When you needed help
I was there
But now I wonder
Did you even care?
When you asked me for a favor
I was there to do it, right?
But when I was in need
You were never in sight
I trusted you
And shared my secrets
Until I heard you gossip
For me that was the pits
I stayed true
I was loyal
I helped you through
All this turmoil
And what did I get
From you in return?
Absolutely nothing
Just thoughts that make my insides burn
I thought you were my friend
But as it turns out
You're nothing but a backstabber
All your trust is now in doubt
You being the parasite
Made me the host
You took the trust out of me
Which bugged me the most
You took advantage of me
You so-called friend
Well go pick on someone else
This friendship has come to an end