Challenge of the Elements

Fire: I am the most powerful of all elements! Only I can devour all dead things making space for new!

Water: (sarcastically) that would be great if eating was the most important thing in life!

Fire: (Water's comment has gone over his head) I challenge all the elements to a battle of strength! Each of us can name one of the four challenges.

Earth: but what if you can't be bothered to compete? On second thoughts, I'd love to, I can think of something only possible to Earth!

Fire: hey, where's Air?

            *Air breezes in*

Air: sorry, what did I miss?

Fire: (exasperated) Never mind! Water; explain to this air-head!

Water: Fire's inflated ego wants to challenge us.

Air: so nothing much then…

Fire: you choose first!


Air: ok then, um, help a ship across the ocean without it sinking. (She looks at Water) is that ok?

Water: sure.

Earth: as this is too much trouble for me, I concede, and will commentate this challenge.

            Air is blowing well, slowly but surely, Watch out! Don't capsize it!!!!

            Water, gently, but there's some power there.

            And Fire, what the hell is going on with your boat? Why is it burning? All the sailors are drowning!!!

Fire: I was HUNGRY!

Earth:  idiot. Anyway, as is it Air's challenge, she judges. Well?

Air: what? Who won?

Earth: you decide.

Fire: (under his breath) stupid air-head.

Air: I heard that! Anyway, I am the traditional helper of ships and am considered their best friend; but sometimes I need the help of water, who did admirably          *flashes smile at Water, she waves back*

Water: thanks, but I don't think making the crew SWIM across the ocean counts though? What d'ya think Fire?

Fire: well next time I'll beat you all!!!!


Earth: ok, my turn, you must each destroy a house and yet leave no trace of it. Earthquake time…

Water: I think a flood should do…

Air: I think a tornado might blow it away…

Fire: house, yum.

Earth: you all did very well. Air, just blowing it away was very classy.


Fire: MY TURN, inflict our force on different places on this planet and see how much damage you can do.

Water: no can do, we could wipe out the planet! I my challenge is to, well, Earth and Air have chosen their strengths, why shouldn't I? You have to each choose a            baby resident of ourselves and nurture it.

Fire: no fair!!!!

Air: ok, I will help a little bird, Water? You have a little octopus, and Earth, a baby mole, ahhh. What do you have Fire?

Fire: (muttering) stupid… no fair… contest… stupid…

Water:  this contest is fair. If you had cared about anything but your stomach, you would have noticed the salamanders or phoenixes in your flames!!!!

Fire: (muttering) stupid… no fair… contest… stupid…

Water: I think everyone passed that test, even Fire, once he had found his baby!

Fire: (muttering) stupid… contest… boring…


Water:  Fire? What's your challenge?

Fire: FINALLY!!!! I choose a battle to the death between us!

Air: is that it? See ya everyone, I'm gone. *blows out the door*

Earth: boring… good night everyone.

Water: you don't need strength to beat you, only brains. Didn't you think about your challenge? Every one of us can beat you. You failed all of our tests except    mine because I wanted to be fair.

Fire: (through gritted teeth) first, you and me Water!

Water: what's the point? I'll beat you easily. Look, I'll save you the trouble: Earth will smother you, air will blow you out, even if you DO eat her, she will win.      And I will just put you out, after you have slowed me down by making me evaporate. After that, we cannot beat each other. So go away. You LOST.

Earth: yeah, or I Will smother you!

Fire: I get the point, I'll tone down.

Earth: finally, I can get some sleep!

Fire: ok, but I win the eating contest, right?


AUTHOUR'S NOTE: ok, a bit silly, but I thought it was cute. I wrote it when I was 9.

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