"I don't want to go in there!" shouted the girl. Her mother pushed her towards the entrance of the dark graveyard. Slowly the gates opened. The path before her was dark, and it was lined with gravestones. She looked back at her mother and took a step. She swallowed hard as her mother pushed her farther ahead. When she looked back again, her mother was gone. The gates snapped shut behind her, pushed by an unknown force. A thick fog rose from the ground, and a shadowy figure walked/floated towards her.

"I know why you're here." The shadowy figure said. The girl was scared to death as the figure walked towards her. She shut her eyes tight, but then decided to look, and she saw that the figure before her looked exactly like herself. It was her own ghost. She was actually dead, however, she hadn't known it. Then she remembered; she had been murdered! But when and how? All of a sudden, memories came back to her.

It has been a hot, summer night. All of a sudden, a dark face had appeared in her window. She heard the shattering of glass, and then she felt something pierce her heart.

She came out of her daze when she felt an icy touch on her arm. She looked down and found her ghostly counterpart gripping her wrist. She pulled her arm away, but found that her arm turned gray and lifeless where the ghost had touched her. In anger, she pushed the ghost out of her way, but her hand went inside the ghost and its face expressed great pain. The girl pulled her hand back and found that her hand dripped with blood. But then she remembered, she had been stabbed right in the place where she pushed her arm in the ghost.

She wondered why her mom had taken her into the graveyard. Then all of a sudden, she knew why she was there. Her mother had once told her a story about each person having two spirits. The spirit of Light, the Lumance, and the spirit of Darkness, the Belial. During a person's life, the Lumance controls the body. When a person dies, the Lumance disappears and the Belial is born. In a way, she was only half dead because her Lumance still existed. That girl she had seen in the graveyard was her Belial. She could not "die" until the Lumance was gone, and the Belial took control. But why hadn't her Lumance left her after she had been so brutally murdered? What hint of light could still lie within her that was keeping her alive?