Endless Walk Through the Forest of Despair

Unexpectedly I was thrown
No- shoved, shoved
And forced to walk through the Forest of Despair
At the point of a gun.
So in fear of my life, I walked.

And though I couldn't see, I walked.
The farther in I walked,
The thicker I found the air to be
Until I choked and gagged
And nearly fell by the wayside.

I tripped on the bones of another
Another who had to walk
But hadn't made it.
In fear, I pressed on
And I walked.

I grew faint; I was brokenhearted
I had no sense of direction
And I was sick with gloom and despair.
I breathed heavily in the deathly silence
And heard my thoughts pounding like a drum.

It was just as I had lost hope and was
About to resign to death on the forest floor
That I felt a cool breeze caress my cheek.
I turned and saw my salvation- a break in the forest
Excitedly, I picked myself up, and I walked.

I walked faster, with a lightness of step,
Reached the end of the forest and stopped short in horror.
There, before me- the Hand that shoves
With an eye of hatred that glares and pierces
And chokes and wrenches and kills.

And I see that the Hand that shoves
Will not let me leave but sentences me
With the chilled finger of death
Back to my memories, my heartache, my agony.
So in misery, with grave hesitation, back I walked.


Part two added 9/16- There is hope...