The moon illuminates the small space around her, as Celia moves through the dense fog. She searches for her lost path only to find more of the blinding white fog. The utter silence within the mist is deafening to Celia's ears, it drives into her temples, banging her eardrums "HELP!!!" she couldn't handle it, she had to scream, "HELP ME". Nothing, no sound but the intake and exhalation of each of her rasping breaths. Standing perfectly still, Celia waited, hoping for response. When none came, Celia gathered her energy and ran, fast as she could in one direction, hoping to find her way on it. Her frantic steps wavered, as her energy and tired body gave out on her. Leaving Celia exhausted and broken, on the uneven earth.

"Who's there? Why are you here?" inquired a mysterious voice.
"I'm here, Celia. I was lost in the fog! Please can you help me?" Celia pleaded.
"How can I help you? No one finds their way out of fog this dense you must wait here, with me. Don't worry I won't leave you, I won't ever go away" the voice comforted.
"Can you come nearer? Can I see you?" Celia replied
"You can not see me, not yet" the voice hastily put in, "But maybe we will meet in person sooner than you think. But. please tell me all about yourself."
"I tell you about me, but I'm nothing special."

Celia spoke about her life for a few hours, answering each of the voices' many questions. While she spoke the fog did not lift. Instead it grew stronger and stronger. Celia thought it might as well be night.

The voice never revealed anything about itself. It sounded old, and possibly female, but most of all it sounds oddly like dirt and earth, if it had the ability to speak.

After many hours Celia's body cried for sleep. As Celia thought this the voice called out to Celia "You should sleep, I'll wake you if the fog lifts, or help turns up. I'm sure your family is worried by now." Celia fell asleep before she could finish.

"Celia, come to your mother. Where have you been, we were so worried. Quinn came by looking for you; he was so concerned when we said you were missing. Most of all your father went out for you, I've been beside myself in grief, if I ever lost you." Celia's mother started to cry out.
"Mom, I don't even know how I got back, but am I ever glad to be back, I was all alone with this horrible voice, talking to me!" Celia whimpered out onto her mother's supple shoulder.
"My voice is not so horrible" her mother muttered.
"What mom?" Celia said staring in horror as she looked into mother's face, only to see it vanish into a ghastly rotting face. Celia could only scream in misery.

The sound of her screaming shattered her from her dream, back into an even more sickening sight. A green vapour was hovering inches off Celia's limp body. Paralysed with fear the mist entered into her body, consuming all of her energy in one loud roar.

"You can't take her. She's mine!" the voice screamed, "She's practically useless now. Look what you've done! When the time comes you now have to be part of all of this!" the voice shrieked.

The voice yelled at the mist for hours as Celia regained little of her strength back, "How could you do this, you Stupid asshole! You knew she was mine!" The voice raged without stop. When Celia could slowly lifted herself up. "Who are you?" Celia demanded.

"You don't know? You really never figured out any of this did you?" the voice questioned.
"I don't know what you mean! Why are you doing this? I want to go home. Please let me go! I want to go home to my family and to Quinn. All I want is to get out of all this stupid fog, . now!" Celia cried and screamed out.
"Soon, You will forget all about them, as we all eventually do!" the voice calmly replied to Celia, "Mist. Take your spot. This is the time when all becomes revealed".

The mist stands beside Celia, and takes the shadow of her form. Slowly receiving a reflection of what Celia looked like. Staring with unnatural eyes into hers. Celia was almost consumed by them when the voice finally came into view. She was the decaying shell, of who Celia once was.

"Now you must understand -"
"But I don't know anything! All I know is that I have to get home. I don't want to be lost here with you, you vile beings! Let me go!!" Celia cried out, as she crumpled down.

The other beings mimicked her and fell to the ground. Apparently in astonishment of how they got there.
"Stop it! You'll lose the bond between us. You have to understand everything before we can finish this! Celia, look at me listen to me!! I am your body-"
"No stop it, you're not me! -"
"But I am! You died in this fog fifty years ago! Your drive to find your way out kept us trapped here! Don't you see! We have to finish this now!" The voice plainly said.
"No I didn't die. I was going to marry Quinn. We were going to be so happy. You can't take tell me I'll never have this! I don't remember dying! How could you know and not me!" Celia shrieked.
"We walked right into the ravine. We died instantly. But you, soul, left our broken body and never found your way out of this continuous fog. Speaking of Fog. You thought you could trap her here; never let us find each other! Finally we can end this pointless reality." the voice yelled.
"I don't think the girl wishes to die. Leave here alone Ailec. She wants to stay here with me. When I robbed her energy, I knew as much! She'll never accept what you have said. And I really don't mind staying here for eternity with you two, as eventually your body ends, but we stay forever. I can torment her ceaselessly. You can't do anything about it Ailec. This is how she has chosen her afterlife." the mist spoke.
"I don't want to stay with either of you," Celia yelled "I never wish to see or hear you ever again!"

With this Celia ran, she ran from her broken body, and the energy trapped in the fog. They had to reach her, to finish their ghostly trinity. Never looking back. They run forward towards nothingness and despair. Crossing through towns while spreading their gloom. The fog blankets them; a reminder to Celia of her denied death.