The Language of Your Voice

I was alone in my family's living room

Wondering why my mom leased us a tomb

There were things there to work on, and shirk from, and play

But what about when I had something to say?

Each time my brain told my throat to make meaningful noise,

I had never learned the language of my voice!!

The language of my voice!

The language of my voice!

So one night I broke my windows, and I climbed down my sheets

And I escaped through the alleys on bloody-soled feet.

Since then I've wept sweat when I've run out tears,

And a fall from a plane's been the least of my fears!!

But then I turn to friends, I may choke, but must speak

The skies will stay stormy, but no longer be bleak!!

Don't keep yourself to yourself, it is worth it to share,

And you'll find the pain isn't even there!!

I then took a choice between slut and cadaver,

The world sees a girl, thinks "everybody can have her"!

But I made a third choice, I decided to live,

But I knew not what to say, much less what to give!!

My cheeks they were pink, but my knuckles were white,

And then others found me, who had also known night!!

And the lesson I learned deep down in my bones,

Is that you're never lost if you aren't alone!!

When you want to complain, just complain! Life is hard.

It's always a fact that the house deals the cards.

If you feel something's worth saying, say it without shame.

When a love's unrequited, it's love all the same!!

Do you think it's *their* fault that *you're* not what *you* want.

Tell yourself what you can do, and not what you can't.

You might end up rich, and you might end up poor,

But if you have something, then it will be yours!!

When I sang to my mom with a croon and a tune

She told me to watch TV, supper was soon.

And she never once took fun in watching me play.

And I learned about sex from the online D.J.s

Then I promised myself I would listen to others

Make my own sisters, make my own brothers!!

And when you have a voice then you never lack ears,

And you will keep those, throughout all the years!!

You are alone in your home's living room,

But it's isn't a gravesite, it is a womb!!

So get out of there, I only ask that of you,

Because if you do it, you'll find my story is true!!

Rediscover the tongue of the young girls and boys

And reclaim the language of your voice!

The language of your voice!

The language of your voice!

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