Claimer : These are all my characters ! Chucky, Spacea , ect. All of this is original . I didn't steal from anything meaning characters , and places. Crescent Star is a galaxy that I created! Neon Sorcerer is a legend , and sorcerer that I created.

What is a Zeline ......
A zeline is a human with cat ears , and tail.

Do I need to read the other series first .......

No , this is just a joke out of my anime show. This is mainly for my ancient Secrets fans.

What is this suppose to be about, I'm confused....

GOOD! Cause this is suppose to be a episode were I just joke around. Yes , there is going to be action, and fantasy, but this is really for you to say ,"What the heck ? " , "Is there a point ?" So I'm saying this is just for you to sit back , and relax , and enjoy the small jokes. There is a huge twist at the end ! While you are reading this I'll be working on one of the best series I think I ever made, called Blast to the future.

Last important note...

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Charles (Chucky) Tiger Star

Age : 59 earth years, but CresStarains mature slower so he looks like and acts like a 12 year old

sex: male

Breed: Zeline

height: 4'8

eye color: light blue

Hair color : Black with blonde highlights .

Wears: Waist cut black shirt, that is long sleeved with gloves up to his elbows. He has baggy black jean pants, and white sneakers

summery: Chucky is the Prince of the powerful galaxy CrescentStar. Chucky is a very attractive young man, and secretly is the Neon Sorcerer . Chucky is very cocky , and sarcastic. He sometimes acts spoiled but ever since he got his powers he showed a different side. He showed that he can have a heart, and care about other.

He also has a small black star tattoo on his forehead, and one large black star tattoo on his left shoulder.

Chucky is the main character of this

Spacea Koolowa

Age: 61 earth years , Cresstarains mature slower then earth people, so she looks like a 13 year old

sex: female

breed: Zeline

Eye color: Blue

Hair: Black fluffy hair , down to her elbows.

wears in this series: A light blue shorts bra, with a waist , short sleeved see through white jacket, and light blue shorts, that cut off after her butt.

summery: Spacea is a new Crescent Star solider. After spending about three years being Prince Chucky's personal solider in training ,she finally got to show Crescent Star that she can be a solider even though she's only 61. She is now going out with Chucky .


is a house cat !!

Age: 48 looks like a young adult

sex: male

breed: house cat

eye color: Green

Hair: Orange with white at tip of tail

summery: Rusty has been Chucky's pet even since he was born. His past life is not certain, but there is a reason he is a talking car. He always jokes around with Chucky, but truly cares. He's a great help, and very smart . He's always there when Chucky needs to talk , or just going to die.


Ancient Secrets

Chapter 1

Episode 7 " A Strange Day on Crescent Star"

Series : A Strange Day on Crescent Star

Date: Lonite 05,2001

(December )


scene 1 " Waking up"

( The sun just raised on Crescent Star's plant Cat where the palace was. There in Chucky's room the sun was shinning in. He had a huge room , of course he would cause he's the prince right ? Anyway Chucky was sleeping in his bed, with his cat {that talked } laying right on his stomach. Since the cat is on his stomach you would figure that he's sleeping on his back{meaning with his stomach up}. Just then the alarm clock ran next to his bed. Chucky quickly sat up pushing Rusty right off his stomach to his lap. Chucky looked around the room, scared. )

Chucky: Rusty !

( Rusty sleepily looked up at Chucky. )

Rusty: (sleepily ) What... Chucky?

( Chucky looked down at Rusty scared . )

Chucky : These type of people are coming ! We must prepare !

( Chucky quickly jumped out of bed , making Rusty fall right off the bed to the floor. )

Rusty: (sleepily ) ow

( Chucky didn't care what happened to Rusty, he just quickly went over to his dresser , and put a black long sleeve shirt over him. {All he wears to bed is his boxers. } Rusty forced himself to sit up, and look at Chucky now putting baggy black jean pants on. Chucky wasn't looking at Rusty he was looking the other way down at his pants trying to get his pants on. )

Chucky: Rusty , you wouldn't believe what these scary people looked like.

( Rusty rolled his eyes .)

Rusty: (sleepily and not caring. ) No , Chucky I can't possibly imagine what these people looked like .

( Chucky buttoned his pants , and then turned to Rusty, now putting on his gloves that went to the beginning of his elbows. )

Chucky: I'll tell you .

Rusty: (still not caring .) O what a great day it is.

(Chucky finished putting his gloves on. Then Chucky looked at Rusty like he was crazy for a second, then continued to what he was going to say. )

Chucky: OK first they had weird type ears.

( Chucky grabbed his cat ears and put them down near his side of head and then put his hands like a cup on both side. )

Chucky: There ears were like the evolution of apes. They where small ears , but I guess normal size to them. They couldn't probably hear much.

( Chucky then put his hands off his ears , and then looked behind him to the mirror above his dresser. )

Chucky: And you wouldn't believe it Rusty !

( Rusty signed . )

Rusty: (thinking ) Why does he have to go on !

Chucky: They had no tail !

( Chucky's eyes widen in disbelief. )

Chucky: I mean no tail !

( Chucky then turned back to Rusty, that was not caring one bit. )

Chucky: They looked like a advanced ape ! They were the most weirdest things ever !

Rusty: Chucky your talking about humans.

Chucky: Humans? What are ...

( Before Chucky could finish his sentence , Spacea came out of no where, and came behind him and grabbed Chucky then started to make-up with him. Rusty looked so confused. )

Rusty: I could see this is getting no where.

(Theme song )


Confused? It's me Rusty , and so am I. Next time on Ancient Secrets it seems like Zell is up to no good, because why ? She wants Chucky's room ? This is just getting stupid if you ask me , but I promise if you just keep reading on it would make sense. See what happens next time on Ancient Secrets !

a/n: remember this is suppose to sound stupid ! This is a story mainly for ancient Secret fans. It's like a make-fun-of ancient secrets thing. It's just to keep you occupied for the big series Blast to the future.

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