Movement 1.

Ms. Liona walked into the music room. "Tenor, what are you doing here."

Tenor took a deep breath and prepared himself to lie. He had lied many times before. It was nothing new to him. "I needed to find my friend's music. He left it here last period after class." Good one. he thought to himself, sarcastically.

"Oh whose music?" Ms. Liona asked.

Tenor thought quick. He was pretty good at improvising. He had sneaked participation in a play before. He messed up on show night and improvising saved him. "Bobby. But I can't seem to find it. I wanted to ask before I came snooping for it, but I couldn't find you. I'm sorry."

Ms. Liona thought for second and responded soulfully. "It's okay, Tenor. You're welcome here anytime."

Tenor was quickly relived. But the worst part of his day was yet to come. The worst was always going home. He wanted out of it. He wanted to be far away from anything like his home. Why? Tenor thought to himself. Why me? Why this? What did I do wrong…just being me?

"Tenor?" his father called.

Tenor went limp. He felt that empty heart, dry throat, pounding feeling he always feels when he hears his name called by his father. He ran down the steps as chipper as he could seem, but bitterly scared inside of himself. "Yeah, dad?" he said with a smile, but he grabbed his hand to stop it from shaking. Why did his father scare him so much?

"Run down to the store for me and pick up some dog food."

"Okay," Tenor said. As he walked outside he stopped and looked. He ran back inside. "Uhm, dad?"

"What?" his father said with a snappy voice.

Tenor jumped a little because of the anger he heard in his father's voice. "Where's my car?"

John Kraple eye's lit up with anger. "You interrupted my important phone call for this bull-shit? I told you already. You never listen! You don't have your car this week!"

"What did I do?"

"Can we discuss this later? Just run to the store. It's good exercise. You need it! Get the frickin' dog food. It's not that hard!"

Tenor nodded and quickly walked out the door. How many times would he have the car taken away? It was so pathetic. He never did anything and he always had the car taken away from him. Almost as if his dad didn't want the boy on the road. Last time Tenor was on the phone a minute past the curfew, he had his car taken away from him. The curfew was eight o'clock. Tenor thought it was stupid. It was. The only reason the curfew was even set was so that John (Tenor's father) could talk to his buddies. They got off work then. Oh, and that important conversation…it was probably about the latest foot-ball game.

Well, Tenor didn't mind walking. He ran at first so that he would have time to stop by his friend Cammy's house. It was two blocks down and right on the way to the store. And, what was up with Tenor's dad saying he needed exercise. He was in great shape already. He didn't think so. His dad pounded it into his head that he wasn't, but he truly was. He had to be. He was a quarterback, not by choice, but by pressure. If he wasn't in good shape he would be kicked off the team, and that would cause some unpleasant issues at home.

As he approached Cammy's house, he slowed down to catch his breath. He went up the steps and knocked on the door. Cammy's mom answered it. "Oh, hi, Tenor! How are you? It's been a while."

"Yeah," he replied with a monotone voice.

She motioned him into the house with her hands. Cammy ran down the steps to greet him. She have him a quick hug. It had been a long time.

They sat on the front steps and Cammy ran her fingers through her brunette hair. "So, what's going on?" She sat, her back perfectly straight, Tenor noticed Tenor noticed these kinds of things. She had to sit like that when playing violin. She had been playing for six years. Tenor always joked that he would start a rock band with her on the violin. He knew he couldn't really start a band. His father would just about kill him. Tenor's father refused for Tenor to have any dealings with music what so ever. He was anti-art. He only liked sports and refused to even see a bit of good in the arts. Tenor never understood why. But what really puzzled him was why his name was Tenor if his father despised music? Tenor was a term to describe a certain voice type. He had never understood that.

"Nothing much." he said with a smile. "What about you?"

"Same here." she said.

He nodded.

"How much time do you have?"

"Not long. I have to run down the store to pick up some dog food."

"Why don't I come with you?"

"That would be great, if you can."

Cammy nodded and opened the door to her house and yelled in. "Mom, I'm gonna take a walk with Tenor okay?"

Tenor heard her mom answer "Okay."

Cammy shut the door and walked down the steps. "Alright, let's go."

They walked down to the store and talked about how everything had been going. Cammy had been away. She had just gotten back. Cammy was Tenor's best friend…and Tenor's only friend. She was his porthole to himself. Cammy also loved music. When ever they were together and not around Tenor's father they would always listen to music, since Tenor wasn't allowed to listen to it other at his house or anywhere else. Of course, he found times to listen to it. He was allowed to hang out with Cammy, because she was a cheerleader. They were only friends even though people thought they would be a perfect couple. She was the leader of the cheerleading squad and he was the varsity quarterback…classic pair. But, Cammy didn't like cheerleading at all. She had a talent for dancing and that made her a great cheerleader, but the only reason she got involved with cheerleading was because she wouldn't be allowed to see Tenor out of school if she wasn't involved in some sport. Tenor's dad was strict about that. Tenor wished he could live the way he wanted to…not what his father wanted, but he had to stay close to his father. It was the only family he ever had. His mom left when he was young. But, Tenor had a hard time believing that she left because she didn't love them. He didn't understand I. His father always said that she didn't love them and she left to be with someone else. He didn't believe his father though. He always had this special bond to his mother, yet he didn't even know her. He knew that she was out there somewhere…some place.

The walk back went just as fast as the walk there had gone. Tenor and Cammy stopped at her house and she went back into it after a good-bye. Tenor, with the heavy bad of dog food, ran home. If he was late, his father would be curious.

As he walked inside the first thing he heard was his father horrifying voice. "What took you so long?"

"I…uhm…" Tenor had to lie. "The line was really long."

"Did you run?"

Tenor nodded.

"You still could have run faster and gotten here faster! What if I would have needed you?"

"If I had the car.."

"Don't push it, young man."

Tenor swallowed. "Good night, Dad."

Tenor's dad continued looking at him sternly until Tenor turned away and walked up the stairs. "Good night, son." he said quietly. He shook his head. Would Tenor ever understand? He sighed and sat down and watched the rest of the football game that was on television, cheering on the team for which he was routing.