Dear reader,

I would like to thank every single reader that reviewed and posted to this site. I happened to go through an old email account of mine and saw a review from a reader. I was shocked to find that people were still reading and reviewing. Thank you all for the encouragement and motivation. I would like to give you all a gift for Valentine's day…I have decided to rewrite/edit and publish this story. It's been a while since my high school years and I can assure you there will be more detail and lengthier chapters. Right now I publish my works through various independent and underground literary sources. I figure the project should be done and wrapped in a book cover by the end of this year. I just want to thank you all because I never knew that this story would be so well received. I am going to post my blog and twitter on here so that we can keep in touch. As the story progresses I would love your feedback. My blog website is womackcreates and it is hosted through "tumblr" (the story will not let me display the address) and my twitter is "womackcreates" Once again thank you all and I hope you follow this story when it goes to print!