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I couldn't believe it; Quinn was in love with Bert.

I stared at him in shock with my mouth wide open

But he just looked back in confusion

"Billy, why did you just say Bert's name"

Then it hit me, he didn't say anything all this time, I did

I mouthed his words for him

"You know what, forget this. It's fucking stupid of me to come between you both."

And with that he stood up and disappeared into the school.

I sighed and took a cigarette out of my pockets; I needed something to clear my head.

I scanned the area around and groaned as I remembered my camera just sitting on the flower beds to my left.

If it was broken, there would be no way to pay for school property,

I picked it up and walked back to class finishing only half of my cigarette before throwing it away.

As I entered I couldn't see Quinn anywhere so I asked permission to go and develop my film.

The teacher handed me some developing paper and told me to be careful as I walked in since there were already a couple of other people inside with the lights turned off.

I walked in, careful not to stumble on anything and sat in a far corner booth

The film was still safe, but to see if the camera was working I'd have to ask the teacher.

I followed the procedures and exposed the film, then taking each picture into the chemicals I started to see something's form.

It took about three minutes for each picture and as the first one came out I saw a picture of my shoes, okay that wasn't going to be of much use.

Then the next I paused, I remembered it from when Quinn was driving me from the hospital when I got my bag and camera back.

There was one of him with his hair blowing and his eyes concentrating on the road.

The next picture that was developed was of him looking at me, the sun made his eyes scrunch up but he had a questioning look on his face, the blonde mess of hair was draped around his face.

Then the last picture, his arm

I took a deep breath and didn't focus too much on it; I just put it in the water to cool.

The next picture really got me though, it was of Earl, and I remembered that day. Damn I was miserable, these pictures didn't help.

There was one especially of Earl's friend biting his tourniquet and shooting junk.

I looked around me in the red light trying to make sure no one could see these pictures.

No one near my station so far I breathed in relief.

I stumbled across one which I clearly didn't remember taking, I mean there was no way I could have either.

I was sleeping with my arms hugging my legs in the hospital chair, my headphones across my ears and my eyes smeared with light mascara.

Quinn must have taken that one, but why?

Then the next picture came out, it was a picture of Jamie, I think I took it when I was over at his house.

He was bent over his CD player and you could see his flawless back and the tattoo's.

That was defiantly going in my personal collection

Another one of him sleeping on his bed and his hands sprawled on the pillow besides him

I missed him.

I knew the impressions on the bed were from me

No it was nothing more than friends.

We didn't feel it right enough.

After all I was in love with

I stopped in mid rant; the picture that came up was of Quinn that I took today, he was biting his lip

I didn't want the waterworks to come out again; I knew that was the last picture I had of him

Then for some odd reason I started making out a picture of me sitting on the ground with Quinn right above me, I think this was when I dropped the camera

Then another one of Quinn falling, the picture made his body look like a blur, that I was trying to catch with my arms wide open.

And finally the last one, seeing how that was the last sheet I had to develop

A picture of me with my mouth inching towards his

I knew this was the moment when he was telling me he was falling, but I was too dumbfounded to realize he was inching closer and closer.

I wanted to rewind the moment

I took the last picture and hung it up in front of me

Closing my eyes I sucked in some air and rubbed my shoulders.

I turned around and leaned against the developing table

Eyes still closed I tried to envision both of us having our lips meet.

And just then

I opened my eyes and saw the familiar blonde inch forward and capture my mouth into his.

This wasn't a dream or a picture

I ferociously returned the kiss as he empowered me.

He held on to me tight and lifted me up putting me on the counter

Then moving his strong hands to my face he deepened the kiss

This was so unreal… so utterly amazing.