Silent we suffer
Secretly I want to see you
And silently I love you
But I wait in darkness despite
Until you drag me to the light
I know you love me
I feel your love
I feel your arms embrace me tight
But still I feel that I must fight
.And keep from me, the light
The light is my resting-place
There's no darkness; there's no pain
Where my soul is free
.Loose Naivete
The darkness is my hell
No one understands
Flames surround.devour me
Keep my spirit trapped, yet no one's there to see

Why must I watch from the dark

When all I love is in the light
Why must I torture my soul?
Whilst it my heart grows, to be so cold

I love what's in the light
It's not for me; I don't deserve it
A lie.everything you were told
The smile on my face is only a pose

What hurts me the most
Is not in the darkness I must wait
But this love, from the start I know
It was never to blossom, never to grow

You are in the light
Offering your gracious hand
I take it for a minute or so
But then, as always I let go

It's one thing I can't stand.
To hold.