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Scene 4 " Burneri vs. Zell"

( Burneri was still jumping on Chucky's bed ,laughing evilly. As you guess he's in Chucky's room. )

Burneri: Ha ha ha ha ha I finally have my future father's room !

( Burneri keep jumping , and just then Zell ran though the door of Chucky's room. She looked at Burneri, as Burneri looked at her , and kept jumping on the bed. )

Zell: Get off my bed !

( Burneri stopped jumping , and folded his arms. )

Burneri: I don't have to do anything you say !

( Zell laughed a little , and then pulled out Chucky's Neo Diamond sword out of no were. )

Zell: I think you're asking for a fight cause we all know...

( Zell jumped on the bed , now looking straight at Burneri. )

Zell: ...this is my heavenly room.

( Burneri glared at her. )

Burneri: Ok you have a fight.

( Zell smiled, and tried to slash Burneri, but Burneri quickly (like his father) back flipped , missing her blade as it went right into the bed. Burneri landed right on the floor, and smiled. )

Burneri: Missed me loser !

( Zell ran, and jumped off the bed with the blade in the air, ready to come down on Burneri, screaming. )

Zell: I'm not a loser !

( Burneri quickly moved out of the way, making Zell miss him , and slash right through the dresser behind him. Zell turned around to see Burneri smiling with a lamp in his hand(unplugged ))

Burneri: I have the heavenly lamp of Chucky's room !

Zell: You wouldn't dare !

(Burneri evilly smiled, and shook his head yes. )

Burneri: You bet I will !

( Burneri quickly throw the lamp at Zell . Zell ducked , as it hit the wall and the broken dresser behind her. Zell got back up and smiled. )

Zell: You missed me ! That makes you the loser cause I'm better, and you are just not !

( Burneri growled with anger. )


( Burneri quickly ran up to her , ready to punch her, but before he did Eclipses just appeared in front of him , with her hand in front of him , telling him to stop. Burneri looked confused, as he looked at Eclipses right in front of him. His cat ears went ^ )

Burneri: Eclipses ?

( Eclipses smiled, and jumped on the thrown bed ,and then looked at both Burneri, and Zell, whom were looking at her. )

Zell: Who are you ?

( Eclipses smiled. )

Eclipses : I am Eclipses , I am here to tell you , don't fight over this room. Look around ..

( Burneri, and Zell looked around, at the now thrown up room. Then they looked back at Eclipses . )

Burneri: Go on.

( Eclipses shook her head yes. )

Eclipses: There is another room to be fighting over !

Zell: Who's ?!

Eclipses: Priss's room is even better. It is connected to a bathroom, and a balcony.... and plus better heavenly carpet space.

( Burneri, and Zell gasped ! )

Burneri: O my god , now why are we fighting over this room.

( Burneri looked to Zell. )

Zell: Priss's room is so perfect !

( Just then Chucky's door opened and guess who it was ! It was Chucky ! Zell, Burneri , and Eclipses looked at Chucky amazed, as his cat ears went like )

Eclipses: You guys are in trouble !

( Eclipses disappeared , as now Chucky was left with Burneri, and Zell.)

Chucky: What did you guys do to my room !?

Zell: uh Had a fight in it . duh .

Chucky: Come with me Crabs are taking over Crescent Star !

( Burneri walked up to the window near the dresser, and looked out to see in the distance city, it burning , and huge crabs climbing on the buildings . )

Burneri: This is serious !

( Burneri turned to Zell. )

Burneri: Off to Priss's room ?

( Zell smiled, and shook her head yes. )

Zell: Of course !

( Zell , and Burneri ran pass Chucky at the door, and ran to Priss's room. Chucky watch them run, and then looked at his room. )

Chucky: I hate my life.

( Chucky walked and then sat in his bed, as it was slanted to the side. Spacea, and Rusty came running in as Chucky watched them. )

Chucky : Now what ?

( Spacea smiled, and looked at his room. Rusty just laughed really hard. Chucky looked at both of them annoyed. )

Chucky: OK I get it ! Now why are you here ?

( Spacea smiled . )

Spacea : Well someone's here to see you.

( Chucky looked confused, as his cat ears went like ^ )

Chucky: Who?

( Just then a human girl walked though the door. She looked about Burneri's age, and she had orange hair. Chucky suddenly looked very scared. He back up on his bed, as she walked in , and looked at her. )

Human girl: Prince Chucky , I have to tell you, my creations , the huge crabs , have been talking over Crescent Star. I am now the queen, and Chucky I am your future daughter .

( Chucky looked so surprised , scared, and just about to cry at the same time. )

Scene 5 " O my god"

( Chucky was in his room all repaired, it didn't even look like anything happen. Rusty was on Chucky's stomach , as Chucky was sleeping on his back. Chucky quickly sat right up in his bed, as Rusty fell to his lap. Chucky looked around, looking scared. )

Chucky: Morning ?

(Rusty looked up at him , as he was now awake. )

Rusty: Ya, what you think ?

( Rusty sat up in his lap, as Chucky looked at him. )

Rusty: But you had the most strangest night . You keep screaming get away huge crab.

( Chucky jumped out of his bed , and looked in his mirror, over his dresser. )

Chucky: You mean it was a dream ?

( Rusty looked at Chucky. )

Rusty: I'm guessing.

Chucky: So it never happen , the human girl being my future daughter, Burneri, and Zell fighting over my room, Dad dieing , and crabs were all fake !

( Chucky turned to Rusty.)

Rusty: Ya . What a stupid dream !

( Chucky smiled in relief. )

Chucky: O thank god.

( Chucky leaned on his dresser, and slide right down to the floor.)

Chucky: I'm safe.

( Just then Spacea slammed open Chucky's door looking very mad. Chucky looked a little scared as his cat ears went like )

Chucky: The mall ?

( Spacea shook her head yes . )

Spacea: Yes Chucky .

( Chucky looked at the ceiling and signed . )

Chucky: Why can't this be a dream.

TO be continued


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