The Barrier

Still it's the same
playin' the old game
of see and want
of can and can't

Yet the can't is always there
my one and overwhelming barrier
Why am I the only one with a soul
unable to play an animals role

What's this force inside of me
Pulling me off course
What's this might breaking me
Staining my own lores

My soul's bent, wanting to scream
yet staying comatose is so safe
Dissolving me and my dream
my body's like a cold gray grave

the abyss between you'n me
that I don't want to see

I'm no animal
can't as usual

See it as a weakness
See it as a strength
I hate lifes cheapness
measured by penis length

Is it what we are
that I'm disgusted off
A barrier so far
Can't reply an animals love

When I close my eyes
I start to realize
It's all a cheap trick
It all makes me sick