September 10th, 2000 St. Bernard's Hospital

Kristy screamed as the contractions got closer together and her vision blurred as the medicine they gave her started to work. Colors were mixing green white light green and black. Becoming flustered and hot from over five hours of labor at the young age of 15 Kristy thought she would go into shock if she had to keep pushing and waiting for some baby that she didn't want to come into the world. Feeling a nurse hold her hand and her vision clearing she heard the woman's soft voice saying 'breathe in breathe out'. Listening to the woman and the doctor at the same time Kristy began to breathe in and out in big hypnotic breaths and she began pushing harder. Soon she heard the distinct voice of a cry and the nurse smiling at her holding a bundle in blue in her hand.

"It's a boy," the female nurse said cheerfully handing the baby to Kristy.

My life is over Kristy thought to her self. Her parents had no idea that she was pregnant she had kept her pregnancy secret from everyone except for Jared her boy friend who she had been with for a year. Telling her that he loved her and would never do anything to hurt her promising her the moon and telling her to trust him, she did and ended up with a child. Crying with tears of hurt and not joy Kristy remembered his response to her telling him that she was pregnant.

"Kill it, I don't want a baby," Jared said his brown hair messed up and his eyes full of rage.

"Well you should have used protection like I said!" Kristy said with tears in her eyes.

"Kill it or keep it I don't care but I don't want you in my life and us is no more," Jared said holding the door to his house open for Kristy to walk through.

"You said you loved me and would be there for me," Kristy said with tears flowing down her face.

"Well I lied, everyone does," Jared said with a cold acidic voice pushing her through the door and slamming it hard.

Cutting off her train of thought she looked down at the bundle she was holding. The baby had the nose of his father looking away from the baby she studied the white room as the nurse took the baby from her and handed her a Kleenex. The room was a plain clean white room with a sink and clean tile floor. Resting her eyes on the nurse walking out of the room with her child she wiped her eyes trying to come up with an explanation to tell her parents when she got home.

****** HOME

The next day Kristy walked out of the cold hospital with a baby in her arms into the hot September day. The street was quiet as she walked down it. Everyone was either at school or at work but at the Numberg residence her mom was probably just getting over her hangover and her dad was probably off somewhere getting an early start at the pubs before his shift started. Walking up the stairs to her small brown house that had two floors she opened the door quietly. Looking around the small home she checked the messages on her phone.

"Hello, this is the attendance office at Kristy's school. She is absent today please call the office or send a note with her to school tomorrow about her absence," said a stiff female voice.

Hitting the delete button Kristy continued down the dark hall and walked into the living room and saw her mom sitting on the couch watching a soap opera.

"Mom," Kristy said meekly.

"What," her mom replied hoarsely.

"I have to tell you something," Kristy said coming into the living room more.

"Look whatever it is it will have to wait this guys gonna propose and I don't want to miss it," her mom said getting more engrossed in the soap opera ignoring her daughter.

Kristy walked away from the living room and walked up to her room. Looking around her small dingy room she gathered up all of clothes that were packed in suitcases she had put them in before she left. Sitting on her bare bed she cut the mattress open and pulled out a small black box. Opening it she looked inside and saw a wad of money and a credit card. She had saved up three thousand dollars from working two jobs this summer and doing oddball jobs. Just as a precaution in case her parents didn't accept her having a child she had prepared for the worse. For weeks she had been looking for a home and had found one in a low-income neighborhood. Standing up from her bed she gathered her things and walked down the stairs and set them all down by the door just in case the worst-case scenario happened. Walking back upstairs she grabbed her baby and walked back to the living room.

"Mom," Kristy said standing next to the couch where her mom was sitting down.

"What," her mom spat and turned to look at Kristy. "What's that you're holding?"

"My baby."

"Huh," her mom said sitting up from the couch. Walking over to Kristy she raised her hand and slapped Kristy hard across her face and walked past. Grinding her teeth and fighting back tears Kristy turned around and watched as her mom walked out of the living room. Following her mom to the hallway she watched as her mom held open the door to the house.

"Out," her mom commanded with a red fire blazing in her eyes. "I don't want a piece of shit like you living under my roof." "All you have done is cause problems I didn't ask for a child like you who would do nothing but make mistakes in her life."

"Mom," Kristy called out but was stopped short by her mom's short intake of breath.

"Don't' call me mom." "I'm not your mother and you're not my daughter I asked for a nice beautiful good daughter." "You are not."

Holding back tears Kristy walked past her 'mother' and grabbed what she could and put it on the porch and came back to get the rest of her things. Grabbing her last suitcase with her free arm she looked at her 'mother' and smiled.

"I am a good daughter you're just a bad mother," Kristy said with sadness in her voice and turned around from her moms cold hard stare and walked down the stairs pulling out her car keys she got into her car and put the baby in the child seat and piled all of her belongs in the truck. Slamming the trunk door shut she looked back at her former house and saw that her mom was still standing at the door with a cold hard stare on her face.

Pulling out of the driveway the baby started to cry loudly. Kristy feeling nothing but hurt turned on her radio and made the volume go as high as it could so she could not hear the baby cry. Driving down the street with loud music and her baby crying she started to cry herself. Her life was crap. She was rejected by her mom and kicked out, her boyfriend didn't want her and she had a baby with no name wailing in the back. Pulling up to a small duplex in a broke down neighborhood she turned off her music and turned around to face the crying baby.

"All right brat," Kristy said while pulling a club out from behind her seat and putting it on her steering wheel. Getting out from her car she pulled the baby out and a baby bag. Walking up to the duplex and pulling out her car keys she opened the door to a small musty home. Walking in more she closed the door and dust fell from the wall. Shielding her baby from the dust she walked deeper into the house and opened up windows to air out the home. When she reached the bedroom she found a small bed and placed her baby who had stopped crying gently down on his back and left to go her belongings out of her car.