I close my eyes,
I feel peace flow over me,
Like a blanket,
Warm and comforting,
And yet cool like a mountain spring,
Growing and flowing stronger with each breath I take,
As I meditate.

Colours ripple across my vision,
Green and purple, white and blue,
I empty my mind and welcome them in,
Allowing them to take away my thoughts
And feelings, allowing the swirling colours to take,
My spirit souring, reaching high,
As I meditate.

I listen to the rhythmic beating,
Of my heart as I gently persuade,
My lungs to steady my rapid breathing,
Gentle breaths caress my lips,
Quivering in the candle-scented air,
I settle into a tranquil state,
As I meditate.

I feel the power flowing forth,
From the crystal in my hands,
I feel the Magick all around,
From the rock in which the crystal grew,
The water that helped it to form, the air that hardened it,
From the fire that burns inside me, in some hidden grate,
As I meditate.