Norse-Arc One Life One: Another Attempt

She sure was pretty. He had to admit that. This girl that was holding his hand now. She was such a fool though. Here was this beautiful girl with feathered black hair and emerald eyes. Her in that school uniform, very flattering. He wore one too, but he gave no care for school. She was a fool to have grabbed his hand though. Especially when he's jumping off a roof. Now he was forced to hang from the side of that building by her.

Boy: What are you doing? Let go of my hand. Do you wanna die as well?

Girl: I'm not going to let you commit suicide.

This boy with his short blond hair didn't want her help? He shouldn't have tried jumping to his death. Funny, he wore a school uniform, but she didn't remember ever seeing him before.

Boy: You're an idiot.

With his other hand he hits her hand dropping him to the ground. He fell the three stories to the ground. In fact she must have heard his neck snap. She had watched it break. Why did he jump?

Girl: Oh, oh my god! Somebody!

Did you call for a god?

She couldn't believe it. The boy stood down below with no scratches or anything. How did he survive? She knew by sure chance you could survive such a drop, but you'd at least get a scratch!

Boy: Damnit! One more failure. I'll figure it out soon enough. It's all your fault wench!

Girl: Wench?! Why you-

Her full school bag flew through the air hitting him in the head causing him to fall to the ground. Oh no! Was he okay? He hadn't stood yet. She ran with speed to his side poking him. He had been knocked out.

Girl: Sorry.

How could he survive such a drop, but be hurt by a measly bag? Who was this boy even? He was about her age, maybe older. There weren't any new students at the school either. Checking for ID she finds his wallet. Strange, no money. All there was a scrap paper with the name Yakame on it. Yakame is the family name of that old man across town. He was a strange man who was an expert on religions. She never knew that guy had family. At least not someone this young.


The red sky erupted as she carried him off to the Yakame home. Yakame Daikyo, the old man who lived there, he should know this boy. She arrived at the small box house. There was a larger addition to its back, maybe a garage. As she approached she saw the old man on the path sweeping.

Daikyo: Did he try to kill himself again? How'd he get KO'd though?

Girl: I, um, hit him.

Daikyo: Thanks for bringing him back. You're of the Darama family yes?

Her family, the Darama's, they were known for having a part in founding the town. So many knew her family, and so her. She usually wasn't considered a Darama though. She looked nothing like the others in her family. She liked looking different though.

Girl: Yes I am sir Daikyo. I'm Nao.

Daikyo: Thanks for bringing the fool back Nao.

Nao: Is this boy related to you?

Daikyo: This would be my grandson.

Nao: I heard the Yakame had no more than you. I've never seen this boy before too. Plus, he did drop three stories breaking his neck, and then stood to insult me.

Daikyo: You're right. He's not related to me.

Boy: Tell her the truth then. Tell her who I am.

He was fully awake now. That pretty human girl had brought him here. Of course she had hit him, but it was with good intentions. He had been awake for a long time, probably since the moment she started lugging him home. He had been frozen by her kindness. He never had seen someone help another like she had.

Daikyo: Are you sure Loki?

Loki: Go ahead. It doesn't matter to me. Tell the human girl who I am.

Daikyo: Lady Nao, you might find this strange, but this is Loki. The god.

Nao: The Norse god?! C'mon don't joke.

Old man must be crazy from being hermit-like all these years. This guy wouldn't be a god. Why does he pose as one though? Wait. She watched him fall and die earlier. Then just get back up like it was nothing.

Nao: He is?

Loki: Now begone mortal. We banished gods like to not be bothered.

Nao: Banished gods?

He had been banished from his home. He missed his home Valhalla. It was a great place. The reason he had been banished for had been humiliating though. He would never tell this pathetic human.

Daikyo: He was banished for misbehaving.

Nao: Uh, I gotta go.

No way was Loki a god. He was just lucky today. If he were a god, why try committing suicide? What kind of god gets thrown out for misbehavior? These two guys must think she's gullible. She would run, never to see these two again.

Loki: The female is skeptical.

Daikyo: It was your father Odin who placed you here with me. So, stop this suicide garbage.

Loki: Why don't you just tell me the way! The one way that I can die.


Was it good? I'm not sure of the change in my writing style. I don't think I'll continue this though.