other people

Tries to blend in, and become blinded

Blinded and start thinking bout oneself too

Killing Killing Killing

Just cause they're angry with everyone

Just to let that fire ball out!!

They have to kill!!!!!

Just for oneself, Only thinking about oneself

Maybe that's whys theres so much

Abuse, kidnapping, Murdering

I mean the world has become a Bizarre place!

And worst of all

Drugs just to make oneself feel better

By killing oneself!!!!!!!

Don't they realize

How much pain their mother went through?

Just to Give birth to them?

It's pain, all pain, all pain

Screams, screeches!

I mean, babies don't just drop down from the sky

Just like money

Money does not shake down from a nearby tree!

Maybe in some's dreams but not in reality!

So, why do some people take money for granted?

Or life for granted?!

People who have survived till now

Should be proud that they have

Many are dying, currently, right now

Cause of their surroundings, environment

But now many who has a pretty good surrounding

only think about dying

DYING! Death

A harsh thing, a gruesome thing, a horrible thing

Gray, Black, White, the colors that represents it

Doesn't anyone think about the people who love and adores them?

Have people ever thought about how others would think if they died?!?

Maybe to be 'unselfish'

They think the world would be a 'better' place

By dying, dissolving out of this world

To me, that is the most selfish way of thinking

Self centered! And just messed up!

If one dies, the one who cares about them would

Be crying with sorrow

Pain, Hurt, Anger

And so many people say 'but no one cares'

That is just a dumb way to TALK

Of course someone cares

Everyone in this world,

At least have one person care about them

They just don't know

Some people tends hides in their shell

Cause they don't like showing

Others show their caring

By being too overprotective

And letting people get the wrong idea

Whichever it is

Someone CARES!

When someone thinks death is the only answer

IT makes them look selfish

Wanting to die is just like a way of thinking about oneself

Which also makes one look blind


I mean, their mother gave birth to them

With opened eyes

But As people grow older

They're eyes shut more and more

And soon, they're all closed

Why? Why? Why?

Common question that's asked everyday

Why me? Why me?

Also common question that's asked everyday

But not asked by only one person everyday

It's asked by MILLIONS everyday

So ask yourself this

When you think about "why me"

It's not "why me"

Its "why us"

And all the millions

Ask yourself this

Thousands are dieing currently

In the world overall

"So why? Why am I thinking about me,

when I could be helping someone out there

in this world, preventing them from dieing,

right now I can be saving a life, so why am

I asking myself why me?"

Maybe the meaning of life

Is to help each other

to try to open our eyes

Wide open, and look around

And realize the big mess that we've made

And actually try to change this turbulence world that we created

Back into the paradise that the world once was