By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,there's a whole lot of the old midsummer magic going on all over the world--and even though you had tried really hard not to think about it,it seems to weave it's magic spell on you,whether you want it to or not.

Case in point:Scott Murdock was one of the best special effects artists in all of Hollywood--and in the minds of his colleagues,one of the lonliest guys on this very planet Earth.

But that was before some of his co-workers had invited Scott to join them on a vaction on his boss' private island.

After he had agreed,since there was no movie being shot at that time,Scott and the others had boarded a company jet and flown all the way to the boss' private island.

Then,after they had gotten off the plane,Scott and his co-workers were met at the end of the runway by Jonathan Kord,head of Gigantic Pictures,who had let out a smile and said,"Hi,everybody.I'm so glad that you've made it.Now,we shall have some real fun!"

And with that,all the special effects personale had gone into their rooms and changed in their swimsuits.

And then,after they had keft their rooms and ran down to the beach,each and every Gigalactic Pictures enployee had dove into the water--all except for one,a certain Mister Scott Murdock,who was sitting under some shade and reading a book.

Suddenly,just as soon as he was up to the last chapter,a shadow had appeared in front of him and blocking out the sun.

And when he had looked up,Scott was shocked to had discovered that the stranger in front of him was a red-haired beauty named Maggie Stoddard,who was Jonathan Kord's secretary.

After she had told Scott that she was interested in the book that he was reading,Scott had invited Maggie to sit and read the book with him.

And then,as soon as they were halfway through the first two chapters,both Scott and Maggie had looked at each other for about a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And then,after Jonathan had appeared on the beach and said,"Okay,people!Back up to the house for some indoor fun and games!",all the Gigalactic Pictures personal had followed the boss back up to the house--except for Scott and Maggie,because she had placed her hand on his shoulder and said,"No.Wait.I've got a better idea."

And while the others were enjoying the fun and games inside the boss' island home,both Scott and Maggie had removed each other's clothes and started to enjoy a moment of pure,untamed erotica.

After their vacation on the boss' private island was over and they were on their way home,Scott was so much in love with Maggie,that he had gotten down on one knee and asked her to have the honor of being his wife.

And as a result of that purposal,a year later,Scott Murdock had married his newfound wife,Maggie Stoddard-Murdock on June 28th at a chapel,which was--believe it or not--on the boss' private island.