The Conflict

The gentle breeze

It washes over me

As I sit and think of you.

I hate you.

Outside you are close

Inside you are far.

I love to smile

When you take over the thoughts in my head.

But after awhile, the memories are dead.

Now they are returning,

I don't know what to think

Speak or do.

But I hate you.

Trying to guess what is inside that mind of yours

How much is there to lose?

I've been hurt before,

So do I really want to know the truth?

What can I say to you?

I am afraid.

The words held in my heart

Locked in a cage of fire

Never to be set free

How do you see me?

The pounding in my chest

Cannot lie

But I hate you.

I have broken before.

I am afraid.

I'm elated

One wish to just get close

One wish just to see

Should I take out the key?

Let loose all feeling

Flood the Earth with my secrets

But I hate you.

I am afraid.

The desire

Twists and turns in my mind

Will not leave again

My heart flutters

As it dreams

And beats.


So strong,

Cannot deny

The emotion in my soul.

But I hate you.

I am free,

I am lifted,


I am afraid.

I like you.

I want you.