[Chapter 1: Lifestyles of the Rich]

She really didn't want to go to school. Especially not a prep school where everyone wore uniforms and consisted mainly of rich spoiled brats. Cracking her knuckles loudly, she scowled fiercely. And besides that, she was probably the only student who had to walk to school. Again the question that had been bothering her for a long time came up again. [Why the hell did my parents want to move to this prepville?]

It probably wasn't her father's fault that he had been transferred to a different branch but nevertheless, Tomo hated the changes that suddenly had occurred in her life. First, she had been wrenched from her happy la-la-land and planted in a foreign place where your existence depended on your family wealth. Tomo Watashi hated her life at the moment. Nothing was going right.

She finally came to the school and stared at the glass windows. The whole place reeked of MONEY and basically screamed that it was one of the most prestigious schools in the country. Tomo looked once more at herself; the uniform actually didn't look half as bad as she thought it would on her. But she still stubbornly thought that the uniform was butt-ugly and she wished death ninefolds to the person who thought that plaid skirts were 'cute'.

The main entrance of Nova Academy was incredibly grand and led to the headmaster's office. Bracing herself for the worst possible situation that could occur, Tomo adjusted her uniform *one* last time and started putting one foot in front of another.

"Tomo Watashi," she said politely to the secretary. " The headmaster wanted to see me. Is he here?" The secretary merely nodded and smiled a professional smile which she probably had practiced in front of the mirror every day.

Tomo spotted the gold plaque that hung on the headmaster's door. Words were engraved on it but she didn't bother to read it. Knocking tentatively and then receiving a muffled 'come in', she stepped into the office and shut the door behind her. When she started to speak, her jaw fell open at the headmaster and her eyes nearly bulged out.

The headmaster was to say, very young in his late twenties. But that wasn't the only thing, he turned out to be drop-dead gorgeous and Tomo almost had a heart attack. He looked like a model on G.Q. except so much more handsome with the whole 'pretend to be scholarly' look. The headmaster's pure silver blonde hair was long enough to be pulled back in a loose ponytail and the light blue eyes sparkled behind a pair of silver framed glasses.

[Be still my heart] Tomo thought as she finally managed to smile weakly and murmur something inaudible. The headmaster merely smiled cheerfully at her and gestured to the empty seat in front of him. She sat down, grateful for something to hold onto.

"I presume that you are Tomo Watashi?" the headmaster's voice was soft but held a faint England accent. Tomo nodded her head before giving him a small smile. " I'm the headmaster- you probably know that already. I'm usually known as Professor Kronos. From your past records, it seems like you're a highly gifted student almost on the border of genius. Nova Academy is delighted to receive such a bright young person like you. Your entrance exams have placed you in second place among everyone who took it, so we made sure that all of your classes were highly advanced."

"Besides that, here is your schedule. Homeroom's starting in about half an hour and I assigned you an escort. Like someone to tour you around the school. He should be waiting for you at homeroom. "

Then the professor flashed her one last brilliant dazzling smile and Tomo felt numb, before he ushered her out of the room.

Tomo left his office, decidedly dazed and still slightly confused.

"Oh, what the hell," she muttered under her breath and started walking towards the elevator. Her eyes almost popped out as she stared at it and poked at it expectantly. " They have elevators? This is so damn unfair! We never had elevators! WAHHH~!"

She started jabbing at the button and cackling evilly as the elevator gave a delicate 'ding!' and she got on. After getting off her floor, she swerved the corner and arrived at her homeroom door. Swallowing nervously, she reached her hand out towards it before snatching it back. Poor Tomo had a dilemma there.

"ARGH! I'm so frickin' nervous, I'm afraid that I'm gonna fall flat on my face and then everyone's going to start laugh at me," Tomo rambled to herself and then she added to herself. " Eeek! I wonder if everyone there are super snobby or rich brats. Grr...the teacher's probably going to slaughter me alive-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Her last remark was cut off when the door suddenly swung up and hit her in the face.

"Ugh..." was her only response when she heard faint laughter before suddenly being pulled up from the ground. Then she felt herself being dragged into the homeroom. Bracing herself for the laughter of the whole class, she squinted her eyes closed tightly.

"um, this is Tomo Watashi our new student," Tomo peeked her eyes open to see a pretty brunette woman teaching the class. She looked in her early twenties and had a sweet smile for Tomo when she added, " We've been waiting for you. We were afraid that you got lost."

Tomo felt guilty- for a moment. " Ahaha, yeah, I got lost *mumble* Er, sorry for making you people wait for me."

"-yeah, you stayed by the door for quite a while," a voice came softly towards her with mild contempt. Tomo jerked her head to the speaker, the same young man that had dragged her into the room and *accidentally* hit her in the face with the door.

[Grr...I'll get you for that!] Tomo thought and rubbed her hands together evilly, willing to think up of an ingenious plan to annihilate the annoyance. Then her attention turned to the teacher again, since the woman was smiling and patting Tomo on her shoulder.

"Tomo, meet Krad! He's going to be your study-buddy and your escorte for the day! I probably forgot to mention to you that we all have study buddies. (^^) It's a fun way to get to know other people and help each other. Each of your study buddies is on the same academic level as you. I've been waiting for a while to find someone that could complement Krad! I think you will do," the teacher said cheerily as she shook Tomo's hand vigorously. " There's an extra seat next to him so you can sit there."

Tomo cast a wild look for Krad and immediately spotted him, but not before uttering a mental oath involving frogs and whatnot. You'd be able to spot him immediately amongst everyone else. Tomo sniffled in contempt as she surveyed him. Krad had elegance that most of the guys lacked and a lanky figure that suited him well. His blonde highlighted light brown hair was artistically rumpled as if he'd just got of a motorcycle and the dark eyes were faintly mocking.

His hair style gave him a rugged bad-boy look, coming past his earlobes slightly. All in all, Krad still had a feminine style to him that Tomo adored and worshiped. But the girl told herself that Krad was nothing compared to Legolas or Elijah Woods. Yet while most of the guys looked weird in the uniform (like this one guy looked like a dork), Krad had improvised to suit his own tastes.

The scarlet tie was loosely tied and almost out of the knot and his shirt buttons was opened slightly. He'd ditched the uniform jacket; it hung behind his chair. Besides that, he was wearing combat boots and Tomo noted that he had a silver stud in one ear.

[I wasn't staring, I wasn't staring, right?] Tomo scolded herself harshly. [Just because he's such a pretty boy doesn't make it right for him to walk all over you. Wait- HE'S NOT A PRETTY BOY! Oh, what the hell. Even if he *was* a pretty boy, which he is you shouldn't be looking!]

"You're staring," Krad whispered before smirking arrogantly. "Naughty, naughty Watashi."

Tomo gave him the evil eye with a whispered remark, " I was not! Don't be so dratted arrogant. You make me sick."

He merely quirked an eyebrow and Tomo turned her head in the other direction with a decidedly loud sniff. Krad ignored the gesture and returned to taking something out of a manilla envelope and examining it carefully. Tomo noted that during homeroom, people could do almost whatever they wanted. There was one girl chewing bubblegum and popping it loudly. Her hair was dyed a funky bright orange and she was about the same height as Tomo, which wasn't really saying anything.

Tomo started walking towards her before settling in a chair next to hers. " You people get to chew gum?"

The girl smiled before popping it chewing again. " Professor Saiki doesn't really care you know. She's like the best teacher you could ever ask for. She's young, and there's rumors that she's been dating Professor Kronos but no one knows for sure. What do you think of him?"

"Me?" Tomo pointed to herself and the girl nodded her head. " I think he's hot."

The girl smiled before patting Tomo. " I think so too. I'm Mya, nice to meetcha. I feel so sorry for you! You have to have Krad as your escort." Mya then rolled her eyes. " He is so frickin' annoying!"

"You think so too? I was afraid that you'd tell me he was like super popular or something," Tomo said breathing out in relief. Mya giggled before adding, " He is."


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