My middle school life was not fun at all. I was beaten upon, pricked,
scathed, and outcast. My life was made up of lies and fragments of who I
really was. But I survived, and I went on to a better place, thank you
Goddesses. This is poem is a little tribute to the hell I went through,
and the hopes that I never go through it again.


There comes a time in one's life
When the world turns into Hell.

Jump at the shadow on the wall,
Turn in fright, see naught but a mouse.
Laugh, remark on paranoia,
And don't notice the next darkness creeping upon you.

The thunder crashes, and I hear
The voice of Chaos, from beyond Hades.
Enticing pit of darkness,
The Abyss draws you in,
Concealing you in tangled webs
Of what was once your life.
Shards of dreams, needles of love,
Stab you and pin you to the wall,
And you drown in the blood-red memories.

They laugh at me,
Poor little rich girl,
I ignore, pretend I don't hear,
Act not to feel the knives slowly
Sinking through flesh.
I survive, I live,
Mock me as you will,
I am used to it.

They laugh at my friends,
My dear ones,
And their beautiful dreams.
She wants to be a writer,
He wants to be a senator,
Freaks, why do they wish so high?
They'll never get there.
Fools, idiots, losers.
They laugh and laugh.

And I scream.
Shriek as I fall through darkness.
How dare you? What gives you the right?
You are not gods!
Mechanically I laugh,
Pretend to agree,
Eyes bleeding from the sharp pricks of my lies.
And sorrowfully watch my loved ones
As pain creases their brow.
Stabbed through the heart,
Embedded to the Underworld.
And in this senseless madness,
The hatred and mocking words,
The Abyss yawns and beckons.
My soul wails in timeless agony,
And falls.

Slow to pick myself up from the ashes
Of what I once was.
Blood-red rose, rising from the dust.
Thorns sharper, darker than before.
I slowly rise out of my own
Sweet Hell,
And drift up.
Recollecting my past,
Reshaping my hopes,
Redreaming my future.
Cool silk hands reach down.
The ones I love,
Smile and touch my blistered skin,
Lifting me up, breathing life back into my wings,
Turning blackened flesh to pale skin,
And burned flower petals back into
A rose of a soul.
Push past the surface, break through the glass.

And I fly.