Con Brio -by Teresz


There was no where to run….no place to hide.

The world was caving in on Tenor.

The light was being blocked.

He had this burden on his shoulders and it just wouldn't leave him.

He sat in his only place of safety.

This was the only place that his doldrums abandoned him.

He sat there, a poor man watching the tax collectors take his last bit of cash, a bird about to lose the last worm in the territory to the bigger birds.

But, he was the most popular, out-going, richest kid in school.

He had the best grades.

He was the quarter-back on the football team, and the girls adored him.

He was never "with" anyone in a romantic way tough, even though many girls dreamt about being with him.

But, he still sat there alone, a frightened wolf wondering if he could ever insubordinate himself from the Alpha…the tax collector…the big bird…his father.