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Title: The Odd Couple

Chapter Fourteen


" You WHAT?!" Tawny smacked her hands down on the desk in irritation. Her blue eyes lit with anger and frustration caused by her sister. She groaned loudly and clutched at her black streaked hair.

" I kissed her and left, Tawn. I couldn't stay there any longer, not with that damn happy portrait of them looming over, and she was being stubborn! What was I suppose to do?!" Harper glared, she didn't see any other option available at the time. Pru would never have listened anyways.

" Harper, oh my god! Damn, you are stupid sometimes! You had a chance to get back with Pru! Even if she was still grieving! Harper….your so stupid!" Tawny smacked her raven haired sibling on the head and stomped out of the room. There was nothing more the sixteen year old could do.

" How does she know? She's never even had a date!…" Harper put her head in her hands. The back of mind was screaming that the blonde was right.

Two weeks after returning to New York, Tawny had come to stay with Harper for a week of vacation from annoying high school life. Neither Andy or her younger sister had bothered her with the whole scene in England. Until now, when Tawny finally asked what the hell had happened, in those words too. Needless to say, the blonde hadn't applauded the ending.

Harper pushed back in her desk, she could here Tawny banging around on the first floor of the apartment in frustration. Pru was important to Tawny, as a sister, and as someone who made her sister happy. It seemed she had dashed the teenager's dreams.

" Damn it all…." A loud thunck filled the room as Harper's head fell on the desk.

Willow swiveled from the computer and over to the lamp desk where she was working on a dress design. It was really lovely, but it was only being made for Pru. One of a kind. Then the computer beeped.

" You've got mail." Came the monotone voice of the mailbox. She swiveled back and clicked open her mailbox. A letter had just arrived from her secret pen pal.

" Dear Will, I've got news! And a sure fire plan…" Willow's eyes lit up at the message and deleted it after reading the rest.

" If it works, life will be good again…I hope it works!"

Willow jumped out of her chair, shut off her computer, and ran for her keys. She had to see Pru, and she had to see her now.


" Mrs. Carlson?" Wayne looked on at the dazed mistress of Carlson Manor. Pru was just sitting at the window, watching the drizzling rain outside with a frown on her lips. Confusion and unmade decisions dwelled in her evergreen eyes and Wayne had to call her name again.

" Mrs. Carlson?" This time she snapped too. Third times a charm.

" Oh, yes Wayne?" The daze never left her eyes completely, but she was on this plane of reality now.

" Mrs. Javenson is here to see you."

" Bring her in please." Pru smiled faintly and looked back out the tall window.

" Yes ma'am."

A minute later, the door to the private parlor opened. In came Willow with a small smile. Her hair was wet as usual with the rain. She walked over and took a seat on the window bench next to Pru.

" What are you doing here Will? I thought you were spending the day with Jason and MaryJane?" Pru didn't look away from the window, the dark clouds keeping a strong hold on her eyes.
" Well, their grandmother came and whisked them away." Willow made fluttering movements with her hands, but Pru made no move to see.

" Pru…What are you going to do?"

" What do you mean?"

" What about Harper?"

" What about her?"

" You still love her, right?"

" Who knows, it's been ten long years. Would you go back to her in my situation?" Now Pru looked at her, tearing her eyes from the clouds.

" Yes, if I was. Because I know you still love her. You weren't out of it for the rest of the night over nothing. She sparked life back into you. Harper always did. She was the only one who could." Willow held a pleading look in her eyes. Why wouldn't Pru just let go of all the pain?

" She was not the only one! Chris, do you remember him? I loved, love, him! I married him! He sparked life into me again. Why are you stomping on his memory?" The anger flashed in the dark green. Willow cringed.

" Fine, I'm sorry! But, anyways, I came to tell you about your father."

" What? Did something happen to him?" The anger left and concern took over.

" No, no. He emailed me and said he was worried. He wants you to come visit since he hasn't seen Evan since the funeral. Go see him, ease his mind." Pru just looked away, but the blue eyed woman could tell she was thinking about it.

" What if Harper's in Naples?"

" She's running a company, do you think she'll be in Naples? Do you know how many building's are built during the spring months?" Willow smiled when Pru nodded. She had succeeded.

" Alright, fine. I'll go see my father."


" So, Tawny, this is it." Harper shifted from foot to foot, as her, Andrea, and Tawny waited for the blonde's plane to call for it's passengers.

" Yep. I'll miss you guys too." Tawny hugged them both before picking up her carry on bag.

" OH! Almost forgot, silly me! Harper, here's your plane ticket." Andy handed over the blue ticket with a wide smile. Harper blinked in confusion.

" What? I can't go to Naples." Harper tried to hand it back.

" Oh, yes you can. Adrienne and I have taken care of everything! Business, suit cases, tickets, all done. Now, you guys better go before you miss the plane!" Andy grinned as the call for their flight was paged.

" Oook, so why am I going?" Harper resisted tugging from Tawny.

" Well, I've been exchanging emails with Willow, and Pru is in Naples. So, tada! Your going! Now shoo!" Andrea pushed them along and watched them board the plane slowly.

" Will, I would have never known you get her down there. Let's hope this works."


" Grandpa!" Evan rushed through the doors of the plantation house, jumping into a bear hug with his grandfather.

" Evan! Oh my, you look bigger! So much like your father!" George Ashton smiled and kissed the top of his seven year old grandson's head. The boy just giggled and snuck away into the living room.

" Prudence! You look wonderful!" George hugged his daughter tight, kissing her cheek. He had missed his only child a lot since her permanent move to England.

" Hello Daddy, you look wonderful too! Still think your old?" She smiled and walked into the living room, tugging him along.

George Ashton was not considered old. Even with a twenty-eight year old daughter and seven year old grandson. He was only forty-five. George was still fit, had all his thick dark chestnut hair, and going as strong as ever with his firm. He was also up to date on the happenings of his daughter's life. George knew Harper had been revealed as the architect who built the orphanage. And Pru the widow of Chris Carlson, who contracted Harper in the first place. He even knew the exact reason as to why Pru was in Naples right now. It wasn't to fix his worries. Of which he had none in the first place.

" Oh, the jetlag must have caught up with him." Pru smiled and went to pick up her son. Evan had dozed off the minute he had sat down on the evergreen couch.

" It seems so. Why don't you both go up stairs and sleep?"

" That's a good idea Daddy. We'll wake up for dinner." Pru kissed his cheek and carried Evan and herself up the grand staircase.


Harper felt extremely nervous. What would she do when she saw Pru? There were so many things that could go wrong here. But, Tawny had forced her to the beach. And so here they stood. Clad in black bikinis and standing in the sand.

" Harper let's pick a spot already. Come on Mac." Tawny gestured for Mac to follow her closer to the waves and set the blanket five feet from rushing salt water. Mac barked and started to dig as Tawny set up the umbrella and beach blanket.

" Harper? Come on, she's not here yet." Tawny flagged her over and started to take off her jean short shorts. The teenager had waited all day to get out of school for this. But it didn't mean she couldn't bask in the sun.

" Alright, but keep a look out. I don't want to miss them." Harper had received a call from Mr. Ashton telling her to come to the beach at three. It amazed her that even he was in on the plan.


" Sand sand sand sand…." Evan happily swung his bucket and merrily sung his song. Pru and his grandfather laughed behind him.

" Evan, right here is good. Why don't you build a big sand castle for your grandfather?" Pru smiled and spread out their blanket. Evan nodded enthusiastically and dropped to the sand to start on his project.

" Wow, I haven't been to the beach since last week. It's nice out isn't it?" George smiled at his daughter as he spread her special sunscreen on her back.

" Yes, it is." Pru turned around to spread the sunscreen on her father's own sensitive skin. When she was done, they laid back, and watched Evan dig.

" You know, let's all go looking for shells to decorate the castle with?"

" But it's not finished Grandpa." Evan looked up from his moat.

" Well, what if someone tramples it before we get back with them? You'd have to start all over!" George dusted the sand from his trunks and held out his hand for Evan's. The little boy just shrugged and took the offered hand.

" Come on mum! Let's go!"

" Okay, let's go!" Pru took his other hand and they started down to the water to search for shells.


" Hey! There they are!" Tawny turned her sister's head towards the waves and pointed out Pru, Mr. Aston, and a little boy she guessed was Pru's son.

" Yep, that's her…" Harper felt mesmerized. She'd forgotten how good Pru looked in a bikini.

" Come on! Let's get up behind them!"

Suddenly Harper was off the blanket, her arm hurt, and she was being dragged down to the water. Harper tore her arm back and followed slowly, making sure the trio was quite a bit a head of them before catching up. She didn't want to be seen. Harper had heard that Pru was still as agile and strong as ever. The beauty could easily get away from her.

" Well? Go!" Tawny whispered, poking Harper's side. Mac yipped quietly along side them.

" I'm going!"


" Mummy? What do you think of this one?" Evan held up a very black shell, shaped like a wing. Pru looked it over and nodded. Evan tossed it in his bucket.

" Pru?" Pru turned around at the sound of her name.

Immediately she felt the strong arm around her waist. The soft curves she remembered so well. And the soft, full lips pressed to her own. The kiss overwhelmed her rational thoughts and she remained numb for a few seconds. Slowly her eyes drifted shut.

Harper felt no response for several seconds. Pru simple let her hold her increasingly close, their bodies meshing together as they once did before. As she was about to pull away, a hand grabbed at the back of her head and the kiss became more passionate than Harper could have hoped.

" Mummy!" Evan tried to go after his mother. Anger swelled in him, he felt the need to protect his only parent. It wasn't everyday that some woman, albeit very beautiful woman, came up, and just started kissing your mother. Two strong arms grabbed him. Evan looked up into the smiling eyes of his grandfather.

" Grandpa! Let me go! What about mummy?!" He whined and tried to wrestle himself away. George shook his head.

" Everything's fine Evan. This woman loves your mother more than anyone ever has. Your mother needs her." The older man patted the curly mass on his head.

" Daddy loved her, didn't he?"

" Yes, he did Evan. You'll understand when your older." George just chuckled and the kiss finally broke. Evan pouted, he was old!

Pru looked breathless. Her eyes stayed closed after Harper's lips left hers. She would be lying if later Pru said it wasn't the highlight of her day. Harper simply stared at Pru's face. Smiling at her handy work. She had given many a breathless kiss, but none of them affected her too. Their hearts were beating rapidly and the tingle swept through their bodies. Pru opened her eyes and they were dark with some emotion rising to the surface. She stared back at Harper with. Harper started to let loose her hold on the beauty's waist when a hand stopped her.

" No. Let's stay just like this for a little while." Pru sighed and put her arms around Harper's waist too. She rested her head just above Harper's beating heart. Her eyes closed with a contented smile on her face.

" That works for me." Harper just grinned and placed her head on the dark chestnut locks.


Two years later - 2016


Harper took the back stairs up to the 'Andy Room' where everyone was waiting for her. This was the grand opening of Andrea Webb's newest club: The OC. Harper stopped a second and laughed at the name. Andrea had seemed to think it was perfect, just because it stood for 'The Odd Couple'. The blonde had said that that was what her and Pru were, the odd couple. None of the dancers who danced, or the drinkers who drunk knew what the name stood for.

The door to the Andy Room was the brightest, most violent shade of purple Harper had ever seen. She blinked and looked away from the door as it swung open to reveal all her friends. All of them were laughing and most looked up when she walked in.

" Hey! Harper! You made it finally!" Andy grinned from her perch on a padded ledge. One shade on the large glass windows was down, all the rest were up. Andy had made Harper reconstruct this room specifically for them all, where they could watch the dancers, and not have to hear the blaring music. Plus, the kids could come up too. An important reason to have the room since Andy wouldn't go anywhere with out her terrible two's.

" Yea, well I had to finish the blue print of this new office building on the east side." Harper grinned back and took her seat beside her wife, Pru Levine.

" Hey love." Harper kissed her quickly and patted Evan on his head.

" Hello dear." Pru grinned and bounced the weight on her knee. Then the weight was taken away from her and she frowned.

" Harper, give me back my-" Pru was cut short with a chaste kiss.

" She's my baby too. Right, my little Robyn?" Robyn simply giggled and laughed with her little round face. Pru snatched her one year old back.

" I wish I had one now…" Adrienne looked over all the babies and one kid, meaning Evan, in the room. Even Mac looked like a sad bachelor. He rolled over onto his back, bored.

" Aw, Adrienne. You want one of mine?" Andy gestured to Kellsie and Jack, who at the moment were racing around the room giggling.

"…Uhhhh, not quite…I just want one." Adrienne watched them race and a horrified look crossed over his face. Andy's kids just never sat down.

" They all go through the terrible two phase Adrie, even Evan." Pru put an arm around her boy and Evan looked up from his videogame. They all started to laugh as Mac was pounced on by the twins.

Adrienne groaned.


Harper and Pru had decided on marriage after only a few months of their fixed relationship. The pair had been married in one of the beautiful gardens of the plantation house. Pru wore a dress made by Willow. She had decided by herself that they should take only Harper's last name. It seemed easier to her.

Prudence Levine handed over Carlson Manor to Christopher's brother Taylor until Evan was old enough to decide what to do with it. She then left England for New York and started a law firm with Adrienne, who had recently passed the bar. Evan hated leaving his home country, but soon came to love New York, and his new parent. He simply called her Harper, and she didn't mind.

Not to long after the marriage did Harper and Pru want a baby. They searched long and hard for the perfect willing man. His name was Walter Reeves. His hair was raven black, his eyes were a bright blue. Walter met with them, just to smooth any worries that the odd couple had about his personality. Pru ended up going through the pregnancy since Harper was unable to bare any children. But, all had gone well. Robyn was born August ninth, 2015. She had wavy raven hair and evergreen eyes. Her face was like a button and her skin was just barely tan. Pru and Harper were happy. And Mac, well, Mac only received the best treatment for bringing them together in the first place.

And life went on.


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