"Yeon, are you still playing that game?" asked an elegant dressed girl, the girl's green eyes stared in surprised at a younger girl who was sitting in front of the TV set playing a game.
The girl on the floor, paused the game and looked up at her roommate, she wore old, blue jeans that were way too long for her height, and a male's dark blue, dragon shirt. Her hair was very long and uncombed dark brown, her eyes scanned her roommate and blinked "Where are you going?" she asked in puzzlement.
"Oh Yeon, what am I going to do with you, I already told you about a million times, I'm going on a date. Also don't forget a group of our friends are coming over to play games with us."
"Oh yeah!" she exclaimed in happiness. "Shoot! That means I have to get change, wash up, and whatnot soon. I would have to pause my game. So what time do you think you'll be back, Kate?"
"Let me think, probably around noon or one," she replied. "So what do you think of my dress?" The girl twirled for Yeon to see the whole outfit. The dress was of a pink color with sparkles in some areas, tight fitting on the upper part of the dress and fanned out a bit at the bottom, which ended at her knees. The neck of the dress was a low v-neck that had a lot of sparkles around it; to match the sparkles there, Kate put some glitter on her chest and neck. The sleeves were made out of a see-through material that was pink, it was long and fanned down a lot, and it basically covered her whole hand and more. She wore pink high heels and had her hair down with pink ribbons weaving in it, also sprayed in glitter.
Yeon's mouth dropped open wondering how much it cost, it was so pretty she even wanted one, "It's wonderful! Where did you get it? I want one."
"It's a secret!" laughed Kate, teasing her friend as usual. Yeon pouted and sighed sadly. "Fine, fine, I'll tell you later, when I get back from my date, ok?" Yeon nodded her head and waved bye to her roommate as she leaves.
"Now to pause my game and take a quick shower. After that I can get change and play some more!" She exclaimed as she ran into her bedroom, collecting all her bath items, and then ran into the bathroom to take a quick shower.
After her quick shower was done, she got changed into a girly, pink, low v-neck shirt and tight blue jeans that flared a bit at the bottom. She put on some make-up and fixed up her long, dark brown hair into a braid, weaving over and under till she reached the bottom of her hair and tied a rubber band at the end of it. She then ran back to her game and played some more.
An hour later, Kate came back from her date and walked into the family room area seeing her roommate still playing the game, "You're still playing that game? Well, at least you got changed and all. It surprises me that you want to be a game programmer, but you do nothing to learn about it."
"I don't want to be a game programmer, I want to be the one that makes up the storyline of the game," she replied as she stared at the TV screen like a zombie. "I play the games so I can see what the games are more like nowadays."
"Don't start making excuses for your addiction to game play, Yeon. Well anyways, our friends should be here any minute," right when Kate was done with her sentence, the door bell rang. She answered it and a few of their friends smiled at her happily.
"Kate!" yelled one of the guys and hugged her gently. He was a bit taller than Yeon, who was short for her age as well; his hair was brown that was a little passed his ears and earthy brown eyes. He wore a dark blue shirt that seemed really long on him like two sizes too big and sort of loose, baggy, blue jeans, you couldn't even see his shoes. "Where's Yeon?" Kate pointed to the seemingly lifeless body in the family room area.
He quietly walked into the room where the body was, walked right behind it and then hugged it, "AH! Get it off of me!" shouted Yeon as she quickly paused the game. She struggled to get out of its grip but couldn't.
"You know you like me holding you like this," he whispered in her ear.
"Das!" she yelled. "Let go of me!"
"Das, please stop that, you're going to cause her to make the neighbors mad," a taller guy laughed. His hair was about shoulder length, maybe even more, that was white that shimmered in the light as he walked, and he wore a white button up, long, sleeved shirt and boot-cut, dark jeans that seemed very new. As he walked, his black boots hit the floor and then they stopped as he faced Yeon and Das.
"Why do you guys have to be so mean?" she asked as she finally got out of Das' grip, she got up, ran passed Das and the other guy and then into her room.
"Way to go, Blane," said a female voice, the body that owned the voice sat down on the loveseat that faced the TV. She glared at the two guys for awhile before she spoke again, "You know how easily she's been getting upset lately and here you two are upsetting her. You know what Kate's been telling us over the phone, so why?" Her body shifted a little as she tried to sit comfortable in the seat as she stared at them, she wore a short, black, jean dress that had red Japanese characters on the one side and a red shirt to match that basically had no shoulders to it, but still had the sleeves and wasn't too low. Her high heels were black and dangled on her feet as she crossed the one leg over the other.
"We were just goofing off," replied the taller one of the two and then Kate shortly walked in not really knowing what happened since she was getting something out of the kitchen.
"What's going on?" puzzled Kate.
"They were teasing Yeon after what you told them," answered the girl as she stood up. "I'll go talk to her, ok?"
"I don't think that would be a good idea, Kate, to send Seiko," stated Blane.
"Well it's better than sending you two to talk to Yeon," replied Kate and then she nodded to the other female.
Seiko walked away from the group, down the hall, and into Yeon's bedroom. She closed the door behind her softly and walked over to the bed, which the girl was laying down on with her face in the pillow, she slowly sat down on the bed, "You okay, Yeon?"
"I just wish people would stop teasing me and make fun of me," replied the girl as she turned her head so that the left side of her face was touching the pillow.
"They're guys and guys are jerks and don't understand feelings it seems," Seiko came closer to the girl. "They didn't really mean to hurt your feelings though and they are sorry."
Yeon slowly got sat up facing towards the other and sighed, "I just have gone through a lot and wanted the teasing to stop right now." She looked down at her bed sheets and sighed heavily. None of them knew how it felt to be in her position and they probably never will, she looked like she was about to cry so Seiko hugged her friend gently trying to comfort her in this time of sadness.
"Come now, let's kick those guys' butts in a fighting game to show them who's best," she tried to cheer up Yeon the only way she could think of, games and the girl nodded her head slowly.
Yeon brushed her tears in her eyes away as she and Seiko stood up and left the bedroom. They walked into the family room and saw the others playing around, throwing pillows at each other, but then suddenly a coke can was spilled onto the game system and cords. Everyone stopped to clean up the mess before it stained the carpet and once they touched the game system, they all got shocked by it. Once they touched it, the disappeared and reappeared in a new and strange place alone.