"How long. how long will I stay like this? I know what I think, and I don't think it's wrong. How long will I slide, separating my soul from everything, everyone else? A slit in my throat, wouldn't be too bad.. slit on my wrists it's all I ever."

Olivia sat in the corner of her room, rocking back and forth whilst she clutched her teddy bear which absorbed her tears as they dropped. Unable to think of anything but 'Why?' she stood up and walked over to her bedside draw. She pulled it open and rummaged through it. She moved her hands faster and faster until she heard a rattle. Directing her hand to the back left of the draw she pulled out a bottle of pills. Whilst her hands shook she twisted the lid open and shook a few out, tossing them onto the table she threw the bottle back in the draw and slam it shut as someone knocked on the door. "'Livia! Olivia dear?" "Yeah mum, just a second." She quickly re-opened the draw and poured the pills into it. Threw her teddy bear back onto her bed and sat down on a chair. Walking over to the door, she whipped her eyes, placed some sunglasses on to hide her bloodshot eyes and opened the door. "You took your time." Her mum stated as she opened the door. "Mm. sorry, I was just finishing off my math." Her mum smiled and held onto her shoulder, making Olivia feel guilty of what she was just about to do. "Nick just phoned. I told him you'd call him back in a minute. How long is it now? 3 months?" She asked. "Yes mum, 3 months." Olivia sighed "Well, I'll just call him back then." "Ok, don't forget you've got cheerleading at the finals tonight." "You think I could?" She joked and then shut her door. Leaning against it she listened till her mum's footsteps disappeared down the hall. She walked over to her stereo, turned the volume up and pressed play. A metal band of some sort blared out of the speakers. Olivia sunk her body down next to her bed, closed her eyes for a second then jumped up, screamed and started throwing her pillows around the room. She ran over to her desk and threw everything off it. Then she let her body drop to her bed and kicked the air. "Fucking cheerleading practice. I don't want it. Why do I have to be captain?" she said outloud. 'Because you got voted it, remember' a voice inside told her. "I don't want to be voted. Everyone's so fake, the only reason I got voted was because of my looks. Why can't they look deeper than that?" she said again before grabbing her phone and walking out of the room.

"Hello?" "Hey sweety, you rang earlier?" "Oh, Hey Liv's. Yeah, I was wondering if you want to sleep over tonight after the match y'know" "Yeah, sounds great" she replied with a grin on her face. It was their three month anniversary, which meant they would probably be doing something special tonight. "Ahuh, well I'll pick you up in a few hours. Love you" "I love you too" She smiled to herself and hung up the phone.

Olivia ran back to her bedroom and pulled out a bag. She opened her draws and pulled out some clothes for tomorrow, a silk nightdress she recently bought for tonight, and some red silk underwear. She placed them on her bag and then changed into some shorts and a cropped sports top. Olivia pulled on her trainers and made her way to the living room. "I'm just off for a run" she told her mum and dad who were sat on the couch watching T.V "Ok darling, take care. Don't go injuring yourself, after all they'll be needing the head cheerleader's inspiration tonight." Her Dad said and grinned. She giggled and smiled slightly as she ran out of the door. She made her way down the drive and began running to the park.