Warning- this story contains violence, profanity, and homosexual content. Read at your own risk...

You know all the copyright stuff, right? Okay, then here goes- I'm Ember, and welcome to the Society of the Gryphon's Shadow! This little smidgen is the prologue, and I have two more chapters finished and intend on finishing it, eventually. Along with Prayer. On the lighter note, The Ethics of Wolves became the first original story I ever finished! Yay! Party!

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They feared the wrath of their Gods, most of all. Oh, they feared hunger, cold; they feared the burning sun, the storm-bringing clouds and the lack thereof, the snow, sleet, rain and heat. They feared all there is to life, and they feared death, but most of all, they feared the idols of their worship.
It would seem silly, later, but now it was terrifying, to think that their gods were angry. For what other explanation could logic and it's fellow busybodies offer, when the Heavens themselves left them? When the devil's own body flew on it's massive wings of darkness to scour the sky of all light. They watched their precious, terrifying, revered, hated sun disappear as if it had never been, and they shook.
No one noticed the gods' ring glow as the sun disappeared, until it got so bright it stole their attention from their vanishing sky. Perhaps all hope wasn't lost- for it HAD to be a miracle, this. There was another world inside that ring- it was Heaven, it was the world of the gods! Salvation had come at last!
Some held back. "Certainly," they said, "the gods would not give us salvation in the midst of our punishment. Perhaps it is a trap, to see who is loyal."
Said others, "Look! Through there, it is dark also! We should stay here, in the known evil. The Heavens know no darkness- perhaps it is Hell, beckoning us in with the devil's own trickery! We should stay here, where the light has shined on us once, and will again."
However, there is a time for wisdom, a time for stupid, reckless action, a time for intuition. This was none of those- it was a time for faith. Some had faith in their gods, to keep them safe from the demons of the underworld, to give them a way from purgatory. Some had faith in their leader, who could be seen even from this side of the portal, beckoning them. Some had faith that they would be safe, no matter where, in the eyes of their gods.
They filed through, those who would go- families clutching babes, women sobbing into their men, and men holding their wives while their children screamed, their older sons and daughters staring ahead to what might be Heaven and might be Hell, but wasn't earth. While the others shook their heads and scoffed, these people alone walked through the portals, and to a new world.