The path you walk may be hard and long
The path you follow may seem oh so wrong
But like a river flows,
your precious life goes
on and on without a rest
on and on, with no rest

Keep your tired head up high
follow the clouds in the sky
For they don't know where they go
they don't know what life will show
But wherever a cloud sends its tears
there is someone with a heart who hears

In spring when flowers are in bloom
when sweet scent stalks your mind
It may seem as an oh so bitter doom
For there are many vivid ways to find
So who has to guide you on your way
when your yearning heart went astray

Keep your tired head up high
no matter how hard you sigh
One thing's always there for you
not all those hollow lies
not all those wulfs in disguise
One thing's coming through

Clear like the truth
Clean like the light
An entity so bright
The fountain of youth