An unsteady sleep tormented the young man coiled inside his bed. He shivered beneath the covers not from the chill of the room but from fear of his dark dream. His expression was haunted even before a dark hand suddenly reach around his neck and jerked him to the floor.

A long heavy body covered him, his face near his ear. "Wake up, Teeo."

The smaller man turned his head trying to see his attacker. He would have known him anywhere, but the wet tongue dripping over his neck shocked him. "Jarnal!"

He chuckled coldly, his hands reaching down Teeo's arms and under the smaller man's body. "Who else did you think it would be? That hot bitch next door?"

"No. . . I don't know." The pinned youth stuttered and gasped as Jarnal's hands massaged him through his clothing, boldly invading his form. "I just. . . what are you doing here?"

When Jarnal's only response was to give another deep chuckle and glide his tongue from the base of Teeo's neck to suck at the baby-smooth skin at his jaw, the trapped boy shuddered. He arched his back trying to shift the heavier man's weight and succeeded only in allowing his attacker more access to his narrow chest.

Teeo squeaked quietly, breathlessly, hypnotized by the hands caressing his body. "What do you want?"

Jarnal's hands slipped out to Teeo's neck again, roving over his body and ruffling his pajama shirt wider open. "At the moment? To take off your clothes."

Teeo gasped, shocked by the suggestion. "Uh… all of them?"

Jarnal's tongue licked hungrily over Teeo's open mouth. "Well, the pants are really the important ones. But yeah, all of them."

"But that's...we. . ." Teeo was afraid of the passionate stroking and the exciting feeling of Jarnal's hot mouth. "Why?"

"You idiot can't you guess." Jarnal leaned a bit back to scoff at his naive.

Unable to comprehend, Teeo whispered, soft with his fear. "But I. . . I'm a. . ."

"I know what you are." Jarnal hissed back, twisting his captive's wrist and reveling in the small cry of pain that rewarded the gesture. He smiled even wider at Teeo's frightened whimper more as he grazed his teeth along the edge of the pale youth's neck. "And I don't care."

"But you and I. . . we never. . ." Teeo struggled to think with the probing hands, the dark promises, the passionate mouth.

Jarnal spoke calmer, but meaner more callous. "I know this is kinda sudden. But I don't care." He leaned down and sucked at Teeo's neck again. "We're both adults here and I've wanted this for a while."

Teeo resisted. "I haven't seen you in… like five years."

"So? I've seen you." Jarnal sounded annoyed, then growled darkly pressing Teeo hard into the floor and grinding his pelvis into the younger man's back as Teeo winced in fear. "So listen, you idiot, you've got two choices. Fight me."

He paused a moment to gentle his tone and lick gently at Teeo's full boyish lips. "Or take off your pajamas."

For a long moment, Teeo allowed Jarnal to pin him down his pale face unchanging, as his attacker licked at him, sucked at his skin and touched his body. Then he said quietly. "Okay. . ."

Jarnal sat back a little surprised, then smirked casually. "I expected more resistance from you…"

Teeo hardly moved. "I mean, I've never done anything like this before. . ."

"I should hope not." Jarnal said cynically. "It's so desperately wrong, you know."

"But you. . . oh. . ." Jarnal massaged Teeo's chest as he pulled open the pajama top, revealing to his hungry touch the skinny flat ribs. Teeo moaned in arousal. "Oh that feels good."

"Of course, it does. . ." The other mocked then leaned close and whispered coyly. "It gets better too."

Teeo gave another moan as the gaunt man began to lick at his back. "You promise?"

Jarnal smirked and pulled Teeo's shirt off. "Yeah."

Teeo cooed with the strange delight overwhelming him then gave a gasping cry as Jarnal's fingers pinched over his nipple. He closed his eyes pressing his face into his arms unable to breathe as the handsome man sucked at his skin, and pulled his face away slowly, holding the pale flesh until it slipped away. His long hands drifted lower on Teeo's body, violating every inch they touched with probing squeezes and scratching grabs.

The pinned youth shuddered again when Jarnal's hot exploration lead him to the part of his body most tightly pressed to the floor, his pelvis. The heavy man leaned back easing off of the smaller man and pulled him to his knees. Teeo sighed when his torso was pushed back down and Jarnal leaned heavily over his bending body, his finger lacing around Teeo's wrists and stretching with his hands before them and forcing most of their weight on Teeo's head and right shoulder. As Jarnal hungrily feasted upon his neck, Teeo could feel his lover's hot arousal throbbing through his clothes and murmured incoherently.

Jarnal's hands scrapped back up the youth's arms, raking over his bared chest and towards his abdomen. As the lean fingers pulled at the pants, Teeo shifted quietly. "Are you going to. . ."

"Yeah." Jarnal didn't let him finish the thought, jerking the loose pajama pants down to Teeo's knees and growling in his ear. "I hope you like it rough."

"I don't understand." Teeo blinked back glancing over his shoulder trying to fathom the danger he had slipped into. He heard the shuffle of Jarnal's clothing and sighed as the lean fingers of his right hand delved into his curly blonde hair, holding his head to the floor but at the same time massaging his scalp.

Teeo jolted, his head snapping back against Jarnal's hand when he felt the sudden pain of intrusion. "Oh my God! Jarnal!"

The other man gave a shuddering groan and pushed deeper, easily ignoring Teeo's high-pitched yelps of pain in the pursuit of his own pleasure. Teeo squirmed and whimpered when he withdrew and plunged back faster than before and Jarnal felt the boy's body tighten with fear and quiver with tension. Jarnal chuckled with sadistic pleasure pumping in and out, rocking his pelvis harder, and relishing in the painful cries from his young lover.

"Oh, it hurts..." Teeo moaned, accepting him. He was startled by the sickening sensations flowing through him at once repulsed and aroused. He realized he was rocking along with Jarnal and gave a little laugh. "I think, I like it. . ."

Jarnal only groaned in reply, thrusting harder.

The thrusts became easier and Teeo's struggled breathing eased from fear to a sexual pain. Jarnal pushed faster and his hand left Teeo's lower back, where he had steadied the youth man's trembling spine. His fingers coiled around one of Teeo's clenched fists and he un-wove the tight fingers. Flattening Teeo's palm against his chest, Jarnal guided Teeo's sweating hand over his own body.

Teeo gave a shocked gasped when Jarnal placed their hands over Teeo's erect body and rubbed his member hard against his hot skin. Jarnal moved harder and rocked his hips faster, thrusting deeper and pulling farther and as he did he rubbed faster with Teeo's shaking hand.

Teeo's other hand moved away from his eyes and slipped down his chest in the same path. Jarnal's palm darted away before Teeo could cover it, but the younger man's hands did not fall away and he groaned heatedly continuing the hard rubbing.

Jarnal whispered darkly. "Keep your pace with mine, Teeo."

The young man only winced.

Jarnal's free hand floated down on Teeo's back as if bracing him, keeping him arched down. Perhaps trying to prevent the boy from hurting himself as Teeo began to buck and rock heatedly. The dark pleasure might have been too much too sudden for the innocent youth; had Jarnal's hand not been pressing his face to the floor, the young man surely would have been pounding his forehead off the ground, simply to harmonize with the bursting pain in his lower body. The most Teeo could do in response to the hard loving was to rub his face into the hard floor and groan with desire, his hands moving faster against his lower body.

The strange force that had been building up in Teeo's body shuddered and grew, threatening to explode any moment. Teeo's mind was a blur and he didn't know what he wanted more the burst in his body or the long sliding pound of the body behind him.

He gasped his voice high and airy from the contradiction rising in him. "Jarnal… Oh my god…"

He knew Jarnal understood when the other man suddenly began to move fast and hard inside of him. The man growled softly though. "I should have known you'd ruin it the first time."

Teeo might not have heard, consumed by the fire in his groin as the explosion of his desire began. "Oh gee. . . Oh gee!"

"Damn you, boy!" Jarnal feeling the orgasm and moving harder to accommodate him. He cursed almost laughing. "Gee? Who the fuck says 'Gee'?"

"I do." Teeo gasped and moaned a long thrilled sound of climax. His body relaxed instantly, sagging down and slipped away from Jarnal in weariness. "Wow. . ."

"Annoying stupid boy. . ." Jarnal crept back, allowing Teeo to fall to a side, collapsed with flushed bliss. Jarnal sneered, kneeling over him, the boy's back pressed against his knees. Teeo watched with half shut eyes as Jarnal held his own throbbing body and glided his hand quickly up and down the impressive length. Teeo did not resist when Jarnal's free hand pulled at his shoulder turning his chest to more fully face him. The youth's hand absently covered his flaccid body as he watched the pulsing member above him.

"Damn stupid, wonderful, awww damn." Jarnal cursed again and Teeo's eyes flew opened with surprise as the first droplets of white fluid jumped from the pulsing form and slipped from the air onto his abdomen.

Jarnal's hand continued pumping and Teeo looked with amazement. He wanted suddenly, more than anything to touch that burning staff, to be the cause of the white liquid sprouting from the tip, but as he began to sit up, Jarnal pushed him back down first with only the hand on his shoulder, then heaving a heavy heated sigh the other hand left his member and pushed Teeo's shoulders to the floor.

The man slipped a hand over the white hot droplets pooled on Teeo's stomach and as he rubbed the sticky fluid into his lover's stomach, he moaned softly. "Imagine how this would feel inside of you, Teeo."

"Oh god..." The image consumed him and as if to try to make sense of the madness ravishing his muddled senses, Teeo murmured plaintively. " Oh, there's something wrong with us. . ."

"So what." Jarnal agreed lacklusterly. "Next time go at my pace. It will still be wrong."

Teeo asked timidly, hypnotized by the slow rubbing. "Next time?"

Jarnal leaned over his kissing him full on the mouth, a claiming kiss as cold as winter. He drew back only to growl softly. "You're mine now, Teeo."

Teeo shivered, fascinated by the thought of belonging to someone and hardly moved as he was kissed again. He trembled harder when Jarnal leaned back and glanced over Teeo's body, as if accessing his prize. "And I'm probably gonna want you again sometime."

"Soon?" Teeo wondered, glancing over to him.

"No." Jarnal replied stoutly, pushing him back down.

"Please?" Teeo begged softly, his hands straying over Jarnal's arms.

"No." Jarnal drew away, onto his stomach his face turned away from Teeo.

Teeo sat up again and holding his hands against his chest as it forcing them to remain there. He glanced over Jarnal's long form. He was leaner than Teeo, which only make the muscles in his body stand out more. Slim and long, his body looked nearly flat lying on the floor, but the contours of his narrow shape were striking. The blades of his shoulders, the slope of his back, the large muscles of his long legs rising through the trousers he had never removed. Teeo could hardly catch his breath staring at the other man's form and looking at the male body with an interest he had never before held.

He whispered softly. "Jarnal?"

The other shifted sleepily. "What?"

Teeo's voice trembled. "Can I touch you?"

Jarnal slowly turn his head and opening one eye asked, with a surprised yet condescending tone. "Now?"

Teeo nodded with a nervous smile and Jarnal shifted away. "No."

"Please. . . I just want too. . ." He cautiously reached out a hand then recoiled it.

"I want to sleep." Jarnal mumbled into his arms.

Teeo rubbed the tip of his finger idly in thought. "Can I. . . later maybe?"

Jarnal glanced over at him again asking with a growl of suspicion. "What? Can you what?"

Teeo said longingly. "I only want to touch you. I don't care about. . . I mean, it's enough for me to pleasure you."

Jarnal turned his face away with the quiet mumble. "You're doing a good job at it, thus far."

"Thanks." Teeo smiled almost like a child who had pleased his teacher.

Jarnal only gave a cold shrug.

Teeo watched him another long moment before whispering to himself. "I guess I wasn't so surprised when you came here. I was kinda glad. . . I always imagined. . . I always wanted to. . . touch you and see what you felt like."

Jarnal glanced around. "Always?"

"Well, not always. I mean we grew up together. And you were always so mean to me. . ." His voice trailed into the memories. "And when we were older. . . it was just there. I'd watch you move and I be quivering. There's such a. . . a darkness about it. I always liked that. And you've always been so intelligent, and brave, and mean, but so. . . sexual. . . I guess is the word I'm looking for."

Jarnal hummed in his throat, unimpressed. "Well, you're right about one thing."

"What's that?" Teeo wondered.

"There is something wrong with you." Jarnal frowned and turned away again.

"Please." Teeo placed his hands on Jarnal's bare back and leaned heavily on him. Teeo laid his head on his shoulder looking into his turned face with a needing plea. " Turn on you're back?"

Jarnal sighed as if the request irritated him but he co-operated, stretching his long arm lazily over his head and aching his back so that he tilted up on his side. Watching Teeo's expression with interest, Jarnal sank into a reclining position.

"You see." Teeo said, looking over his muscular chest and concave stomach, the wide V of his trousers and the long power it housed. His voice filled with awed desire. "Even that movement was beautiful."

"Beautiful?" Jarnal looked at him as he chuckled, then turned his eyes to the ceiling above. "That's a new one."

"Can I. . ." He hesitated. "Touch you?"

Jarnal shrugged. "I don't care."

Teeo took a deep nervous breath and gently laid his hands over the dark muscular skin of his chest. His fingers recoiled a moment then relaxed back on the hot flesh. He licked his lips with nervous delight.

The anxious desire in Teeo transformed into a delighted exploration as the youth's hands traveled over Jarnal's body. He felt his blood growing hotter because of the slick smooth texture and the hard muscle tensing beneath his touch. Teeo glanced up to his lover's face to find Jarnal's eyes upon him staring intently at his expression. He was cold and smiling, the first time that night, but it was a devilish grin, something wicked was corrupting his mind and Teeo felt a tremble rage through him seeing the diabolical grin. He asked fearfully. "Don't you like that?"

Jarnal took a slow deep breath and replied, almost friendly. "I'll tell you when I do and do not like what you're doing."

Teeo shifted slightly and drew one hand down Jarnal's tanned body. The other was still with fear, and drew away and clenched every time the muscled abdomen and strong chest moved. The trembling white hand caressed the naked skin downward until Teeo's fingers trembled just above the powerful erection that had formed. As if the young man suddenly realized again who he was touching his hand quivered away.

But a stronger force wrapped around his wrist, and as Jarnal's fingers tightened about his arm threatening to snap the weak wrist, Teeo met his stony eyes. Jarnal kept his gaze hypnotizing him with the darkness in his soul as he moved his lover's hand over his pulsing body. Teeo shivered with fearful innocence.

"I'll show you how." Jarnal promised casually, sitting up on one elbow. "It should help you keep your damn pacing better, next time."

"I'm sorry." Teeo gasped as Jarnal closed his fingers around the warm staff. "Next time?

Jarnal guided his hand up and down holding Teeo's fingers tighter. "Yeah. . ."

Teeo stared transfixed at his lover's powerful member, intoxicated by the movements of his hand. "Will that be soon?"

Jarnal gasped quietly. "Probably."

Teeo licked his lips half with anticipation of the forbidden pleasure, half with concentration on the slow gliding of their hands. He glanced up at Jarnal's closed eyes. "Now?"

"In a little bit." Jarnal breathed heavily and released Teeo's smaller hand. "That's good. Keep it like that a minute."

Teeo's eyes widened with desire as Jarnal leaned back on his strong arms his head tilted back and moaned heatedly. Teeo smiled to himself when Jarnal shifted a bit and half whispered, half moaned. "Go a little faster."

"Like this?" Teeo grinned slipping his hand along faster up and down the hard flesh.

Jarnal emitted a strained grunt. "Yeah."

Teeo enjoyed his husky voice. "So you like it?"

"Oh yeah." Jarnal spoke heatedly, almost ignoring him.

Teeo leaned closer to him, moving his hand faster and gaging his reaction closely squeezed his hand a little tighter. "Can I kiss you?"

Jarnal was lost in his passion. "Yeah."

Teeo leaned into him and tentatively pressed his lips against Jarnal's mouth. It was a strangely passionate kiss, with Jarnal moaning heatedly beneath Teeo's inexperienced hand his body rocking hard in response. The pale man was immediately plagued into stillness by the desire coursing through him and his hand fell loose under the amazing power.

Jarnal growled against his lips after Teeo drew away unable to breathe. "You're not much of a multi-tasker, are you?"

"Oh." Teeo glanced down at the heated nearness of their bodies and realized he had forgotten about the steady movement. Fearful again having lost his edge, Teeo began to stroke him again. "I'm sorry."

"That's fine. I'm finished with that." Jarnal guided him back toward the floor, running his sharp nails down his leg before yanking Teeo's pants off his ankles.

Teeo closed his eyes against the sweeping fire of anticipation overwhelming him. "What are you. . . or is it we. . ."

Jarnal laughed meanly and emphasized their separation, slipping around behind him and placing a hot hand between the younger man's legs. "I am going to fuck you again, and if you really want to enjoy it you should go along with me."

Teeo sighed as one of Jarnal's skilled hands massaged his flaming groin and the other lifted his leg against his bare chest, forcing him onto his side. "I promise, I'll try. . ."

"Want help?" Jarnal inched his body closer and tilted Teeo further onto his side.

"What. . ." Teeo wasn't sure what the man meant but when Jarnal took Teeo's body into his hand, the youth gasped with understanding. "Oh. . ."

Jarnal chuckled and raised his young lover's calf close to his own shoulder, holding Teeo's leg's wide apart vertically and sliding closer behind him. His other hand slipped away from Teeo's body and circled around Jarnal's own throbbing member to guide it into Teeo's body.

The young man gave a pained cry when Jarnal pushed into his body and the youth's arms crumbled over his face, flexing around his curly head to keep himself from screaming. As the experienced man began his brutal thrusting, his hand mockingly scratched Teeo's blood-filled member. The younger cried out at the slight touch and arched into the painful penetration and hungry groping.

Jarnal never faltered in any of his movements, synchronizing his own body's painful pumping with the rhythm of his own hand. Teeo felt hot tears spring to his eyes, he didn't know why, but he hid them with his arms and groaned at the aching rising from his lower body.

Teeo focused only on the pleasure pain filling him, unable to think of anything beyond Jarnal and the sickening release that the dark man offered. His body was filled and his groin was bursting and a sensation of helplessness overwhelmed him. He knew of no way to end the pleasant torture consuming him except to beg release from the callous man taking all of his young body.

Jarnal took what was given to him and took it faster and deeper than before, until Teeo was stuttering, pleading for the satisfaction Jarnal could so easily give him. The more experienced only laughed at him between heavy breaths. "I told you. . . it would be better."

Teeo nodded and panted into his arms, unable to take his fore arms away from his face as if that pressure against his skin were the only thing holding him together. He moaned and whimpered with the pain and excitement and then in one breath-taking moment, Jarnal squeezed his lover's body harder and Teeo felt the sudden burst leaving his body, just as Jarnal's own force exploded into him. "Oh shit, Jarnal!

He could only whimper against the striking pleasure and slick material coursing through his body, as Jarnal hung on his leg, weakly. "Hot damn. That wasn't half bad."

Teeo panted and glanced up at his new idol, blinking with fatigued content and speaking with a tired quick slur. "Did I do something wrong . . ."

"What did you do?" Jarnal answered, pulling his body away and dropping next to him on his back and crossing his arms under his head. "You're like a damn log. . . Damned hot log. . ."

Teeo admitted, glancing down. "It is better when you do it."

"Obviously." Jarnal replied egotistically. "But that's okay. You'll learn; I intend to have a lot of fun at your expense."

Teeo shivered again with anticipation, never more eager to learn anything. Jarnal gland glanced over his shoulder as Jarnal laughed at him. "You probably never even masturbated, have you, you innocent little boy?"

"Never that far. . ." Teeo struggled to find the words to answer, his whole body beginning to throb as it realized the pain it had experienced. "Not like that."

Jarnal answered coldly. "Well, you need to be alone for it to be masturbating."

A long moment passed between them, and just as Teeo drifted off to sleep or maybe it was hours and only felt like it was just as he fell asleep, Jarnal asked in that soft probing voice of his. "Hey, kid."

The youth was awake in a minute and turned eagerly towards him. "What?"

Jarnal had sunk back to his back his arms again beneath his handsome head. "So you ever had sex before. I mean with a girl?"

Teeo glanced away. "No. Never at all."

"Hum." Jarnal sounded disapproving. Then shrugged. "Remind me to introduce you to some chicks on some special day. You're birthday or somethin'."

"Okay. . ." Teeo nuzzled into his arms, wondering if Jarnal knew when his birthday was or if he could lie.

Jarnal suddenly stood and Teeo followed him with his eyes, watching as he adjusted his pants, which he had never bothered to remove and headed towards the door slipping into his boots. When Teeo sat up and reached out an arm to stop him, Jarnal gestured down at him with a chastising yet mischievous smile. "You, uh, you might want to clean your self up before you get back to bed."

Teeo looked down at his body still shining with sweat, heat, and the sweet white fluid that had come so easily from their bodies.

"Wait! Jarnal!" The door closed and Teeo would never know if Jarnal had not heard him or if the man had just decided to ignore him.

Teeo began to stand and was confronted by the full stinging pain of his actions that night realizing he might have trouble walking. Yet he managed to stumble to the washing basin in the other room and leaning over the cool water he wetted a cool towel and wiped down his body, more to cool the heat till rising from his naked form than to clean his skin. For a long moment, he gazed into the mirror, leaning wearily on the stand, whether unwilling to move or unable to tear his eyes away from the body of a creature he had never seen before. He couldn't tell yet if the other figure was a wanton madman or an innocent victim of rape, or maybe a cross between the two that had enjoyed his hellish seduction.

When the stranger in the mirror exhausted his thoughts, Teeo returned to his bedroom and returned his pants to their proper place over his body. His shirt he hung on his arms, not bothering to button it. He winced sitting on the edge of the bed but was able to ignore the painful sting after a moment. He stared down a long moment at the floor where Jarnal had pulled him and taken from him his first everything. Or maybe it was given him his first everything. Or maybe the first of everything had yet to be experienced.

A dull ache rose in his stomach. He couldn't tell if it was desire or despair and decided it would be best to sleep the nausea away. As Teeo lay down on his bed, alone, he wondered aloud. "What just happened to me?"