I just don't get it!
I just don't know how!
I should get it by now!
Need help!
No help!
I can't ask.
Too many people,
sit there listening,
silently laughing because
they know.
Need help!
No help!
You can't miss school!
You can't quit now!
You have come so far!
You can't lose it!
I want to stay home.
I feel sick and alone.
I want it to stop,
end it, no more.
I'm tired of this,
tired of everything.
Need help!
No help!
Won't finish,
can't learn it.
hate this all.
I don't understand.
I feel lost.
Need help!
No help!

Not for me.
Please help me learn.
Help me know.
Help me be.
Help me see who I am.
Need help!
No help!
I need to know it.
I must be the best,
so much stress!
I am so tired, ready to quit.
Need help!
No help!
You won't quit, understand!
You won't fail!
You aren't going to stop!
You will be the best!
I can't take this much more.
I need to relax, chill out.
I need a way out.
A way to peace.
Need help!
No help!
You will be a straight
"A" student!
You will be everything!
You are nothing if not perfect!
You are not loser!
You will NOT quit!
I hate my expectations
I hate everything
I say and the way I am
Most of all I hate myself!
This is my Finale.