*Author's Note*

I wrote this poem about 5 years ago as a song. It was one of my naïve times of life. However, now, it's just a poem. My best friend loves it, so, I'll post it for her.

Do you often ask yourself if your life is perfect?

Do you wonder if anyone cares?

Do you often wish you were someone else

Just so you'll have someone there?

Because inside you there's a person

Wanting so badly to be let out and loved

But outside you have a reputation

And your face just isn't pretty enough

You aren't in the "in" crowd

And you've been cause out of the "out"

You're feeling so unloved

That every moved is shrouded in doubt

Inside you feel you're in a crowded room

Screaming at the top of your lungs

But no one so much as looks up

To see where the noise is coming from

You look in the mirror

Your reflection comes back

You smile for the first time in awhile

You wonder how anyone could cast you out

And turn out to be so vile

Rejection hurts, or so you've found out

But you must go on with your life

Because one day you'll find that someone

Who likes you for who you are

But until you do

You've always got me to help you get that far