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~~Chapter 18~~


~*Tenshi's POV*~

Ribbons to the left of me, ribbons to the right of me, and even in front of me! Sure I love wrapping Christmas gifts, but I tend to get tape and bows stuck everywhere for weeks, and then we have to scrape it off later.

However, its worth it to see the expressions on family and friends faces when they open up that specially wrapped gift that I spent hours on, I love it.

Well, anyway, it's been a while since Xi-Lan and Okita were married, and they even moved into his house, which is huge! Li has this fantastic view of the lake from his bedroom window; in fact we made love on the huge bay window sill, lots of cushioning!

Sighing, I continued to wrap more gifts for my family and friends, just the usual: blouse for mom, DVD's for dad, cook book for Grandma, books for Jiichan, perfume for Kaia, and a sliver watch for Li, plus some rather exotic photo's of me for his collection ^^;

I finally finished wrapping the last gift, which was Li's. Just thinking about him and his always-insane antics brought a smile to my lips, and now we were going to live with each other as soon as we graduated, but only if we both graduated. It's a good thing then, that both of us have good grades, and my week absence from school won't matter either.

With a final bow to the gift, I was done, but I still had to remove all the tape and ribbon from my cat's fur, he wouldn't stop playing with it, so now he's just a ball of multicolor tassels.

"Tenshi?" I turned my head when I heard my mother slide my bedroom door open. She was dressed in her fine clothes and made up nicely, which I've never seen often, mainly at funerals "They'll be here shortly, so get dressed!"

That's right, today was an important day as well, and I was so nervous, I've never had someone new live together in our family, but I'd have to adjust. Picking up the newly wrapped presents, I stuffed them in the closet and checked the mirror really quick to see what I looked like.

I frowned at my reflection; the cuts that covered my face were healing, but left faint scars that were barely noticeable to anyone else, but to me they were huge, and deep and could be seen from a mile away. However, I do tend to exaggerate and no one from school even commented on them. Oh school, I remember going back there not too long ago; everyone was really nice to me, a little too nice actually, but the awkwardness is gone now, but I do occasionally get people who ask me about what happened.

I don't tell them what happened, its too much for me to regale, and it hurts deep down inside, twists my heart and sometimes when I'm alone, which is not often, I cry.

However, now is not the time to get into that, there are more important things to do and-

"Tenshi!!!!!!!" my thoughts were completely ended when I felt something lock onto my back and kiss me repeatedly on the neck. It sounded familiar, but I made sure. Reaching up, I grasped what was clasped to me, only to feel hair, smooth skin, and my fingers up someone's nose…Eww.

"Hello my precious little snow angel!" Li purred, kneading my arms, chest, neck, anything that was within his reach. I smiled at the familiar feeling of him against me, that I hadn't felt for a long while since he's been so busy with packing, school and stuff, so I haven't been with him for almost three weeks, aside from the little rendezvous in the bathroom.

"How I've missed you, but everything is finally settled so I can be with you today, tomorrow, the next day and so on my love!" he said, kissing my neck lightly, and holding me tight, refusing to let go if I even moved an inch.

"Is that why you're here Li?" I asked, turning in his arms, to rest my head on his chest. He was always so warm, even if it was the day of Christmas Eve and he was out in the frigid air.

"Of course I missed you. My day just isn't the same without you there, telling me to stop being a dumb ass, and so I can kiss you whenever I want" he replied, groping every part of my body he could at that moment, but I had to push him away for now.

"Not now Li, sorry, but someone very important is coming here today, so I have to be ready" he smiled warmly, and released his hold on me, before smoothing out my hair, almost in a motherly fashion.

"So, who's coming here?"

"Why, you of all people should know Li, now just follow me outside and you shall see"

I took off out the door, making sure to drag Li with me, and when I say drag, I really meant it. I dragged his ass out there into the thirty-inch snow and waited for our new resident to show up.

My mom looked nervous, while my father was stoic as usual, occasionally sending a glance to Li and me, as I pummeled him relentlessly into the snow and jumped on him.

Our frolicking ended when a car pulled up at the gates of the temple. I immediately pushed away from Li and ran over to meet my parents, seeing that the girls from the hospital, Kaoru and Nitta, pile out of the car.

"Hey everyone!" Kaoru cheered, running over to us, her pink and white scarf billowing in the wind. She was only always so cheerful at the hospital, giving the kids piggyback rides and playing with them when they wanted.

She was now engaged to a man that she took care of in the hospital for a long time. For such a long time Kaoru had said that she would die alone, seeing as no one would love her because she was slightly overweight, but she showed them! That guy loves her and gave her a huge, frickin' ring!

Anyway, the shorter girl Nitta emerged from the car and opened the door to the back seat, and shyly Yukiko climbed out. He looked tired, clearly still getting over his treatments for his leukemia, but he was still the sweet, comical kid that hid in my room.

"Oniisan!" he cried, running over to me, a large smile on his face, but expressed through his eyes mainly. He leaped at me, wrapping his arms around my waist, causing me to fall on my ass, yes that's right, I still have little or no balance, even when I was able to walk fine all these years.

"Hey Yuki, how are you?" I asked, prying him off me to get a better look at the ball of energy. Silver and teal locks of hair framed his gentle face, but my old hair just didn't fit him right, too light, but who am I to complain about my own hair??

"I'm great Oniisan! I still can't believe what you did for me, no one bothered to give me a chance, so thank you"

If you're wondering what I did, it's nothing at all really. I told my parents, as well as my grandparents, that after my stay at the hospital that there was a little boy recovering from a disease, and that his parents had both died, leaving him without anyone in the world.

So, I asked them if they would adopt Yuki, so that he may at least have a normal childhood, and love him when others had chosen not too, because of the problems he had.

Then again, Mom said that since I was moving out after school was over, that she wouldn't mind having another child to care for.

I noticed my mother staring intently at Yuki and I, a smile on her lips as she watched our interaction. I know that she is sad about me moving away since I'm her "little boy", but she understands that I want to live with Li.

She did however, finally come over to see him finally, and I could tell she was nervous, but don't worry mother, he'll love you!

"Hello" she said gently, kneeling down to Yuki's height. He moved off of me and turned to her, a sheepish little grin on his face "My name is Ai, its nice to meet you"

"I'm Yukiko, thank you for taking me into your family Ma'am" he chirped, embracing her as much as his little arms could muster. He continued to latch onto her even as the adoption agent came over, shivering and huffing out white clouds *sigh* some people just can't stand a little cold.

My mother patted Yukiko's head and approached the woman, offering to let her come in from the cold, which she accepted quickly. My father and grandmother followed, while I stayed outside with Yuki, Li and Jiichan. We all stood there, infrequently exchanging glances to one another, as snow fell into our eyes.

"…Um, so" Li said, shuffling his feet in the snow, his eyes downcast, watching the snow he kicked around "so…."

Okay, I think I just heard crickets in December. My grandfather shifted slightly towards Li, his face placid.

"So Li, still banging my grandson?"

"Yes sir"


Have you ever heard the relentless sound of a pen clicking, and wanted nothing more than to take it and stab the person that's making the noise to death!? Well, I sure did.

All the way across the room Li clicked a pen over and over, while snapping his gum loudly as he wrote in a book, hoping to get his homework done over the Christmas break, he just chose to be annoying while doing it, and whilst he sat on my bed.

Also, in my room at that moment, were Kaia and her new boyfriend Tsuzuki, doing pretty much the same over by my door with hot chocolate. Sometimes I think my room is a hangout for under privileged hoodlums.

"So, are all of you coming to my parent's Christmas party?" Li asked in the quiet solitude of my room. I was going, of course, but I didn't know about Kaia and her new beau, then again I hardly spoke to them since they were so busy with each other, but they still managed to come over, quite frequently now that it was the holiday.

"Sure, I'll go, what about you Tsuzuki?" Kaia asked, pulling at his sleeve. He nodded, smiling charmingly like some model in a magazine, hmm, wondering if I could cut that smile out with a pair of scissors?

No, better not, the last thing I need is a lawsuit.

"Um, Tenshi, could you get those away from me please?" Tsuzuki asked, pointing at the scissors in my hand, that I would poke and re-poke him with. A few more light jabs, and I backed off into my corner of the room, where I fiddled with my laptop and watched the porn and pop-up ads flood the screen.

But I don't look at porn at all…….heh, not today anyway ^^;

Elsewhere in the room, the pen clicking ceased, and the bed squeaked and before I knew it, Li was by my side, searching the web for inappropriate things! Which I looked at! Hey, I'm only human.

"I'll need a rather large bag for all the presents that I got everyone" Kaia murmured from her current perch, which was right in the arms of Tsuzuki "I think I spent a lot, but its worth it".

"Yea, same here" Li said, clicking on more ads then web sites. I sent him a glare as he scanned over the numerous pictures of naked women "oh, but I need to drop by Ukai's to pick him and Kitarou up for the party"

"They don't have a car?" I asked, slightly surprised that the suave blond didn't have such convenience as an automobile. But I guess it was all right, he walked a lot and took the bus to everything important, even to Ukai's apartment.

Speaking of Kitarou and Ukai, I overheard at school that Kitarou is going to be moving in with his new lover, as was Ukai's orders since he doesn't want him around his landlord. I don't know what's going on with all that, but I'm not one to pry into other people's lives.

Yet other people sure like to pry into mine, interesting how that works isn't it?

Sighing, I leaned back on the floor, just so I could stare at the ceiling. Lately I felt like a housewife, looking through paint swatches for the new apartment, buying furniture with my parents, buying Li new clothes and just staying at home while Li went to work sometimes.

It was lame, but I felt that way and why not? I was wife material, according to Kitarou, since I'm the "uke" in the relationship. Meh, so what? I like getting it, quite a lot actually and we do it so often that the roles switch, so Kitarou doesn't know what he's talking about!

Wonder what Kitarou and Ukai are up too anyway? I haven't seen them since the school break.


~*Kitarou's POV*~

I picked up everything I could, things that belonged to other people, or me and cleaned everything up that was lying around. It was so odd as I picked up the numerous boxes in the corner and passed them off to Tatsuha to take down to the car.

Sighing as the final box was sealed, I looked around my old home, the place I had lived since I left home, the place that sheltered me through my years of work and university, and in all of these thoughts, I could not think of a single good memory.

Good riddance to this awful place, I pray it burn down. I could care less, I hate this place, and it ruined me, tainted what I used to be and made me into a reclusive, self-absorbed lunatic.

"Kit-chan, I'll be right back, I don't want Tatsuha walking alone in this place" Kodoku said, taking the last box from my arms and followed his brother down to the elevator, leaving me all alone.

I was being taken away from this place, from all the pain that I had endured, and would now be living with someone that loved me, and whom I loved in return.

Strange isn't it? How the one person you can picture spending the rest of your life with, was right under your nose the entire time, but you were just too stubborn to realize it. That's how it was with Kodoku, there was love right there, with open arms, and I ignored it for some weird obsession.

"So, you found a little fuck toy did you?" I knew that horrible voice, so laden with malice that it could make a snake cringe. Then again that's all he was, a snake, but that's truly an insult to those lovely little serpents. Yukio is not of this world, but something that lurks in the shadows, a monster.

"Shut up Yukio, he's not a fuck toy, don't even think that way about him" I said, keeping my voice as calm and still as humanly possible. Even if I was moving out now, never to see this bastard again, I was still cautious about what he could do to me or Kodoku if he was angry enough.

"You don't believe that your actually allowed to leave do you?" he threatened, his voice cracking lightly under his obvious rage. I turned to him, finding him glaring steadily at me, but I would not be threatened, my time here was over and it was time that he knew this.

"I am leaving Yukio, and nothing you say or do will stop me from doing so" I could feel him tense at my frank statement, and the sound of his teeth grinding was literally echoing in the empty apartment.

Taking my chances, I picked up my last suitcase and walked to the door, but the landlord was in the way, refusing to move from my only means of escape. I had to go, there was someone waiting for me, and I was sure that no one was there for Yukio, but he made his choice to be alone, and right now, I was nothing to him, my life had purpose now.

"Step aside please" I asked calmly, having no fear, hate, or disgust in my voice, just pity. I saw his brow twitch, before he moved aside from the door, letting me leave, letting me be free.

So I left, carrying my last bag with me, and towards that elevator that still didn't stop quite on the right floor. Throwing the bag up into it, I climbed up, being careful of the jagged metal sticking out, but for years I never cut myself once.

"Kitarou! You'll regret this! You'll come back! I know you will!!" Yukio screamed from the corridor, his voice cracking again, becoming high pitched and he almost sounded frightened.

I still felt pity, of course I would because here was a man that tried to fill his life with forced emotions, instead of going out and actually finding a good, decent person his own age, it was just really sad.

The elevator stopped to the bottom floor, and I stepped out, ignoring the numerous whores standing around as usual, and continued on my way to the outside world, to where my life could finally start.

"Kitarou? Are you ready to go?" Kodoku asked from his current position on top of our new car. That's right our car. Wondering how I got it? Well simple, when your great grandfather passes away, leaving you in his will, you tend to get something from him, and in my case he gave me money, god bless him.

Kodoku and I agreed to use some of his money and my money to buy a car so we could get around easier. Quite a step in our relationship, to go out and buy a car, but I have a feeling that he and I will be together, and if the odd chance we do break up…..I'll just steal the car.

Um, on second thought, I don't really want to have a record this early in my life, let's leave that for another day shall we? Okay then.

"Kit-chan, are you okay?" Kodoku asked, appearing next to me. His small hand embraced mine, while his lovely sea green eyes gazed into my soul. Yes, I'm pretty sure that he and I won't be parting ways any time soon.

"I'm fine, no need to worry about me Kodoku" I replied, leaning into kiss him, but the sound of a phone ringing ruined the moment. Damn those little contraptions!

"Hello, oh hey Li…yea we're still going, oh but we don't need to be picked up…..yea, Kitarou and I have a car, so we'll meet you there" I caught only what so much of what he said, then again I would assume that Li's end of the conversation was nothing but broken sentences and slang, but as long as Kodoku understood "okay, bye then"


"The party's on and its about that time, so we should get going"

"Right" I sighed, but not from sheer boredom or annoyance, but just that good "fuzzy" feeling people get when something good actually happens for once. With everything gathered into our car, I climbed into the passengers seat and listened to the cars engine purr.

We had to drop off all my crap to the apartment, but after that we were to go to Li's new home for some Christmas Eve party, but I'm not complaining, even if I would just like to stay home, or rather in bed, with Kodoku all night and day.

Hehe….dirty thoughts always!


~*Tenshi's POV* ~

I don't tend to drink much, but today was one hell of an exception! I sat on an overly crowded couch with Li, Ukai, Kitarou, Kaia and a very drunk Tsuzuki, whom kept staring at the table in front of him. Ah what a splendid party, um, aside from the backed up toilets and the amount of vomiting, yea, it was still fun.

"Hey, I just realized something, Tenshi" Tsuzuki said, his eyes glossy and quizzical; he poked at my hair, before pinching in between his fingers "you've got silver hair…and I do believe I'm…..very, very drunk"

He laughed quietly, as he rested his head on my shoulder, his body practically plastered to me, and with the heat in the house and my sweater, his form wasn't making it any better.

"Aww, don't worry baby, I'm so fucking plastered too!" Kaia cheered from my other side, following her drunken beau's example and giggled, while holding a glass of, well I don't know what it was.

I stood up, watching them both simultaneously fall against each other. That one act caused them to start making out right there, having no decency to at least do it outside or in a closet, tsk tsk, kids these days, don't even know the good places to have sex. In a tree is my next attempt!

I felt Li eyeing me as I walked through the mass of people in the large living area. The reason for the crowding was simple really, they were all Okita's relatives that lived around here, and also others that stayed longer since the wedding. Anyway, I pushed through people, trying desperately to get to the washroom, but finding a line that went all the way to the kitchen. This was one hell of a party.

"Hey Tenshi! How are you?" I turned when I heard Xi-Lan's familiar voice over the loud murmur from the guests. She was dressed in a blue turtleneck with a black skirt, and looking rather hot! But don't tell Li that, he'd kick your ass and then some.

"I'm-I'm good, still alive" I said, sitting across from her as she decorated a lovely platter with chocolates, pastries, and anything that could give you an instant sugar high.

"What were you doing dear?"

"I was actually looking for a washroom, but the line is longer than an Eminem concert", I replied, nibbling on a piece of candy that she offered me.

"Well, there's one just past the living room and it looks like more like a closet but its not. I found it yesterday while I was snooping around" she said quietly, like it was the biggest damn secret in the world. I thanked her and ran to said room, while the party kept going.

Twenty minutes it took to get situated in that sardine can facilities, it was like an airport bathroom for Christ's sake! When I finally emerged, some of the party was gone, obviously eager to get home to be with their loved ones on this pristine holiday.

Tomorrow was Christmas; it came so soon too. I consider myself to be very lucky to be alive, not paralyzed and free of some sexual disease that I'm sure Vidoru would have given me.

Of course I'm lucky, I've got my family, friends and Li. Speaking of which, because Li and I are so close, my family and his are going to spend the night at the Nakamura household for Christmas instead of at my family's temple. The best part is that my mom and Xi-Lan don't care if Li and I share the same bed. You know, I honestly think that my parents are trying to pawn me off on him, you'd think that they would be mortified to learn their son was queerer than a three dollar bill, but they weren't, the embraced it and could care less.

"Oniisan, I'm tired" Yukiko appeared literally from no where, then again he's so small he blends in so well to his surroundings. I felt him wrap his little arms around my waist, before I picked him up.

He fell asleep instantly, already passing his bedtime and I wondered if he would be able to sleep with all this noise. Ignoring the thought, I carried him upstairs, finding a room completely void of any noise and put him to bed before heading to my own room to get away from the constant noise.

It was Li's room, the one with the bay window, which looked out over the lake. The sliver moon hung low, casting light against the icy lake and making the snow glitter like a thousand tiny diamonds.

"Tenshi?" I screamed when I felt a arms wrap around me, but calmed when they just belonged to Li. He chuckled at my reaction, son of a bitch, there are over thirty people in the whole house, how was I suppose to know it was him? I felt his warm breath tickle my neck, while his arms held me tight "Hey, I have something for you"

He made me turn around, allowing him to see me better. His smile was warm and inviting, so much so it could melt the snow and anyone's heart. I watched closely as he took my hand and placed a silver ring onto my finger.

Speechless was the only word to describe me as I gazed down at the glittering silver band, while three diamonds stared straight back at me, each sparkling with their own luster. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks at the present that fit my hand so perfectly.

"Li, what is this for?" I asked, still stunned more so than usual. He chuckled at me, taking my face in his hands and kissing me lightly on the lips.

"Call it a pre-engagement ring, it's a symbol of my love for you and to prove that no matter what, I will be with you" he said, and I could feel a river of tears billowing in my eyes. I embraced him, its all I could do, I couldn't speak without my voice threatening to crack "I take it you accept my offer?"

"Yes, of course"

"I knew you would, but I have one more thing to give to you," he said, pushing me away gently and holding an envelope out to me. I took it with slight confusion, but undid the fancy wax seal and opened the huge letter. I read it aloud and it said:

"To Tenshi,

For the first year I knew you, I made you cry

For the time after that I stood by your side

And each day from then I fell in love

With you charm, you kindness, your entire heart

So now you dealt with my qualities and faults

I want you to know that we shall never part

Since I mentioned them to you that day, I told you nothing about them, intent on making you find them yourself, but that was mean, so now here they are.

Tenshi, I give to you the real, legitimate Five Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Son, and they are all things that you've done.

5.) Devotion-You spend your own free time being with me and keeping me out of trouble.

4.) Optimism-Even when you know things are bad, you see through it and are willing to take things head on, without so much as flinching.

3.) Trust-You have faith in my judgement and know that I wouldn't, couldn't, do anything to hurt you.

2.) Forgiveness-Despite what I've done, do, or will do, I know that you will never hold anything against me, and never have.

1.) Acceptance-You love me for who I am, and never want me to change, even when people think I should. You believe in me more than anyone else in the world.

So in closing, my love, these five things make up everything about you that I cherish, that I will always love. I sincerely hope that each day after this letter that you remain the same and stay with me, put up with me, love me, as long as we walk this plain.

Merry Christmas, Snow Angel


You Kitsune, Li

Wow, such a thoughtful letter, full of love and honesty, he even told me the rules. The smile on my lips I'm sure was priceless to him as I folded the letter back up and held it against my heart.

"I liked your little poem" I chimed, moving even closer to him until I was in his arms yet again. The soft material of his sweater brushed against my face as I buried my face into the nape of his neck, causing little shivers to wrack his body "did you write it yourself?"

"Yes, and don't make jokes, I know it sucks"

"Heh, I wasn't going to make fun of you, but it was really cute" I teased, poking his firm chest, that made you just want to purr out loud "it was such a nice gesture, and I really do love it, thank you Kitsune"

"That's good, I feel that the note is much more meaningful than that ring, don't you?" he asked, fingering the silver band on my digit. Even in the dark the ring sparkled, but he was right, I loved the letter the most, since it depicted his feelings to me through literature.

"I do, I think its very meaningful, while I believe the ring is a little extra so you can get some, am I right?" I vexed him again.

"You got me" He chuckled, shaking his head from my eccentric question "That's exactly what I wanted from you".

Before he could even speak another word I was already stripped down in front of him, left only in my boxer shorts. Again he laughed at my zealous display, but we hadn't been together for a while, and after what he just gave me he was asking to be laid! ……well, not that I had anything against it of course.

Sometimes I think that fate had something to do with all this and I have good reason for this as well. When I was a kid I was bullied a lot, always being tripped up by them and sent sprawled out in front of them, but none of them ever had the same impact on me was Li did.

When it was him he never gave up saying mean things to me, but the day I fought back and ended up sending both of us to the hospital, I started something wonderful. I got to know Li, learned to accept him, then like him and now after all these years those emotions turned to love, maybe I had always loved him.

The feel of him now, touching me, moving inside me, was well worth all the taunting from before. It really is amazing how to people whom used to hate one another could be so perfectly in love now. Amazing how people just thought it was puppy love at first, saw it blossom to something else.

To those who think that its impossible to find someone, you are wrong, you just have to look. Either you meet through a blind date, or by literally running into each other, its all fate that ties it together, because something wanted you to meet that person either is be as friends or so much more.

Its getting late now, the commotion down stairs is gone, the only sounds left is the soft breathing of my lover next to me. Tomorrow is a new day, a chance for new life, new love, new experiences, you just have to look.

I closed my eyes, finally blocking out the silver rays of moonlight cascading down on my lover and I. As we sleep to meet the morning together, our hands are intertwined as though we will never let go even in sleep.

Good night now, for tomorrow is a new day, and I look forward to waking up to it with the man next to me.


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