*Author's Notice*

            Okay, so I wrote this little poem whilst playing a game of Yahoo pool with a friend. I was feeling creative and this is what came out. It's rather interestingly worded in places, and I'm sure I can do better, however, I'm not going to change it. So here goes nothing…

Gollum was a hobbit once

But after the ring, he's quite the dunce

Taken by its awesome power

He sits in the dark hour by hour

His once warm heart now turned so cold

Causing him to be quite bold

Days go by and months do pass

Until he once again feels grass

And when it is he ventures out

The fellowship's worth is in great doubt

So Gollum remains because of pity

And ventures with Frodo to the forbidden city

Takes him all the way up the mountain

To the mouth of the evil fountain

Wrestles for his one precious true

Until he in the face is blue

As desire takes over him

He grabs the ring and falls right in

Screaming so loud as he falls in it

Thus ends the tale of the corrupt little hobbit