Oh you're screaming so loud
I put my hands around your mouth
To stop the strident cry's
They fell deaf to everyone but me
This is what you get
Tonight you'll see what I've been through
Tonight you'll understand my pain

Maybe Now

You were tense as I held you in my arms
You'd lost the will to fight and now you were mine
Mine for the taking and mine for the breaking
I knew when I looked in your beautiful eyes
They were filled with fear
So you know I mean business
Tonight you'll see through my eyes

You'll Know

You were out of breath as I stroked your long hair
You said sorry but it was way too late
Did you plead for your life that lonely night?
You should have thought of apologies earlier
I kissed your reluctant lips and stared into your fearful eyes
Tonight you'll feel for me
Tonight I'll get my way

What It's Like

I threw your body against the cold mattress
Did you even listen to the words I whispered into your ear?
If you did then you'd know why I'm doing this
I guess you had enough breath to scream one last time
Where's my sympathy? My heart?
You destroyed all that long ago.
Now you'll know. You'll painfully know.

To Be Dead