Love is hidden in an Apple Core
Love is a beautiful word,
But it is the most missed used word
in the english language!
The reason why is because people
use it in the wrong ways,
"I love apples" one might say.
Great, but once you're done eating it,
you throw it away.
But two loves ( the greatest ones)
must be spoken of.
The first is the love of God,
he sees our foolish love of apples
and cares about it, as we don't.
He picks up the core and plants it.
As he gently cares for it,
it starts to grow.
Patiently he sees it begins to flourish
into a tree of love.
He stays with the tree,
always there to help the tree
in its needs.
The second is the love we all seek.
When you eat a juicy, red apple and finish it,
but when you look into the core,
you see only the life of love in the seeds.
So you plant the seed as God would,
and water and feed the seed as God does for you.
Slowly the seed becomes a tree of love, but it takes
patience in your love for it to grow. The tree also
needs trust in God for it to become a strong tree.
The most beautiful trees of love thrive in the hard times
and in the quiet times of life.
The tree if grown with God's help and yours
will stand forever.
You may say these two loves are the same,
but God loves us completely before we find
the cores of apples.
And we love completely we we find the cores
with God's help. That's why all the people
in the world should heed this warning of truth,
Love is Hidden in an Apple Core.