The breeze sifted gently through her hair and rubbed against her cheeks as she stood on the deck of the sailboat. She sighed in contentment, loving the taste of the salty ocean air that brought on thoughts of fresh strawberries and sun-bleached sheets.

Closing her eyes, she basked in the soft orange glow of the sunset on her skin and enjoyed the feeling of bliss and tranquility that she'd wanted for so long. Everything was perfect—no, not perfectperfect would mean that her father was alive, perfect would mean no healing scars of pain, and perfect would mean impossible.

But she was more than content. Everything had finally fallen into place. She had accepted her father's death, and the guilt she had originally felt had almost completely ebbed away. Additionally, her relationship with Jon was slowly but surely becoming one of trust and respect.

There were so many things that had changed in the past two months, but there was one thing that would never change. Never, ever.

She opened her eyes and looked down at the simple wedding band that graced her hand, her hand with fingernails of a bright blue. Yes, there was one thing that would never ever change.

"Mrs. Nelsen." A voice whispered in her ear.

"Mr. Nelsen," she teased back, turning to the speaker. Everything that made her happy seemed to be swimming inside his eyes, everything beautiful and joyous in the world.

He held a hand out to her and she accepted it, her sundress dancing around her knees. The sails of the boat snapped in the breeze and the couple turned to watch the white canvas sway against the backdrop of dark blue and lighter blue that composed the ocean and sky.

"Are you happy?" he asked.

She smiled. "The happiest I've ever been."



He laughed softly. "No crossed fingers?"


A plane floated through the sky, and she raised her head towards it, wondering if there was a little girl peering down at the ocean, looking for her own perfect white sailboat.

She smiled. She used to be that little girl.

As a wave of calm and tranquility washed over her, she knew that she had finally found her own sailboat.

Her own, perfect white sailboat.


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