The pathos of Pandora's Box

The box called out to me. Driving me over the edge with its contents. The location was a stereotypical one, when you think about what it held inside. A dusty shelf, protected by again.location, location, location. The shelf was broken and I recalled breaking it in an anger breakout reaction I had when the news of my parents' death came. I hadn't been inside the house for about twenty-five years, yet everything greeted me as if I still was the dorky thirteen year old girl I was when had I lived there.

It was a small wooden box, with cherubs carved on the top. Cherubs that seemed to have angelic yet diabolical expressions. Their curled hands moved at me, making a calling motion that I couldn't resist and as I opened it, I couldn't help but feel that I was standing next to Pandora, opening her box.

The picture lay there, intact. It was as if it had been waiting for me to find it. Destiny; something I no longer believed in, but had once been my all. It was the only thing in the box, yet its corners, were folded, turned a yellowish black. The reason for that, most probably was in the years it had spent there, closed up, but the bitterness in me couldn't help thinking that the picture might be magically marked by every event that had changed us all in to what we were now. Nothings. Each and every one of us nothing in a different way, but it didn't matter.

The picture had faded, but it was funny the way I saw it better than ever. We had taken it in our summer meeting house down at the valley, with a camera that belonged to Michelle's older sister; one of those that you could time. We had taken it the last day we were all together.

Nick was lying down on the old, broken down bed, his face grim and a cigarette that seemed to be permanently lodged between his fingers. The atmosphere, comfortable and familiar to him, considering the amount of times he had made love to Crystall on that very place.

Michelle sat relaxed, her back against the bed and legs crossed Indian style. Her face turned to the left towards me, and her mouth slightly open as if she were about to say something to me. A pair of black sunglasses covered the green eyes matching her hair.

Crystall sat next to Nick, her hand slightly touching his thigh. She had a weak smile on her face that lied to all who saw it, but her eyes expressed all real emotion left in her. On her lap rested a book, the title too little to see. In her hands a wrapper which I clearly remembered that minutes before, had contained "just bought" cocaine.

And I? I sat next to Michelle, my eyes wide and scared, and my hands tightly gripping my knees. Now, looking back, it is sad to think I was so scared of my best friends, my family. It's even sadder, the fact that I had reason to be.