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Anyway, this was written at my school during lunch, I almost got caught too. I learned quite a lot from my best friend, since he told me some things that I could use in this fic. So without further adieu, here's my attempt..ah, enjoy!

Required Tastes

Not that it really matters to me, but lately I find myself questioning who I am and why I'm even alive. Li keeps telling me that it's because we just back to school and I'm allowed to be an idiot for about the rest of the week. But then I have to get off my ass and do something constructive, which is strange coming from a guy who likes to melt things for the hell of it.

He suggested that I should join drama because I'm so passionate, but I think he's just saying that to get me on the ground to ravish the hell out of me, but I'm indecisive, so if he really wants to screw me, he can, but only if he asks first! Ah, but where there's him, there's this girl Kaia, she's hot and I really like her, but she doesn't bother to flirt with me, while Li won't leave me the hell alone.

Anyway, I had to wake up and stagger about that morning as I struggled with my pants or I'd be late for school, and I can already hear my mother whining at me to hurry the hell up, but does she even realize how hard it is to on this piece of shit uniform?! With pants on, and I actually remembered to dress fully this time, I came flying out the sliding doors to my room, which are made of rice paper so I'll have to fix that when I get home.

Once in the kitchen I grabbed some toast with jam, chewed for a little while before running to leave, but not before kissing my mother on the cheek, which now had the sticky jam on it.

"Sorry, I'm in a hurry!" I reply and simply waved me off and wiped it away.

"Okay sweetie" my mother retorts, smiling at me, which is where I've obtained the same odd habit.

I bolted out the door and jumped over the fence in an attempt to get to school on time, but it's not the first time I've been late getting to school, it's all the time actually and I still haven't figured out why.

Once around the corner I slammed into an unknown figure and I apologized repeatedly as the person helped me up. I looked up to stare into the smirking face of my best friend, who happens to be the perverted actor who won't leave me alone for five minutes. So I'm guessing that he's been waiting here to walk me to school, that or he plotted to scare the shit out of me.. Either one really.

"Hey, don't start jumping me this early, it's morning and we could get caught" he chided, which caused me to turn different shades of red all at once, um, yea that was weird.

"Well why were you standing there if you didn't want it?" I asked happily "what if I was an old woman, would you still fuck me then?".

".Yes I would" he replied stoically, see? He's perverted.

"You really are a dick, you know that right Li?" I asked sarcastically, before dusting myself off and walking towards the school, for some reason forgetting that I was indeed late.

"I know I am Ten, but that's what makes me so perfect!" he beamed, wrapping his arm around me. I only continued walking since I am so used to this sort of thing, also the fact that he holds me so tight to make sure I can't get away from him.

When most people see us, they thing "Oh, what an interesting couple" while others are shocked by Li's open bisexuality and the fact that on a bet he would make out with anyone on the spot, Yea, I know, he's weird.

You see, when people look at Li at first they see a handsome, raven- haired, eighteen-year-old, that's pleasing to the eyes.but then he opens his mouth and that fantasy is shit on.

He's my best friend, but well he's slightly, if not absolutely, insane and he's proud of it so let's give him some credit okay? ^_^

Now unlike most kids who grew up in a nice home and were innocent and carefree, well Li wasn't'. Most kids learn about the fact of life from their parents, while Li learned them from a drunk on the subway. It's not all-bad he says, because he already knows more about sex and masturbation than most doctors and marriage counselors put together. I remember one day that he gave "advice" to a lot of the guys on the track team, swim team, even the Chess team, on how to please a woman.or man, and the next day everyone was smiling!

I finally, we finally, made our way to school. The whole time Li wouldn't leave me alone. He kept nipping at my ears until I had to push him away, but he only laughed saying that I was playing hard to get or I didn't want to get caught in the middle of the street.man, what an ass.

Once we got to school we met up with Kaia; now she's another of my friends, but she's subtle compared to my hormone driven freak of nature, who normally glares at her whenever she hugs me on occasion.

For you see, Kaia Ishu grew up in the nice wealthy family and even though she has everything she would want, she still rebels and has even knocked over a liquor store with Li! But she's normal and that's all that matters.when you don't look at her records though. Well unlike Li she has decency to think before she speaks and she never learned about certain things until Li came to her and explained them thoroughly.

The three of us entered the school and walked down past the theater only to hear ranting and raving from the auditorium. We stopped and waited until a student that we were familiar with came flying out the doors and down the hall. Only five seconds later the drama director came out looking for the little shit that high tailed it out of there.

Weiss Niwa has been the drama director at our school for ten years, and he was suppose to be let go and receive retirement money, but he refused saying that "the children needed him!"...Bullshit!!!

The man is about as bright as a burnt out light bulb and he can't cast anyone with talent except Li and Kaia, which he was lucky to get. The man is a crappy dresser, always wearing neon green shirts with lavender spandex pants! Yea! He's married.Not! All he does is mince around all day talking about how poorly we sing and act, when the guy can't carry a note to save his life!

Now, the only person that can keep the idiot in place would be the producer of many of the plays, none other than Tomoe Roku. Not only does he help with plays, he's also the Japanese teacher. He's a rock, there's nothing else to it and he's sometimes cold to a lot of people, especially out resident moron Niwa-san.

Niwa turned to us and only stared before trudging down the hall to find the little escapee, all the while we watched the frills of his shirt bounce as he walked. After exchanging glances and horrified looks, we shuddered and headed to our class.

~~Somewhere in the school~~

"You know Ten, I'm sure that in a couple years you're going to look like Niwa" Li said to me outside of our class room, but a less than light smack on the head shut him up for the time being.

"Well, I don't think Tenshi will look like him, for one thing he never wear clothes that require sunglasses just to look at while Niwa does" Kaia chirped in.

What colours? I barely wear anything remotely colorful, why bother? My hair is already two colours and almost to my ass and my eyes are the weirdest colours. It's been commented, by Li of course, that the colour of my eyes is like melted mint ice cream.I think he was stoned that day, I'm not quite sure. However, it allowed him to gaze deep into my eyes and lean in to kiss me, but I didn't care, he does it so often I'm used to it now. It wasn't until he pushed me to the floor that I had to kick him in the old twig and giggles berries.he stayed away for about an hour after that.

We staggered, well I staggered into the room after Kaia and Li were bickering about me and Niwa when they knocked me into the room only end up making me become sprawled out onto the floor in front of a bunch of girls.

They giggled, I laughed nervously and got off my ass and got to my knees in order to stand up.

"Hey Ten, you're the guy, you get the blow jobs, not the other way around!" Li scoffed.

I glared at him for the comment, how rude it was saying that to me in front of those girls, which right now were telling at him and blushing up a storm. Sometimes I wonder who really has control over what Li says, because he's not always this perverted all the time, he can be sweet and do I dare say, polite?

Li went silent when he heard the teacher come into the room; now, it's common knowledge that a few years back, Li and our teacher's daughter were caught in the janitor's closet during the class period. The only reason anyone found out was because the janitor's thought some sort of animal was either howling in pain or dying. But as usual Li denied it even though he was half naked with the teachers daughter in his arms while in the closet surrounded by onlookers, yet he still denied it.and still does.

Well our teacher came in looking as pissed off as ever and his eyes immediately went to Li's, and I swear there were flames in them.. Kind of creepy, well that and his face was kind of red, like a big old pissed off lobster in a way.

After a few pointless minutes of glaring, Li sat down and slammed his head on the desk, which I think I saw the teacher smile at.

"Why is he still so pissed at me?" Li whined, although it was sort of muffled by the desk, but knowing him for years I could translate easily.

"Well, let's see, you never listen to him, you once lit his briefcase on fire, you know I still don't know why you did that, and the major thing, you were banging his daughter, what did you expect?" I asked, all the while smiling brightly to infuriate him even further.

"You're not helping Tenshi!" he seethed, throwing a textbook at my head, but he missed, he always does.

"I know I'm not helping, when was I ever suppose to!?" I yelled, causing people to stare and raise their eyebrows at me. I'm an idiot sometimes, but only around Li, because he truly brings out the idiot in me.


Well, class ended a little too late for my liking, but next period I wandered the halls, since I had a free period to study so I wandered, yes I said that already, so blame it on Li, it's his doing.where is he anyway?

Just like out of a horror movie, I turned the corner in search of my idiot and what was waiting for me was too horrible to describe it was.. Nothing at all???.WHAT THE FUCK! Usually the hallway is full of nothing but bumbling twits but today there was the janitor, whom odd enough was the one that found Li and the teacher's daughter together.Yes I know, I know.

Anyway, as bored as I was I just walked away and towards the art rooms where they were painting still life, but some guy had the bright idea to try and draw something that moves, I've never seen such a pissed off cat in my life. I love cats and all, but I was quite finished with that, so I took off towards the washroom, that's when there is no one in there. I can jut stand around in there and do nothing, but occasionally some people come in and talk to me while I'm relieving myself a lot of the times.

I yawned and walked to the urinals to relieve myself to the point that I looked like I was almost making out with the thing. I looked up when I heard the door open but it was probably another guy coming into smoke as usual.

I zipped up my pants and turned around to meet eyes with Li, it wasn't until that point that I realized he had this period off as well, and what an idiot I was considering he and I had this time off.

He smiled strangely at me and walked towards the sink where he propped himself there and stared at me for a long while. I paced over to the sink and washed my hands, the entire time my eyes would shift to him to see what he was up to, but it appeared that he was just watching me.

I dried my hands, my eyes still on his and I made a move to the door, but gasped lightly when I saw that it had been locked from the inside.

"Hey Li, did you do this?" I asked, but I was silenced when he came up behind me and put his hands to both sides of me on the door frame, leaving me trapped between him and the wall "Li, what are you doing?"

"Nothing Tenshi, don't worry, I would never harm you" he said, something sounded different in his voice though, it was husky and his eyes looked different, almost clouded with lust.

I never had a chance to respond as his lips were pressed roughly to mine. At first I was confused and just a little frightened, because normally he just kisses my cheek, grabs my ass, or blows in my ears, but this time there's a lot more behind this kiss.

I didn't move as I felt his kiss become even deeper and his hands roamed where he began to massage my side causing me to gasp, allowing him to slip his tongue into my mouth.

Most people would begin to panic, slap him as hard as they could, or push him away, but I just stood there dumbly and allowed him to ravish my mouth until I myself moaned lightly from the stimulation from his lips, until the need to breathe became essential.

However, the second I opened my mouth to breathe he crushed his lips to mine again this time even more heated then the last time. I was taken aback but I didn't force him off like so many others, because you know what they say, "you can't rape the willing", and I know that Li would never do something like that to me.

I closed my eyes on instinct and moaned a little louder as he dragged me into the washroom, his warm body pressed against me hard, probably so I couldn't run away from him.

The next thing I knew he had me cornered near the sink, with his usual smirk on his face as he ran his hands up my sides and cupped my ass with his strong hands.

I looked up at him, yes "looked up" I'm about two inches shorter than he is if you measure us correctly, but today he seemed to tower over me. I tried to say something but he silenced me with another kiss, this time a little softer then before, but still full of passion, while his hands began to roam a little too much to be considered appropriate.

He moved his hands down lower and grabbed my crotch, causing me to gasp then moan as he began to caress my member through the material of my pants causing irresistible friction. He smiled again before he started to kiss and nip at the nape of my neck, going further up until I felt him bite down hard on to the sensitive flesh, no doubt leaving marks that I would have to explain later. I began to make small mewling sounds that I had no idea I could make as I started to become more enthralled in what he was doing to me.

In my heightened pleasure I didn't notice when he undid my pants and slipped his hands down and grab my throbbing length.

"Li, what are you doing?!" I asked in a slight daze from his ministrations, not that I wanted to stop, but I was just concerned that someone may come in and see us.

"Relax, I locked the door, remember?" he said, as though reading my mind as he kissed my eyelids lightly and smiled.

"Um.right" I said quietly, not as fearful as I was, but still slightly nervous to be caught.

I looked up to see his trademark smirk and I could see the mischief dancing in his eyes. I didn't have time to react as he placed his hand back into my pants and started to stroke me slowly at first, causing me to thrash slightly. He calmed me however, with another kiss and assured me that he would never hurt me, and I believed him, I always do even if he is a jerk at times.

I shuddered violently as he continued to work me and his speed increased until I was over the edge in ecstasy until I finally lost control and cried his name before I came all over his hand and in the inside of my pants, leaving me completely breathless.

"Hmm, I would have assumed you wouldn't like that," he said, removing his hand from my still aching member and examined his hand that was now covered with warm, sticky semen.

For what seemed like the hundredth time that day, I stared at him dumbly as he lifted his hand to his mouth and lapped away my sticky residue. His tongue danced about his fingers making sure that he didn't miss a simple drop of the salty treat that he had worked so hard to get.

He smiled at me before checking his watch quickly as if he was late for something, probably class.. Than again he and I have this period off and it wasn't even half way through, so he must have something else to do.

He leaned down to me and pressed a soft kiss to my cheek before washing his hands and leaving me in a breathless heap on the washroom floor. I watched him leave, feeling a little lonely that his presence was now no where to be felt.

I stood up shakily and looked down at my pants to see that they were still open and that anyone could just walk in and see me like this.. Oh shit, Li unlocked the door.

In pure haste I zipped up my pants making sure I didn't nick anything in the process before I headed to the sink to look at myself in the mirror. My clothes were disheveled, my hair looked as if I had just woken up and my breathing was ragged.

I nearly pissed myself when I heard the door open to the washroom and footsteps echoed closer, so I stuck my head in the sink and ran the water to remove any trace about out "activity".

I whipped my head back and heard water hit the ground, oops, was the only word that escaped my lips as I shifted my eyes to, what I'm assuming was another student.

He wasn't bad looking, he was about my height, with spiky brown hair and luminous aqua eyes.

"Hello" he said simply, but I just stared and replied...

~~End chapter 1~~

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