Unveil the torment of my eyes
Quake as a leaf in its spurring
Fruitless efforts amass a life of yearning.

The great meet fate and all alike
Fall to a doom, pitiless plight
Poverty makes one proud.

The sentence of a life lived well
Is more life beyond the expanse
But life itself lacks something to be desired.

Merciful though I am not
Human yet I am
Victim to "life as it were".

Character inscribed on
Tablets of stone
Erased by a brush of temptation.

Rage and toil burn within
Struggle and conflict continuous arise
Equal enemies fight with no victor.

Truth we think there is
Certainty we have not found
Confusion forever cemented as doctrine.

Perchance we dig up purpose
In our quest for glory
The gold brick mistaken for clay.