She lays the soft glow of the candlelight. She is so peaceful as he watches her. He can hear her breathing coming in tiny whispers of sound. He is always amazed by her beauty. She can set his blood to boiling with just one look from her bright little eyes. He approaches her with footsteps that a panther would have been proud of. She turns a little to one side, and he stops his progress, holding his body tense and motionless as he waits for her to settle back into her rhythm of dream filled slumber. He has no idea that she is dreaming of him as he watches her from the right side of her bed. He kneels down and just admires the wonderful features of her face. He is overwhelmed by the uncanny sweetness in the lines of her well-shaped facial features. Her body is that of the mythical forest nymph. He just stares at her in total wonder, a wonder that comes from the very depths of his heart. Yes, his heart. His heart beats loudly from inside of his chest. He is afraid that the sound will wake her from her sleep. He rolls his thoughts over in his mind. He can't possibly imagine that she has even a clue as to the deepness of his love for her. Does she know that he would crawl from one end of the earth to the other just for one slight touch of her hand?

Does she know that the very air that he breathes, he breathes just for her? He gazes down at her sweet, soft lips. He can detect just a hint of moisture on them. A kiss, just one light touch on her upturned face, his lips to her lips. In that one single instant, his world comes to a standstill. All that matters is right in front of him. She, is his life, his blood, she is everything that is good and special. Yes, he truly loves her with all of his heart, mind, and soul. He loves her with his entire being. He again wonders, "does she know this"?